Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Solution for All of Asia's Whitening Needs...

I would be the last person on earth to be declaring that I need whitening skincare products. Everywhere I go, people often tell me that I am too fair or rather "do you even go out into the sun?" Well, yes I do and I am exposed to the sun quite a fair bit especially when I'm in Langkawi for my outlet visits. The problem is, or rather the advantage I had is that I can't get a tan even when I spend hours under the sun. My skin would turn into tomato red, then started peeling and later I would be fair again...

Yeah, so why do I need any whitening products?!! Honestly when I first receive the invitation for a beauty workshop by Estee Lauder in conjuction with the new launching of the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells, I was quite sceptical to attend as I thought "yeah, another boring session where they tell you to put hundred layers of cream and yada..yada..." but then again, it's going to be my first beauty talk and so why not?!!

I could be well sleeping past 10am on a Saturday but for sake of good skin and beauty, I forced myself to wake up for the workshop. It was just a few of us and we were treated to some light breakfast before we move on to the serious stuff! Obviously I am no beauty writer and I absolutely had no idea why they made me go through 2 hours of cleaning my face, applying the creams and then putting on the make up. It usually takes me no more than 15 minutes to get ready and by the time we finished washing the face, I would have been sleeping soundly!

But then I learnt some valuable lessons. I had been doing it wrongly for years and it's time I do it the right way. I never knew why we had to go through all the cleansing and creams application but now I know that it's not a waste of time. The reason why I had dark spots on my face or hands that causes dullness and skin discolouration was due to dehydration, uneven skin texture, disorganised collagen and microcirculation.

The Skincare Range

The very reason why the Estee Lauder New CyberWhite Brilliant Cells was created is to target these 4 factors by bringing back the translucent, luminous skin that will help reveal a fresher, fairer, brighter cells delivering full spectrum brightening results to illuminate the skin.

The trend now is to have a dewy look with radiance. According to the beauty experts at EL, the matte look is out! And the new CyberWhite Brilliant Cells skincare and makeup range will help you to achieve that look!

The Makeup Range

Apart from learning about the skincare and the daily regime, we were taught how to apply makeup the correct way. Gosh, I didn't know I was doing it wrong all these while as the art of applying makeup the right way is really not as easy as one thinks.

The makeup artist shows how to mix 1 part of the essence with 2 parts of GelCreme makeup with a Powder Foundation Brush

Apparently, the using of a powder foundation brush instead of the usual foundation brush 1 does wonders. I have never used any brushes to apply the liquid foundation and I had difficulties doing it right the first time but no worries, the beauty consultants at EL were really helpful. I seemed like a noob among the professionals!

One thing I was very happy about the whole experience is that I am finally realising that it's time to do things right. The reason I can slack in my beauty regime is due to the arrogance of youth but I know my time is running out. I better take good care of my skin now or never! Ever since that workshop, I have been religiously following the beauty regime for 2 weeks now and I had to wake up extra early to do it.

Very important tips:

  1. Remove makeup with the right remover for eyes, face and lips.
  2. Foam the cleanser on the fingers first before applying to the face.
  3. Apply the toner/moisture lotion.
  4. Gently apply eye cream/creme around the eyes area.
  5. The brightening essence is applied lightly like playing piano on the face.
  6. Layered it with a moisturiser/moisture creme/milky lotion
  7. If you're out in the sun, don't forget to apply the UV protector!

All these steps are to be done before one goes to bed or applying makeup. Now you see why I need to wake up an extra hour early to do this?!! But above all, I'm happy as I begin to see results for being so hardworking on my face. I find the new products from EL very easy to absorb into my skin and it didn't leave a greasy feeling. I guess afterall, I could be a very disciplined person and here's a big clap to myself!

Seriously if you're looking for a whitening solution to take care of your spots as well, give Estee Lauder New CyberWhite Brilliant Cells a try as their clinical testing showed that 43% increase in overall skin brightness after using the range for 8 weeks.

For more info, log on to the website, or join their Facebook and you can even play a game to win a full size of the new range!


suituapui said...

I don't need that - too late, even major renovations will not help. LOL!!! My daughter is so blessed...very fair and any amount of sun will not turn her dark...and any amount of food will not turn her fat either!

Sean said...

i'm too fair also (even my grandparents tell me so!). probably cos i avoid the sun as much as i can and only walk around at night :D

Anonymous said...

When are you going to advertise for botox?

eiling lim said...

STP: haha that's very good. Melissa has good genes?!! from you? haha

Sean: haha u're the night creature? lol good to avoid UV rays

Anon 433: lol.. i wished!

Romantic Dinner said...

Wow very nice looking and beautiful location.Fantastic details shared in recently post and i just like in Facebook. thanks for nice posting

foongpc said...

Wow! So hardworking! Need to wake up extra early for this?!

Anonymous said...

Do you declare advertisement income to inland revenue?

Anonymous said...

Must admire ur Photoshop skills, the Picts of u in ur blog always slimmer than that posted by other ppl.. got touch up ah??

YilingL said...

I'm very dark :-( Maybe I need these....

eiling lim said...

Romantic Dinner: Thanks.

Foongpc: Yaloh for beauty sake.

Anon 1130: Honestly, I did not receive a cent for this EL advertorial except a free workshop and product samples and I have no obligation to write unless I felt that's worth my time. If you're so concerned about my income, why not give me your contact so that I can explain to you in detail and that you can sleep soundly without feeling guilty that you did not report some blogger who does advertorials?

Anon: Thanks and i thought my photoshop skills is the worst but thanks. At least somebody admires the unnatural of the natural. I might just be able to get myself a job at a mag in the graphic/design department.

eiling lim said...

yilingl: hahah you can use mine!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow, you really look cyberwhite la :P

eiling lim said...

cumi & ciki: haha... I should be the spokes person hor?!!

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