Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hoi from Amsterdam!


That's how they say Hello in Dutch. As I am writing now on board of Thalys, in two hours time I'll be saying Bonjour! This is the worst time to travel around Europe as the weather is unpredictable and bad. I had to stay back in Den Bosch for 1 more night before going into Amsterdam due to the heavy snow. I heard the traffic going into Amsterdam is so bad that it only cleared at 2,30 am. That leaves us with just 1 night in Amsterdam.

Lucky I am now on the Thalys and is on time for my trip to Paris. Many trains were cancelling their schedule due to the heavy snowfall. I was so afraid that they will cancel my train too. Phew..
Anyways, one of the must try while in Amsterdam is the Haring. The trip will not be complete without at least trying to eat one Haring. Haring is actually a the slimy little fish sold in street side stalls that the Dutch can’t seem to get enough of. And my boss strongly advised me to try one of these.
Instead of chomping the whole haring down my throat, I prefer it to be cut into pieces as it looks less scary than swallowing the whole fish. The haring is served with diced onions and pickles which makes it nicer to eat. The fish is totally raw. It's something like sashimi but of course sashimi comes in a pretty looking platter.
The cost of this is 4 Euros.

You're supposed to eat the whole fish this way but I prefer to have it pieces by pieces.

It might be a little fishy for some people as the taste tends to linger in your palate long after that. However, it was indeed a nice experience and I don't mind eating it again except that my breath smells like onions and it might not be very pleasant if you plan to kiss someone after that! haha..


Sean said...

it's quite surreal seeing the streets by the canal covered in snow in your photo! i was there only two months ago, and it was just cold and rainy. but yeah, different seasons, heheh :D
i managed to try those fish sandwiches too, and i loved them! i ate three of them at one go! but you're right, i had to take breath mints to freshen up my mouth after that :D

suituapui said...

Hoi!!! Here, you greet people like that, they will say you're rude. Have fun there...keep warm, all wrapped up - the days are getting colder and colder.

Anonymous said...

Unless one like to experience freezing winter, winter months is not the idea period for sightseeing.

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow! what fun babe.. keep warm:)

Huai Bin said...

Nice! It's snowing in Amsterdam now! Missed that.

I love the fish too, they serve it in sandwiches as well.

Don't forget to hit the coffeeshops! :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

the news reported that most airports in Europe had to either delay or cancel flights... I hope that you are doing alright there :)
the things that you are requires acquired taste! So any guys asked for your kiss after having that fish??

KY said...

is that snow? i hate snow!

Anonymous said...

aww... so nice get to spend more time in paris because the airport is being snowed in.

too bad, so is the rest of paris.

Anonymous said...

aww... so nice get to spend more time in paris because the airport is being snowed in.

too bad, so is the rest of paris.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I didn't get to visit Amsterdam! It's still in my place-to-visit list. Have fun in Paris!! ;)

li wei said...

remember to get stroopwaffles home..they are delicious with coffee...

Taufulou said...

hoi... look maciam you had a great time there eh, snowfalls and everything looks like aperfect white chirstmas for you..

wish you early Merry Chirstmas sin~

foongpc said...

Amsterdam looks a nice place to visit! But I think I will visit it during spring, not winter! I like the first photo! : )

Ilya said...

You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed reading these articles labelled 'Nederland' at your blog. You were able to really describe everything I miss on a daily basis now that I am living in KL (moved here in 2009).

Especially funny is that you traveled to Holland during the 2nd 'white winter' in two years. We moved to KL in 2009 and guess what; there was an actual white Christmas in 2009. We weren't able to visit NL during these months, same went for 2010 and guess what again; pretty much another white Christmas :). Dutchies are suckers for white Christmasses as normally it just rains every year around that time. Last real white Christmas I remember was when I was still a boy somewhere in the eighties :).

Anyway. Thank you for these write-ups :). I am Ilya Houben btw. I am from the Netherlands and now live in KL with my wife. I own and operate the biggest Dutch travel website about Malaysia (isn't that a coincidence :)). I recently launched my new English travel website about Malaysia called Wonderful Malaysia. Perhaps you would like to check it out and let me know what you think of it.

So Malaysians are writing about The Netherlands and Dutchies are writing about Malaysia....couldn't get any weirder right haha.

Take care!


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