Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let's Drink for Xmas

The year is coming to an end! Xmas is just around the corner!

What are we waiting for if we don’t start celebrating? Work has been quite stressful as I have been traveling almost every week and thus I do not have much time to hang out with my girl friends.

Recently, just before I flew to Europe, I called them out for a drink at WIP at BSC and we had some happy hour drinking session. What was supposed to be a Happy Hour session dragged till past 10pm and we even had dinner there too. I even missed my Hawaii Five-O TV show on Astro.

We ordered some Kilkenny and since it’s happy hour @ WIP, it’s at RM15 for a perfect score. Everyone loved the beer. No doubt Kilkenny is dubbed as “The Cream of Irish Beers”. This ale is known for its distinctive flavours and smooth taste and in fact, I have been drinking Kilkenny since a few years ago.

Babes and Kilkenny!

Let's Cheers to Xmas!

Lucky I still have time to catch up with them just before my trip because I was telling everyone that if I don't see them two weeks ago, it'll have to be see you in 2011! Everything was such in a rush that the week I was supposed to prepare for my meetings in Europe flew past in a dash.

Lisa, Gee, Me & Emily

Nothing is better than having some relaxing moment, drinking with some friends and bask in the season of festivities! We promised to meet up again soon for another round so until then…

Have you have your Kilkenny today?

The other outlets where you can enjoy a perfect pint of Kilkenny includes Sid's Pub, Finnegan's, The Green Man, Social@KL, Movida and Jarrod & Rawlins. And for more info, check out


KY said...

yum seng!

Sean said...

welcome back to kl! just in time for the x'mas and new year celebrations! :D
heh, since i'm not a fan of beer, i'm not sure if i've ever even tasted kilkenny before. terrible hor...

suituapui said...

Cheers!!! A Merry Christmas to you and your family...

Plastic Surgery Phuket Thailand said...

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

lately you look happier and more beautiful compared to 2009 photos, glad to be rid of an unhappy burden??


Anonymous said...

lately you look happier and more beautiful compared to 2009 photos, glad to be rid of an unhappy burden??


eiling lim said...

KY: cheers!

Sean: Thanks sean! Oh no... you must try at least once la! At least you know how it taste like

STP: Thanks and Merry Xmas to you and your family too!

PSPT: Merry Xmas to you too!

Anon: I don't know.. maybe because I was enjoying myself?

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