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Kumo Japanese Restaurant @ Singapore

Dinners in Singapore for me is always a little lavish. There's just so much to eat here and not to mention the diversity of culinary experience here is just marvelous. Remember the last time I was at this Salta Argentine Parilla @ Icon Village, under the same group, there is a Japanese restaurant next door that does a Kaiseki menu. The last time we were at Salta, my friend and I told them we would return the next time to try Kumo and so we did this time around.

Just as usual, we leave the menu to the chef. This is our first time dining here and there is no expectations at all. We leave everything to the good hands of Chef Nobu. My friend bought a bottle of Chateau Giscours 2002 from Margaux. This Grand Cru wine is ranked as a third growth in the 1855 classification. This is a dark and glossy wine and has appealing aromas. It's quite a classic wine with a ripe and creamy character on the palate. It's well-structured with good acidic freshness. Wine Spectator gives is a 90/100.

Melissa, the GM knows how to handle the wine delicately.

Jamon Iberico

Ok, this dish doesn't look very Japanese because it's not! Louis, the chef at Salta came over and greet us and I couldn't resist not ordering this plate of Jamon Iberico from next door that is cured for 30 days! It does taste better with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Sea Eel & Japanese Cucumber with Ginger Dressing
This is really an interesting dish especially with the citrus fruit called Summer Yuzu peel that added the extra kick of taste to the whole dish.

In between the red wines that we drank, we had also a bottle of sake. Don't ask me the name of the sake because obviously I was too inebriated to remember it's name. If I'm not wrong, they told me that this is only available at their restaurant. We were given a choice of cups to choose from and I really like this. The pretty glass ware does make the sake taste better! The sake is indeed one of the smoothest I've ever had.

Chef's Recommendation Sashimi
There is a mix of tuna belly, edible flowers that were mixed with the sauce and generous amount of sea urchin (uni). The seaweed jelly is very tasty and it adds flavour to the whole dish.

Ok, this is also not part of the Japanese menu. I ordered this from Salta because it's just too awesome to give this a miss.

Roasted Australian Wagyu
Served with roasted tuna and foie gras. The wagyu is done medium rare and the sauce was at the right level of saltiness and thus the taste of umami. This is really a recommended dish as it was just simply delicious.

Chef Hirohasi Nobuaki and his Fugu

A little information on the chef - At the tender age of nine, Hirohashi Nobuaki was already helping out at his father’s sushi restaurant in their hometown of Osaka, Japan. After graduating from University, he chose to train in the Kaiseki tradition with the famous Kitcho group of restaurants in Japan. Chef Nobu is also licensed to serve fugu – the potentially deadly puffer fish. Only the most skilled in Japan achieve this certification.

Thus, that night, he served both of us the infamous Fugu (puffer fish) done in deepfried style with breadcrumbs. This is a very notorious dish as
Fugu can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin, therefore has to be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating the meat. The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by the law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with the fish. However, the domestic preparation occasionally leads to accidental death. It's dangerous but it's also a celebrated dish in the Japanese cuisine world.

The fish was very smooth and the meat is a little tougher than the cod fish but it tasted very nice with the lime. Lucky I am still alive today - just to prove he knows how to handle Fugu.

Since I was already inebriated, I really don't know what the hell is this thing but I do remember it was bitter and something which I will not eat when I'm sober. I think it's some liver of some fish? Well, I hope this isn't the liver of the Fugu which is dubbed as the tastiest part but also the deadliest.

I also couldn't remember what rice dish was this. It's like a sweetfish sushi with kelp cured sea bream but I remembered it was delicious.

Thus, it was very obvious at which dish I was already loosing my memory. The whole dinner experience has been really an enjoyable one as we were treated with top notch service and attention by Melissa and her staff. As usual, we were also the last customer to leave the place and the bill for the night came up to SGD$500. It was not cheap but the food here is Oiishi!!!

KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant
Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street #01-58 (S) 078877

Tel: 6225 8433
Fax: 6225 8481
Email: kumo@kitchenlanguage.com.sg

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday
11:30am – 2:30pm
6:30pm – 10:30pm


Sean said...

Phew, glad u survived the fugu to post this entry! :D
Sounds like Salta is worth visiting for a meal too =)

eiling lim said...

Sean: Haha.. I did! And salta is a nice place if you like meat!

KY said...

warghh looks very very good!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

That's A LOT of sea urchin! I have yet to try the fugu...scared lah! =P

thule a.k.a leo said...

too bad you are not a man or else I would say "you sure have balls huh?" I dare not even try fugu no matter it's in the hand of expert or not. The fact is that there are still incidents happen in Japan every year related to fugu (don't forget that the fish is handled by licensed practitioner there too)... you have my salute!

eiling lim said...

KY: It is very good!

Bangsar-babe: Haha.. yes and it's so sinful! I was lucky that the Fugu didn't killed me.

Thule: lol.. probably I was too intoxicated to think about the consequences. Haha.. Who's the man?!! lol

suituapui said...

Not into Japanese...but I do love their braised eel...or unagi. Oh? Sean has a new profile pic - looks like some Japanese minister. LOL!!!

Taufulou said...

haha..not bad weih~ you still manage to remember most of the name of your dish.. keke

for that kind of price you pay..i think its worth it~

eiling lim said...

STP: yeah that one you mentioned is called unagi. i am really not a fan of that. Wait till sean hears about it! hehe

Taufulou: yeah I only had memory loss after the 2 nd last dish. haha

Anonymous said...

Aquaculture fugu is non-poisonous.

Fried fugu is available at rakuzen in KL and not expensive.

eiling lim said...

anon: ooh i didn't know that. thanks for sharing the info.

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