Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Home Dining at Huck's Cafe @ PJ

I was taken by surprise when my girlfriends suggested the dining venue for our New Year's eve dinner. She told me that it would be done at a home. Huh? Is it like a house turned into restaurant? Ok, to be honest, there were many bungalows that were turned into restaurants but to see a corner house of a residential turned into a private dining is something new to me.

This looks like one of those private dining concept in Hong Kong where the chefs offer dining at small condos or apartments catering for a few tables. Huck's Cafe, owned by Huck Seng (also the chef) and a partner turned a normal house into a dining place, literally embracing the term home dining. It's really done right at home, not mine but his home!

The house is certainly beautiful with lots of natural wood and an airy patio that sits 2 or 3 tables complete with private room with air condition. There is also a koi pond on the ground floor just before you enter the house.

This place allows you to dine comfortably without your shoes and there's even no reason to dress to the nines. It's just like going to a friend's house for dinner.

How about a glass of chilling Air Selasih?
(syrup with kiwi seeds)

Hue Gee enjoying her bowl of Mushroom Soup.
Some of us had the Pumpkin Soup. It didn't turn out so well.

The gang of Ipohrians.
Most of us are from Ipoh except a few and it's nice to get to know friends from the same hometown!

Hue Gee gets to poke the lemon with the chopstick (looks obscene, I know...)

We had one of the signature dishes which was the Roast Chicken with herbs, garlic and lemon. This dish is meant for 4 people and it was served with a generous amount of roasted potatoes, eggplants and carrots. Lots of fresh rosemary and thyme has been used to make it flavourful. One setback was, the chicken wasn't cook thoroughly when it was served as there were parts that were still uncook. Apart from that, this is actually quite delicious.

The other dishes we had were lamb stew, steaks, Spaghetti with meatballs, Pan seared salmon and fish and chips. The lamb stew and spaghetti meatballs is good but the others I felt it was just okay for me. Overall, they do have a very good choice of mains and you could go there with a group of friends and share the mains so that you can try more.

Most of the friends had the signature Creme Brulee.
Huck Seng torched it in front of us before serving to the table.

I had a chocolate brownie with ice cream.
The brownie was quite unique with lots of banana and raisin.

This place is quite a nice venue if you want to have a private dining with some friends. They claim that they do not use MSG in the cooking and thus more reason for a revisit. Not only they serve western food, they also do Italian, Mexican, Nyonya and Asian dishes. The array of dishes is quite impressive too. For RM88 nett, you get a drink, an appetiser, a main and a dessert with coffee or tea. In my opinion, the package is quite affordable but the food could have been better.

However, reservations is encouraged as they can only accommodate 15-20 people at one time. Corkage is at RM25 per bottle. There is no menu and you'll need to preorder the food from their menu in the facebook. Therefore, the hassle is that you need to scan through the menu on the facebook and think of what you would like to eat tomorrow!

P/S: Some pictures are taken from Huck's Cafe facebook as mine sucks.

Huck's Cafe
26, Jalan 5/58, Gasing Indah,
46000 Petaling Jaya. Selangor. Malaysia.
603-7781 2781, sms 012 604 8719


KY said...

looks like a nice find!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

If I go there, I'm sticking with the lamb stew and spaghetti meatballs. :)

suituapui said...

Love the place - looks really really nice... Food looks good too, but you said the chicken wasn't properly cooked. It would be good if they limit to a few really good items only - specialise...rather than become a jack of all trade, master of none.

Sean said...

sigh, i only went here with one other friend, so we didn't have enough people to order the lemon chicken. but it looks and sounds very good! :D

TY said...

Will definitely go....

Anonymous said...

Cooking whole bird demand compromising; if the roast chicken was not cooked thoroughly means he didn’t use proper tool.

eiling lim said...

KY: Yeah it was well hidden! lol

Bangsar-Babe: You can order the roast chicken too but make sure it's cooked! haha

STP: Yeah I think so. If there's too many things on the menu, it's difficult to stay focused.

Sean: Well, you can always go there another time to try the rest!

TY: When?!!

Anon: He was telling us that he had a new oven and thus maybe the timing wasn't tested yet.

UnkaLeong said...

Hmm...Warrants a visit, but needs a quorum :P

eiling lim said...

Unkaleong: Well you can ask meena and the rest. They all have been there from what I see in the facebook.

Jeremy C said...

Been there before, a colleague took me there.

Nice food, pleasant service and great ambiance.

Which reminds me to pay a visit to it again...

YilingL said...

I'm afraid this will turn out to be a hyped up place- no longer being a 'hidden gem'. But anyways, kudos to Huck Seng for finding the courage and inspiration to open one of these home dining... it's quite rare here, huh.

TY said...

When??? When are you free?

eiling lim said...

Yiling: Haha.. true also. Hope this place can do well.

TY: send me a mail la when you're free

TY said...

eiling, I love to but I can't for the coming months as I am in London now only be back for CNY and off again for another 2 months.

There will be a day....

Carol said...

Hi I just want to share my experience of dining in Huck's cafe with all the food lovers out there.

I booked 1 month in advance after looking at the overwhelming response from the ppl who visited the place.

The price is now RM88nett per person. I brought my family members - 6 of them. The portion is superb small and you can't top up. Seriously I think I have paid too much for these small portion of meals.

The environment is so so, it's just like dining at one of your friend's house, nothing great. We didn't enjoy the whole meal, imagine 6 of us only get to eat 3 main courses, which 1 of them is the Moroccon chicken and must be shared by 4 person! The food is nothing great, you can pay cheaper for such a meal at a better high class western restaurent out there.

RM88 is inclusive of 1 starter - superb small bowl of soup, 1 small portion of main course, 1 small slice of dessert, and 2 drinks. If you are a small eater and very rich, or a superstar who doesn't want to get disturbed by the paparazzi while dining, this is the place you should go.

I am just sharing my honest opinion and hope the food lovers out there do expect what you will get in Huck's Cafe, otherwise you will be end up disappointed and not contented like me and my family. This is the worst dining experience for mother's day. I am sorry, Mom

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