Friday, January 07, 2011

Quick Meal in Paris?

Not everyone who goes in to Paris is actually interested to feast on French cuisine. There are a lot of reasons why people visit the City of Lights.

The first reason being:

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store at George V

Must I need to explain further? Of course the ultimate reason was to buy a LV (no matter how small the bag is, there must be a LV purchase!). The last time I was there 4-5 years ago, I had to line up 30mins to get into the store and I came out empty-handed. However, this time around, there were no queue!

The second reason being:

Sight-seeing of course! One of the major reasons why I like to travel is that I like taking pictures of buildings and the wonderful architectures. Although I am no architect and I have no knowledge on how to view a structure from their perspective, I actually do like appreciating these big concrete structures!

Oh well, then there is the food! This time around, although as much as I would love to try to feast on a good French meal, we actually ran out of time. There were just not enough time for us to scout around for a good meal. It was snowing in the morning and we had so many travel disruptions that we lost a lot of time. This is actually more like a shopping trip as I have visited almost everything that I have to see in Paris - Lourve, Notre Dame, Sacré Cœur and Eiffel Tower.

That is why we can only afford a quick meal. Our meals shouldn't last for more than half an hour and there's no time to sip coffee and watch the Parisians walking past. Moreover, it's so freezing cold, who the hell would want to have an alfresco dining?!!

And so while walking along Champs Elysées after a round of excessive shopping, we were hungry and we need to eat! So we decided to dine at this place...

Quick is an European Fast Food Chain just like McDonalds. Here in France, they call McD as MacDo since it's difficult for them to say the full name. Quick (pronounced as kwik)is the biggest competitor to MacDo and they serve burgers, and Little Magic Boxes (similar to Happy meals) with toys. I was however attracted to one of the burgers on the menu. It's probably something I would never be able to get it here.

The Supreme Foie Gras Burger

Why this burger is so special is because it's done with a Quick's Suprême Tender Beef base burger and then topped with Foie Gras. The foie gras is actually frozen and then defrosted two hours before serving and there were a generous amount of bitter arugula and onion confit. Okay, it's supposed to look like the picture on below but of course the final product you always get differs from the picture on the menu.

One might think that the French idea of noblesse du produit is really questionable as we all know how foie gras is actually made... however, since this is not coming from an endangered species, I have no qualms about consuming my favourite foie gras once in a blue moon. Foie gras to be is like the best invention in food after century eggs!

I paid €7.50 for a set meal together with fries and a drink. Their fries are nothing fantastic compared to MacDo but the burger is indeed interesting. It's one of the most complex burgers I've ever had in terms of taste. First there is a sweetness to the taste due to the onion confit, then you had the melting foie gras together with the taste of the beef patty with the bitter arugula. I like the slight bitter note of the arugula. The whole combination came up pretty good but it wasn't good enough for an "awesome" rating.

So, I did in fact had French cuisine (with foie gras) and all I need to do is to picture the above and it'll be perfect with a glass of red wine!

Quick Hamburger Restaurant
122 Avenue des Champs-Elysées,
75008 Paris, France

Tel: +33 1 53 75 38 49



Baby Sumo said...

Wow foie burger! Very nice... definitely won't find that in KL.

suituapui said...

Burger in Paris? No escargot burger? LOL!!

Sean said...

ooh, i wonder if this tastes better than the foie gras burger at the daily grind at bangsar village. i like the design of the packaging, very attractive! :D

Anonymous said...

just a question, isnt arugula and rocket the same thing?

Wei Mei said...


Anonymous said...

when i read 'who'd want an alfresco dining?!', all i can think of is L... :P

-yve vonn

eiling lim said...

Baby Sumo: Yeah there is actually but it's at Bangsar at a restaurant and not a fast food chain. hehe.

STP: Nope. Surprisingly no one has yet to make one!

Sean: I haven't try the Daily Grind but I think the one you had probably tasted better since mine is a fast food!

Anon: Yeah you're right. My mistake sorry.

Wei Mei: Not mine! huhuhu..

Yve Vonn: Hhaha.. why not you ask him when can we go for alfresco? Probably he say we could but in Paris! lol

Anonymous said...

we can buy LV in the stores as well, without having to line up. now, the china people really rob away all the LV bags. there is a limit on how many one can buy. so you may have some china people approaching you asking for help, 'can you buy this and that models for me?'

Jeremy C said...

C'est la vie, Ma Cherie :)

Paris is beautiful and exciting indeed.

eiling lim said...

Anon: Yeah when I was there years ago, I got approached. But now, it's limited to 1 handbag and 1 wallet for everyone! According to them the supply is limited and they are trying to satisfy all the customers.

Jeremy: Merci Beaucoup

Anonymous said...

By limiting to one handbag and one wallet person, and popular model is often not available, lv is ‘creating’ a demand. Only those lack self confidence will pay euro 500+ for a pvc handbag.

eiling lim said...

Anon: Of course many people would argue with your statement. What is 500 euros if you have the money and you like the brand/particlular bag? It's all about preference and the purchasing power. who are we to judge?

Simon Seow said...

The greens on in the foie gras burger is wild rockets?

eiling lim said...

simon: yeap. those are the rocket salad

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