Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Long Weekend

Hey, it's a long weekend with the Labour's Day falling on Sunday. So what are you guys up to? Too bad labourers like us have to look forward to a public holiday...

I had my 3 days all planned out and it's pretty tiring. I just came back from Bangkok on a day trip and the day started with me going to the airport at 7am and ended with the plane delayed for 40 minutes. I took a cab home and got stuck in a stagnant traffic and it made me late for my dinner plans with my buddies.

Went to Malone's in KLCC to meet up with 2 buddies which one of them is affectionately known as Gayvid because David sounds too uninteresting for a buddy like him. Known him for 11 years since high school days and we were lamenting how old we have grown! It's really difficult to keep in touch with high school friends as all of them are scattered around the world! I had 3 pints of Guinness there - actually I had less than 5 Guinness in my life!

And as the night went by, I had another Mojito, a Singleton on the rocks and some black bitter shite.. oops I mean shot. After that, I knew it was time to go as I was slurring...

Couldn't really wake up early this morning but I managed to pull myself out of bed by 10am to head for my appointment with the hairstylist at 11am. I need a hair cut badly as you can see that my hair is getting too long and it's out of shape.

And yay, after a few hours later I had a nice hair trim and a nice dye. The colour was brownish and subtle. Just the way I like it. But the best part of going to a saloon is that they can blow dry your hair so perfectly that it's mission impossible for me to do it myself at home. I wished I have a sister whom is a hairstylist! All for only RM160+ including a hair colour treatment. Money well spent.

Then, in the evening I went shopping with mom. I was also checking out the new Crocs Tone which has just launced its new collection. Then, I went to Warehouse and check out the sales! Since I'm a member, I get an extra 10% off on top of the discount given.

These are the 3 dresses that I like. I've never had a leopard print dress but Mom says I can't wear that to work so don't waste the money. I think I'll get the blue long sleeved dress. It'll look good with some accessories. What do you think?

Anyways, have a great weekend. I'must run tomorrow... (just to make sure I did something healthy during the holidays)


Huai Bin said...

*wolf whistles*

I love your new hair Eiling! :D

It looks really, really glamorous.

Nice one. It suits you very well.

Sean said...

that middle dress looks excellent on you! really sexy and slinky. i guess it'd be good for evening wear :D

-liwei- said...

I see mom n daughter bonding..good for u..I like the 2nd n 3rd dress..first one a tad too normal

Anonymous said...

Honest answer: the hairstyle especially the fringe does not look good on you. The worst hairstyle among all those you had for the past few years. I used to envy your sleek chic look but today it is so blah. Even the one before you cut it was more hot than this. It makes you looks like ah lian trying to emulate Korean actress hairstyle. Time to downgrade from puan Sri to ah soh.

Up to you to retort with an indignant reply. But ask yourself are you very happy with it, or just quite happy with it only? If you don't feel the wow factor, neither does others.

KY said...

oh no one more day and work restartssss... that guinness looks good!

Anonymous said...

All three dresses look nice but if you need a work/play dress, get both the blue and the black. Nothing wrong with a good LBD! (The print dress is nice but definitely not okay for work unless it's a very creative/artsy atmosphere.)

eiling lim said...

Huai Bin: Thanks Huai Bin!

Sean: Yeah I know but I don't really go to parties so much nowadays and thus have to give it a miss.

Li Wei: Thanks babe!

Anon: Well, I am not trying to emulate any Korean hairstyles or what. I just like the easy maintenance and the fact that I felt like keeping my hair long for sometime. And fyi,. I am never a pn sri.

KY: Yeah, last day to enjoy the long weekend!

Anon: Thanks for the opinion. I didn't end up getting any cos I got some skirt and pants.

Yi Ling said...

I miss shopping for myself ONLY. Since I am married with 2 girls, I always end up buying for hubby, kids and in-laws (obligatory but luckily it is once in a while occasion). Am I lamenting being married too early? Ha! Ha!
Enjoy your long weekend.

eiling lim said...

Yi Ling: No you have to dedicate some time for yourself. Have a good weekend to you too!

jasmin said...

Both blue dresses looks good on you. Leopard print one so so only.

eiling lim said...

Jasmin: Hehe.. I ended up not buying any..

rainbow mushroom said...

i like u in the first left dress :)

eiling lim said...

Thanks Yve Vonn. I also like that.

Anonymous said...

hey eiling ,may i know which saloon r u going to??it looks nice :)

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