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Dutch A-Z (Part II)

This is a continuation of the "My Selective Dutch A-Z".

K for Kroket and Kaaskop

Kroket is a popular Dutch delicacy which is also known as "Croqutte" and it's a crispy, sausage-shaped meat roll with a minced meat filling that is piping hot, often encased in breadcrumbs. The inner filling is gooey. It's so popular in the Netherlands that they actually have a McKroket Burger at McDonalds there.

Kaaskop is a slang and used offensively for a Dutch person which literally means "cheesehead". Use this word at your own risk when in Netherlands. haha...

O for Oliebollen and Orange

A treasured Dutch custom, the Oliebollen (oil balls) were traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve but now they appear at almost all food stands and fairs in the winter. The deep-fried dough is powdered with sugar. The average Dutch would polish off at least 8 Oliebollen each year. That is about 131 million balls across the country which is enough to fill more than 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Orange is the national colour of Netherlands which is quite evident during the World Cup where you see fans of Dutch football team turning up in Orange jerseys. The association to the colour originated from the name of the royal family "Oranje-Nassau".

P for Pannekoeken

Pannekoeken is actually Dutch pancakes and their pancakes is quite different from the American ones because they are thinner and much larger. It can be just a basic pancake or a pancake with "stroop" which is sugar beet syrup or powdered sugar and also with "spek" (bacon).

R for Red Light District and Rookworst

The Red Light District situated at De Wallen is the largest and most famous. As Holland is a very open-minded country, legal prostitution is not hard to find here. In this Red Light District, women are displayed behind windows where you can view them and pick the ones you like and then negotiate a deal with them. At De Wallen, there are approximately 300 windows used by prostitutes lighted up with a red light or purple light.When you pay a visit to the red light district, remember not to take pictures there. The prostitutes do not like that and neither will their pimps. Stay safe and keep the camera in the pocket. This is a must-see when in Amsterdam.

Rookworst is actually a typical Dutch sausage. While it literally means "smoked sausage", it is actually not truly smoked. To achieve the smoked flavour typical to the product, smoke aromatics are added to the product alongside the spices. The genuine, old-fashioned rookworst is smoked over wood chips: it can be recognised by a dried-in drop at the end of the sausage. I managed to bring some back and it tasted a little peppery and salty. It is often eaten with stamppot which is made with mashed potatoes, celery and cabbage.

T for Tulips

Everyone knew how famous Tulips are in Netherlands but it's only in Spring. Too bad I was there in winter and I didn't even get to touch a single tulip except that tulip shaped umbrella at a shop! To see the varieties of Tulips, visit the Keukenhof, which is dubbed as the Garden of Europe and situatted at Lisse, Netherlands.

W for Windmills

The largest collection of windmills are located at Kinderdijk in South Holland. The 19 working windmills are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and is definitely a popular tourist spot.

X for XXX

This is not something to do with the x-rated stuffs or some erotic scene in Holland. When you ask a Dutch person, they will tell you that it represents 3 kisses. In most cultures, it is common to greet with a kiss or two but not in Holland. The Dutch however like to add one extra and they would give 3 kisses. These kisses are actually air kisses where the lips should not touch the cheeks and by the way, the men do not kiss each other. You can see the XXX part of the city's crest and it's Saint Andrew's Crosses of historic value.

This completes the A-Z guide of Netherlands and this would definitely make the one easier to navigate when in the country. Although it's just a few days in Holland, I do like the place very much and I would love to revisit the country again.

Part I here.


Anonymous said...

for the red light district, these girls are smart. when you take out the camera, they immediately hide behind the windows. you almost cannot take any one of them....but i did take a few over the years.

however, if one really wants to take them, i think we can just negotiate with the girls for a full fare and we probably can take whatever we like in the room, behind the windows. all naked. haha

KY said...

how can it be A-Z when it ends at X? lol

thule a.k.a leo said...

I thought that XXX is Vin Diesel?? you know... the movie?? LOL!

Sean said...

ya, i knew not to take photos at the red light district, but i saw a group of young guys who did, and the women were shouting and cursing at them, but the guys just laughed and walked away...

Anonymous said...


eiling lim said...

Anon: Yeah that's what I heard too and that's why I didn;t take any pictures. I don't want to be beaten by the bouncers or pimps!

KY: That's why I said it was selective la!

Thule: I also thought of that at first!

Sean: Lucky I didn't or else I won't be able to come back in one piece.

Anonymous said...

that xxx pillar looks like a pxxxx. may be that is the true meaning

suituapui said...

Zzzzzz.... I guess that's what students always do when teachers are teaching. Muahahahaha!!!

P.S. Hey! I'm sure you know of HB's case?

suituapui said...

What's that XXX thingy in your photo?

eiling lim said...

Anon: It was just a steel structure on the streets. Sure it looked like a phallus right?

STP: Good one! It's the same everywhere in the world. haha... The xxx is for your imagination/./

Huai Bin said...

Oh I forgot to eat McKroket Burger in Amsterdam!

Ya, have to be stealthy when taking photos in the Red Light District. I also heard cannot but I tried and no one stopped me. Haha.

Nice post Eiling! :)

Anonymous said...

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