Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's all about making a choice...

Don't you think that there are just too many choices to make in life? From choosing which degree to pursue and even to drinking whisky, there's just no easy way out. There is just too many decisions...

The same goes for a handphone as well. With so many brands and different OS available nowadays, how could one choose the right one? Having gone through the experience of using a Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry with different OS, the world of mobile is still progressing with the mobile market fragmented between the following software platforms: Palm OS (and newer webOS), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and iPhone OS. The 2 most popular choices of today comparing would be an iPhone and the Android phone. How would one choose between the two?

My sisters were all using iPhones and I am using the Samsung Galaxy S running on the Android platform and we are always arguing on which phone is a better one. And since I have to make a choice between these 2, I have chose to explore the Android. I have come up with some winning points of using an Android:


Notification System: For iPhones, you have to act on a notification, and you can only see one notification at a time before the next one dismisses the previous one entirely. Android's brilliant pull-down window shade notification page, on the other hand is so wonderful that it makes you iPhone users go green with envy.

Voice-to-Text: You can respond to emails by voice, send long text messages by voice while you're driving with Android. From what I know, apart from voice-to-text in third party apps, iOS doesn't support voice-to-text at all.

Syncing: iPhones require users to plug into their computers and connect to iTunes to do all sorts of syncing and activating that could be more conveniently done wirelessly. Android phones support over-the-air syncing with Google account, and if you were to lose your previous Android phone, all you need is to simply enter your Google account into a new one and you can the phone running in no time!

Integration with Google Apps : If you rely heavily on Google tools like Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar, it just shows that Android does it better.

I was in Bangkok recently and I found a very interesting article about the iPhone 4 losing Web-Speed test to Android phones in Friday's Bangkok Post. It says that iPhone works slower in loading websites 84% of the time in a test than phones usung Google Inc's Android OS. Web pages took an average of 2.14 seconds to load on Android compared wurg 3.25 s on iPhone. Android became the world's best selling smartphone OS in the 4th quarter, outselling the iPhone two-to-one.

Samsung Galaxy SL

If you're really interested to get your hands on an Android phone, Celcom is now offering a chance for you to be the 1st few to own the Samsung Galaxy SL! The Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 is basically the latest variant of the beloved Android powered smartphone, favouring a Super Clear LCD display. In addition to that, it spots a higher capacity 1,650 mAh battery that offers 16 hours of talk time, thickness of 10.59mm and a HD video recording. More info on this phone here.

A quick review of the phone I found on youtube with heavy Indian accent... lol

  • All customers need to do is to register online and the 1st 100 will be entitled to enjoy an additional RM100 discount on the new Samsung Galaxy SL + 8GB Micro SD card.
  • Selected customers will be notified and it's open to new registrations only.
  • Additional 5% discount on monthly bill with any major credit cards via auto-billing.

*prices indicated are on 18 months contract

So, why Celcom Exec 50?!!

FREE mobile internet and call within network on weekends
Call rate as low as 10.5sen/min (this is after 30% discount
Talk more, save more. Up to 30% automatic discount
Celcom Exec only requires you to sign up for an 18-month contract! Other networks usually require you to commit for 24 months!

So what are you waiting for?!! Want to know more about the deal? Log on to the website here. Life is all about making a choice. I have chosen mine and I'm sticking by my Android.


suituapui said...

My choice is to stick to my old lousy handphone till it conks out... After all, it is good enough for my needs. Old man, no need for all the fancy stuff. LOL!!!

Huai Bin said...

You know, I actually love all the different OS in the smartphones - all have their own weaknesses and strengths. I'm a bit of a geek and I had a Palm OS way back in the '90s. I've also owned Windows, BB, Android and iOS phones and truth to be told all are good in it's own way.

I like the Samsung Galaxy SL coz the Android OS is open source so there's a lot of independant apps...and yes, the notification system is much less intrusive. :)

eiling lim said...

STP: Haha... but with the smart phone,you can do a lot with it!

Huai Bin: Wow, you have indeed used quite a number of phones. I like what you said - it's true that there's many independent apps and it's able to customise to your needs with the Android OS.

KY said...

nice looking phone!

Blogger said...

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