Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Curiousity at Johnny Chow @ Resorts World Manila

I had a chance to visit Resorts World in Manila during my 4 days stay at the city. It was rather cool to have a casino right in the city unlike in KL, we had to drive up to the Genting Highlands to roll!

Betting wasn't in my itinerary and my intention was to satisfy my growling tummy. It's not difficult to see why I chose to dine at this restaurant. Boosting a kitschy-pop interior and concept, this place serves contemporary Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisine. I know it's really boring to be eating chinese food everywhere I go but I can't help but fall for the ambiance and the waitresses! They are so POP!

I like the quirky chairs, the oriental furnishings with a modern twist and waitresses in retro dresses and blue and yellow wigs. The menu isn't any less amazing too. The menu is huge and its filled with colourful pictures of dishes from dim sum to main courses and also single serving dishes. The best thing was - the names of the dishes are very cute too!

In the menu, you get names like Bruce Lee Beef, John Woo, Zhang Ziyi and Yao Ming. Hello all, I didn't know you guys are actually beef, chicken and fish in the menu! "Excuse me, I would like to order a plate of Bruce Lee Beef done medium with extra pepper!" "Yes, Bruce Lee, I would love to eat you tonight!"

The Sezhuan hot and sour soup was good and an excellent starter as the sourness of the soup opens up whets your appetite!

We also had a tofu dish, a prawn and a spareribs. The spareribs come with Kimchi as side and I found the dish rather funny. Or they would like to spell it as F-U-S-I-O-N. Oh well, not all fusion can pass off as great tasting dishes but among all the dishes here, the spareribs didn't turn up so well.

The bill for 2 came up to about PHP1800+ which is not a very affordable amount but at least I have satisfy my hunger and also the curiousity about this place. Johnny Chow is managed by the same team behind John and Yoko, Sumo Sam and Mr. Kurosawa. And so if you happened to be in manila and is looking for Asian food with a twist, it is a good choice for adventurous tastes and quirky ambiance.

Johnny Chow

Operating Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sun: 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Wed, Fri and Sat: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.

On the topic of curiosity, I recently took a photograph and it appeared that there was a symbol formed on the paddy field. What symbol was that and how did it get into my picture? Could it be an apocalypse or was it a sign of something is going to be happening? *shivers*

What do you think it could be?!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cigar Review : Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

Can't remember when was the last time I ever did a cigar review. It has been a long overdue entry as I haven't been drawing for a long long time. Probably because my parents didn't like it and they said it paint a bad picture of me. Oh well, parents are never satisfy with whatever we do. But then again, I enjoy having a good smoke once in a blue moon and so far, this is going to be my 3rd cigar of the year!

Ramón Allones is a premium Cuban cigar produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA and another factory in Honduras producing for General Cigar Company. This is also one of the very firsts cigar brands to utilise colourful lithographs for its cigar box art. The brand has changed a few hands and finally it belongs to the Cifuentes family. Production was moved to the famous Partagas factory and the Ramon Allones are still made in that factory until today.

Picture taken from friend's Cigar Blog

There are many reasons why I fall easily in love with a Ramon Allones Small Club Corona. First of all, it's not easy to find some of these cigars as they are made in small quantity. I got my box all the way from Dubai when I visited the city 2 years ago. With a length of just 11cm or 4.3inches and a ring of 42 (refer to ring guide here), it's possibly one of the best "small" cigars around!

This is a medium-bodied cigar with rich wood and coffee flavours. You can already feel the flavours from the first few draws. The cigar improves as you go along and it's ashes were even and it draws very smoothly. As you go along, you might experience some hints of herbs, spices and a little peppery notes. As you draw nearer to the last inch, the flavours get more intense and you might get some chocolatey notes as well.

Definitely a graceful cigar that makes you go Ooh-la-la....

Although this is no cigar for mornings, it actually make a very good evening smoke. It takes about 30 minutes to smoke this small guy which makes it a good quick format for those who doesn't have the whole night.

It might be just a small guy, but it was truly satisfying! Good things need not come in big packages... *wink*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The colourful side of transportation in Metro Manila

If you have enough time to explore Philippines, I'm sure you'll find many adventures that lies within the country. First of all, I was surprised to see the colourful Jeepney(s) that lined the roads. As its name might imply, it's actually a Jeep that is decorated according to the owner's whim and fancy to transport passengers. They are originally made from the left over of the US Military Jeeps from the World War II. It's the most popular means of transport in Philippines and the fare is PHP 8 (USD$0.20) for the 1st 4kms of the journey. BUT there is no air condition and it's usually very packed and crowded!

The flamboyant Jeepneys and ride at your own risk!

Although there are proper stops, you can often just flag one down and hop on from anywhere. Call out "bayad" (bah-yhad) and pay the driver. If you are too far back, pass your PhP 8 (minimum fare for the first 4 km and PHP 1.40 per succeeding km. When you are ready to get off, call out "para" (pah-rah); wait till he slows down and jump.

It might fit 4 but you can always sit on top of the side car!

Another interesting mode of transport is actually the tricycles or motorelas. They resembled the Tuk-Tuks that we see in Bangkok and Colombo but in Philippines, it's like a rickshaw where there is either a bicycle or motorbike attached sidecar. The number of passengers that it can carry varies with the size of the sidecar. Sometimes it's 2 or 4. If you're big, you might have to take up the whole tricycle! Fares starts from PHP 2 and then an additional PHP 1 for every 300m. This can be a funny ride but I hate the air pollution in Philippines which makes the ride quite unpleasant coupled with the hot weather.

Besides the Jeepneys, there are air-conditioned taxis, buses and LRT . Taxis are common in Metro Manila where the meter is used. There will not be any haggling needed unlike the taxis in KL. What a shame! However, if you hop into a taxi and the driver tells you that the meter is broken, it's time to get out as it might be a scam to overcharge the passengers.

From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, I prebooked my airport transfer to the hotel at Makati Avenue in a Toyota Camry at PHP 2700 (USD$ 62). There is a waiting lounge for some of the hotels such as Shangri-La and Mandarin Oriental upon arrival where there are drinks and reading materials offered while waiting for the driver to arrive. There will be representatives of the hotel to guide you at the arrivals.

Airport Taxis @ Arrival

However, if you're on a budget, you can opt for the taxis and there are 2 types of taxis - Airport Taxis and Metered Taxis. The normal metered taxis will cost about PHP 200 - 400 to the city centre (about 15-30 mins) and airport taxis which can be taken right outside the Arrivals can be considered a rip-off because they charge up to 4 times the metered fare. And if you don't mind the hassle, what you need to do is to walk up the stairs to the Arrivals and get into the taxi that someone just arrived in and nobody would care if you have done so. Just go by the meter and add a few extra pesos as tips.

A very important tip is to tell the driver which terminal you're heading to when going to the airport as the other terminal is quite a journey away! Don't forget the PHP 750 airport taxes to be paid at the immigration counters when leaving and fill up the Embarkation form beforehand.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm in Philippines

This job has really brought me to places. It was my first time to Philippines this week and it was really an eye-opening experience. I also can't believe it's my 1st encounter with an earthquake which happened in Manila on Monday at 5.0 Richter scale. Although I can't feel anything, it's still scary to think about it. At the time it happened, I was actually at the Lobby lounge answering my emails and having a discussion with my line manager. Maybe we were at the lobby and thus didn't feel the earthquake.

I was snacking on this Pizza with ham all by myself with a glass of Pineapple juice at the lobby lounge. The pizza was just delicious!

The Mandarin Oriental in Manila is situated right on the Makati Avenue in Makati City. It's actually one of the busiest streets in the city and traffic jams in Manila is an inevitable way of life here. The security is tight as the cars would be checked at the main entrance and then our bags will be checked upon entrance to the lobby. It's the same everywhere. When we enter the shopping malls, we had to go through a body scanner too.

Initially we wanted to stay at Shangri la as the hotel location is much more convenient than Mandarin. However, Shang was fully booked and so we had no choice but to stay in this hotel. It's a very nice looking hotel, though not new but the overall quality, service and ambiance made up for it. My room is a twin room with a very big bathroom. I liked the black and white tiles and big mirrors that lined the walls. The selection of channels available on the cable TV is sufficient and they do have Pay TV as well for movies and adult shows for a fee! Lol...

The deluxe room rates are going for about PHP5,000 a night which is equivalent to RM350. It's a reasonable price to pay for a 5 star city hotel and the breakfast is very good. There was a carving station for ham, pork loin and roast chicken even for breakfast!

My daily breakfast at the hotel..

I also manage to visit the MARS office today. It's located at a very nice district and overlooking at some tall office buildings at the CBD area. Although it's really small, the office is still very colourful with all the M&M's plush toys at the reception area. It's also my first time snacking on Combos, one of the snack foods produced by MARS.

Anyways I was just there to have a look at the duty free market and at the same time conducted an interview looking for a promoter to handle the brand and products. It was indeed a good experience for me in terms of career development and learning to manage staff from different regions.

Anyways, this is a filler post as I will be posting a few interesting places about the city soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Be a Rebel @ Cafe Che in Colombo

Who wouldn't recognise this icon? This is the infamous Che Guevara, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerilla leader, a diplomat and military theorist. A major figure in the Cuban Revolution, today, his style and his image has become an uniquitous symbol of rebellion.

Welcome to Cafe Che, the place where rebels would enjoy the revolutionary of food. This is one of the 5 restaurants/cafes of the Harpo's group founded by Harpo Gooneratne, a former entertainer to now restaurant(s) proprietor. Under the Harpo's Restaurants & Cafes are 5 different F&B concepts- The Bay Leaf which is said to be one of the places to go for Italian, The Commons is a coffee house, The Park Street Mews is a fusion concept, Harpo's Pizza creating a local branding for pizzas, and last but not least this rebellious Cafe Che.

The Café Che menu combines the best of Harpo’s Pizza and authentic Italian pastas with an electrifying lineup of Cuban, Mexican and Continental delights along with the famous The Commons Rotti selection with fillings, and Shawarma’s , that go well with their inspirational theme.

There is soup, pastas and pizzas available for day and night. and since we were there for tea time, I didn't get to try the heavier dishes.

The deco is very simple. It's a very bright restaurant due to the glass windows and the walls are adorned with pictures of Che and the Cuban posters. We ordered a papaya juice and hot chocolate to ease our thirstiness after so much of walking around the furniture and home deco boutiques. That was after we purchased 2 antique cupboards at Gandhara.

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate sauce.
Rs. 325 (RM9)

Then we ordered one of the supposedly signature dishes of the cafe which is a plain rotti with filling. My sister chose the tandoori chicken filling and it was a great choice. Just like our roti canai here in Malaysia, this rotti is actually thinner and more crispy. The filling was very good and it didn't feel too overwhelming as well. We finished it in a jiffy.

Plain Rotti with Tandoori Chicken Filling Rs265
Available from 3pm - 7pm

The prices here are quite reasonable. And if you like desserts, they do have quite an array to choose from. Yiling had tried more dishes than me as this is her second time here. You can hop over to her post on Cafe Che here.

And there's also time for some camwhoring. When you're here, don't forget to check out the few antique and home decor boutiques here as they carry an impressive collection of furnitures and paraphernalia. Well, we did ended up buying 2 antique cupboards and a painting from Gandhara!

Yeah my rich sister is now the proud owner of this painting costing RM2500!
And I'm lending the wall of my new house to her.. lol

Café Che
60, Stratford Avenue,
Kirulapone, Colombo 6,
Sri Lanka.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's all about making a choice...

Don't you think that there are just too many choices to make in life? From choosing which degree to pursue and even to drinking whisky, there's just no easy way out. There is just too many decisions...

The same goes for a handphone as well. With so many brands and different OS available nowadays, how could one choose the right one? Having gone through the experience of using a Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry with different OS, the world of mobile is still progressing with the mobile market fragmented between the following software platforms: Palm OS (and newer webOS), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and iPhone OS. The 2 most popular choices of today comparing would be an iPhone and the Android phone. How would one choose between the two?

My sisters were all using iPhones and I am using the Samsung Galaxy S running on the Android platform and we are always arguing on which phone is a better one. And since I have to make a choice between these 2, I have chose to explore the Android. I have come up with some winning points of using an Android:


Notification System: For iPhones, you have to act on a notification, and you can only see one notification at a time before the next one dismisses the previous one entirely. Android's brilliant pull-down window shade notification page, on the other hand is so wonderful that it makes you iPhone users go green with envy.

Voice-to-Text: You can respond to emails by voice, send long text messages by voice while you're driving with Android. From what I know, apart from voice-to-text in third party apps, iOS doesn't support voice-to-text at all.

Syncing: iPhones require users to plug into their computers and connect to iTunes to do all sorts of syncing and activating that could be more conveniently done wirelessly. Android phones support over-the-air syncing with Google account, and if you were to lose your previous Android phone, all you need is to simply enter your Google account into a new one and you can the phone running in no time!

Integration with Google Apps : If you rely heavily on Google tools like Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar, it just shows that Android does it better.

I was in Bangkok recently and I found a very interesting article about the iPhone 4 losing Web-Speed test to Android phones in Friday's Bangkok Post. It says that iPhone works slower in loading websites 84% of the time in a test than phones usung Google Inc's Android OS. Web pages took an average of 2.14 seconds to load on Android compared wurg 3.25 s on iPhone. Android became the world's best selling smartphone OS in the 4th quarter, outselling the iPhone two-to-one.

Samsung Galaxy SL

If you're really interested to get your hands on an Android phone, Celcom is now offering a chance for you to be the 1st few to own the Samsung Galaxy SL! The Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 is basically the latest variant of the beloved Android powered smartphone, favouring a Super Clear LCD display. In addition to that, it spots a higher capacity 1,650 mAh battery that offers 16 hours of talk time, thickness of 10.59mm and a HD video recording. More info on this phone here.

A quick review of the phone I found on youtube with heavy Indian accent... lol

  • All customers need to do is to register online and the 1st 100 will be entitled to enjoy an additional RM100 discount on the new Samsung Galaxy SL + 8GB Micro SD card.
  • Selected customers will be notified and it's open to new registrations only.
  • Additional 5% discount on monthly bill with any major credit cards via auto-billing.

*prices indicated are on 18 months contract

So, why Celcom Exec 50?!!

FREE mobile internet and call within network on weekends
Call rate as low as 10.5sen/min (this is after 30% discount
Talk more, save more. Up to 30% automatic discount
Celcom Exec only requires you to sign up for an 18-month contract! Other networks usually require you to commit for 24 months!

So what are you waiting for?!! Want to know more about the deal? Log on to the website here. Life is all about making a choice. I have chosen mine and I'm sticking by my Android.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dining at The Cliff @ Langkawi

After visiting Langkawi almost every month for the past half year, I am begining but slowly to like this island where breezy beaches greets you in the evenings. The dining scene here is getting more colourful with new additions to the already busy beach stretch of Pantai Cenang.

Although I do not have the privilege of strolling the sandy beaches in daytime due to the nature of work, once in a while I would leave the bustling Kuah Town in the evening to venture into Pantai Cenang which is located about 25 mins away.

If you want to catch the sunset at the beach, make yourself available at 6.45pm by the beach or better still be at The Cliff bar sipping a cocktail.

The Cliff is a new dining outlet situated just behind the Underwater World facing the beach front and perched on stilts. It has a dining area and a bar which has a 360 degrees view of the sea.

I was first introduced to this restaurant during the opening on 9th February by my customer whom is a friend of the owner. Boosting a classy dining concept, the interior design of this place is very tastefully done. In addition to that, I have never been to a restaurant opening buffet spread that includes grilled tiger prawns as one of its dishes and I remembered how that very night I only ate the tiger prawns and nothing else.

A friend of mine whom I got to know months ago is actually the GM of this place and he invited me to this restaurant for dinner earlier this week. Even though I was on a tight schedule, I would always squeeze some time to catch up with friends knowing that it would certainly be another wonderful evening as opposed to eating alone.

The restaurant serves various types of seafood from prawns, lobsters to fish and calamari. There are eastern and western cuisine on the menu and even something in between. What I liked most is the names of the dishes.

The Cliff Ceasar Salad (RM28)

The salad consists of grilled king prawn "percik" style with spices and romaine lettuce paired with croutons and beef bacon. This is such a luxurious appetiser because the grilled king prawn not only fills up the whole bowl, it tasted so fresh and aromatic too!

3 Sekawan (RM48)

Translated as "3 good friends", this dish consists of grilled baby octopus, deepfried garoupa fillets and a mini serving grilled baby lobster. The lobster that we had was filled with roe which is a delight to me because I am never afraid of cholesterol. The garoupa was crispy and best eaten by dipping it in a vinaigrette sauce served in the shot glass. The sauces paired with an invasion of peppercorns made the whole dish very interesting and tasty indeed.

Pulau Payar (RM58)

This is a deepfried garoupa with assam jawa madu (honey with tangy tamarind paste) with dried chillis served with pineapple sauce which is big enough for 2-3 people. I find the presentation very tasteful and the best thing is the flesh of the fish has been deepfried into strips, making it crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Credits go to the chef for being creative with this dish.

Vegetarian Curry

This dish is not on the menu as I let the chef decides what I should eat that night. This is a briyani rice with cashew nuts and raisins accompanied with a bowl of vegetable curry. The flavourful curry is prepared to the Nyoya style of curries and decorated with fried poppadoms in strips. You might have to ask the chef if he would be putting this into his menu.

The grilled king prawn. One of the must haves!

It was indeed a satisying meal although I didn't drink any wines that night. I was so stuffed to the brim that I hardly had any space for desserts! But I did tell Francis that I would definitely come back to try some desserts which seemed really appetising from the description in the menu.

This is Chef Khairul whom have been working previously with Four Seasons and other 5 star hotels. He is now heading the kitchen at The Cliff with 8 team members. He's a nice young chap whom is really passionate about the art of culinary. As a night cap, I had a cup of tea instead of my usual whisky but it's perfectly alright to stay off alcohol once in a while. I had a good time and Francis was so kind that he didn't allow me to pay for dinner.

While at the restaurant, make sure you pay a visit to the toilet and be awed at the beautiful carvings at the wash basins.

The Cliff Restaurant & Bar
Lot 63 & 40, Jalan Pantai Chenang,
07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cherry Popped for Bad Boy

Louis Roederer greeted me as I entered the dining room. Louis Roederer is no ordinary stranger at dinner tables or even at glitzy parties because its brother, the great Cristal is Paris Hilton's favourite champagne. It's really an honour to be able to meet you, Mr. Louis Roederer Brut Premier.

The sight of its pale gold hue and driving bubbles is already inviting enough for anyone to steal a sip. Bring your nose near the glass and sniff the aroma filled with wonderful scents of multi-grained bread, toffee and ginger which makes it really refreshing. It's a light and lively bubbly on a dry side but you'll be able to taste the buttery notes which leads to a lengthy finish. Rated at 91 points from Wine Spectator, it's worth giving this bottle a try and it's drinking very well now.

With a wonderful company like Louis Roederer, we had two lobsters joining the dinner from Boston. The perfect way to show your appreciation is to eat them! These lobsters are best eaten plain and steamed so that the natural flavours are retained and it wouldn't affect the taste of the champagne. I have no idea how much the lobsters cost but they were really good and fresh. If you fancy, Imbi Palace also prepared a vinaigrette sauce that compliments the steamed lobsters.

The other thing I love about eating at the restaurants is their soups. It's always a double-boiled preparation style for any of the soups. That night, we had a simple home-styled corn and carrot soup sweetened with water chestnuts and pork meat. How could something so simple tasted so good?!!

Another one of my favourite dishes is actually the Sweet & Sour Pork. I have twittered this before and a friend of mine asked me how could I like such a dish?!! Why not?!! I have always enjoyed a plate of good sweet & sour pork that is fried with a nice batter and served with nice tomato sauce and pineapples. The ones in Imbi Palace was good because there isn't too much batter and the sauce isn't too watery either.

One of the new dishes we tried that night is a pot of braised beef served with wolf berries and spinach. This dish is intended to match with the wines we would be drinking. The wines itself is the highlight of the dinner.

It was in fact my first time meeting Bad Boy of Bordeaux. Jean-Luc Thunevin’s fame in the world of Bordeaux began with the first vintage his celebrated Ch. Valandraud in 1991. He is one of the founding garagists, the movement of microproducers who sought to make a purer, riper, wine than had been made in Bordeaux before.

Robert Parker dubbed Jean-Luc Thunevin as the "Bad Boy" of Bordeaux. This enfant terrible in Bordeaux loves provocation and thus in response to it, he created a Bordeaux called Bad Boy, with nearly all Merlot from 40 year old vines. Bad Boy is actually a "vins de pays" and he is definitely turning the tables with this table wine. Making a quality wine in this category is indeed a rarity in France as so far I haven't come across a "vins de pays" that is impressive.

The wine has a picture of a black sheep on the label and Bad Boy in large font. Don't you find it rare for a French to label their wines as such? In Jean-Luc's blog, he claimed that he "is not afraid for this wine, which, tasted blind with more expensive wines, will always stand out in this kind of quality-price confrontation".

We had a chance to taste the 2008 and 2007 vintages. The 2008 gets a rating of 91 points from Wine Spectator which has a nose of blackberries and dark fruits. On the palate, you can taste the intense berries and oak which results in a full-bodied wine. It did gave me quite a lengthy finish and it's recommended to be drank after 2014.

These were indeed some impressive wines considering in the category of "vins de pays". With a quality like that and the ability to be cellared, I would say these Bad Boys turned out to be quite gentlemanly...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tourist for a day @ Menara KL (KL Tower)

I have no memory if I ever have gone up to KL Tower but I do remember being at the foot of the tower where there used to be a fountain. The flashback of childhood memories can only go as far as me remembering Dad bringing us to the tower. It was also embarrassing to admit to many of my friends from overseas telling them that I've never really gone up to the Observation Deck of the tower.

The opportunity arises when Emily had to bring her friend from Singapore around KL and she decided to show her the view of KL through the tower. Afterall, that's one of the best places to enjoy the top view of KL.

Some facts about KL Tower:

The construction of the tower is completed 1995 and opened to public on the 23rd July 1996. Built at the cost of RM 270 million, it is used for communication purposes and features an antenna that reaches 421 m (1,381 ft), which currently makes it the seventh tallest freestanding tower in the world according to the list here.

The tower shaft comprises 22 levels with 4 elevators and stairs with a total of 2,058 steps. The tower head holds the public observation deck at 276 m and a revolving restaurant as well as the telecommunication and broadcasting stations.

KL Tower is also the first pit-stop in The Amazing Race Asia 1 and fielded a route marker on the final leg of the same race.

It only takes 54 seconds to reach the Observation Deck through the express elevators. Upon reaching the Observation Deck, one is given an electronic unit which gives an introduction and tour of KL city and the various places in the city through audio and video which is available in 11 languages.

The iconic white Maybank Building.

Malaysia's Pride - KL Twin Towers!

Can even see the Luna Bar on top of Pan Global!

There's nothing much on the observation deck except having a good view of KL from atop. What I find inappropriate is that there were a few stalls inside selling items from souvenirs to watches and even wedding packages. I find it so weird that the management of the towers allowed such shabby stalls to operate on the observation deck which created an eyesore to the public. Oh well, I know.... this is Malaysia. What can one expect?!!

We spent around 15 minutes on the deck before making our way down. The ticket prices to the observation deck is RM38 for adults and RM28 for children and the tower is open from Monday to Sunday from 9.30am to 9.30pm. There are two packages available with additional activities such as Pony rides and also cultural performances.

I am glad I've finally made my way to the tower and at least I won't be so embarrassed to tell my overseas guests that I have never been up the tower! After that, the girls and I went to Pavilion for some shopping... and I added two pairs of shoes to my collection which includes a pair of Crocs Light on Your Feet!

KL Tower

Menara Kuala Lumpur Sdn Bhd
Jalan Punchak, Off Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 603-2020 5444
Fax: 603-2034 2609


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