Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I need a new BB

At Skybar with my gfs

Recently, we were at Skybar and the BB works fine taking the pictures. That Saturday was really happening because they had dancers doing very sexy dance routine and there's also a hunky guy that flashes his clean smooth toned abs! We were also given these cute white chocolate lollipops. We all had so much fun!

One thing I realised that I couldn't live without is my Blackberry mobile phone. It was really embarrassing that I actually had a Blackberry Curve in 2009 but didn't really subscribe to the BB line until middle of this year. Initially I thought I wouldn't need internet on-the-go, the BBMs, the push emails until a friend literally dragged me to the telco company and subscribe the line, only I realised how wonderful it is to have a fully functional Blackberry!

I use my BB for camwhoring in the fitting room

I use the camera function a lot to capture pictures of food, at the parties and some spontaneous moments because I hate to lug a big and bulky camera around. It just wouldn't fit into my clutch and it doesn't look classy.

During the same weekend, I finally get to meet up with Wei Mei for some nice ice shaving dessert at 32F which I liked very much in Singapore (here) and now they have one in DesaParkCity Waterfront! Their green tea with red bean is just so nice...

We were talking about phones and then, I realised, I really need a new phone! The BB I had was still a 2G and I want a 3G phone because the connection is killing me! I've always like a BB because of the wonderful Qwerty keypad for easy emailing, twitter and BBMs. If I'm not wrong, there were more than 30 BBM contacts in my phone and we enjoyed the free messagings.

If I want to upgrade, I'll either go for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or the BlackBerry Torch 9800 which is out this month and Celcom is the 1st in the country to bring in the BB Bold 9780. From what I've read, the new Bold 9780 has a new BB 6 OS meaning faster surfing, longest battery life among other BB models with 6 hrs talk time & 38 hrs of music playback time, WiFi capabilities, high-resolution display and a MicroSD slot!

The difference between an old Bold and the new 978o is that it allows you to update social feeds at once, faster surfing on websites due to the new BB 6 OS and it also boost a 5 megapixel camera and a 512MB flash memory. How cool is that?!!

I need a better camera phone...

Or, I could really consider the BB Torch 9800 where it has a 3.2 inch touch screen, 8 GB of memory with a 32 GB expandable memory, 5 MP camera with image stabilizer, integrated social feeds that updates multiple social sites with a single post and also a faster surfing. Celcom is now offering an attractive package on Celcom Exec Post Paid Plans and also the Celcom Biz where you can also get a free softskin worth RM48 for a BB Bold 9780 and a free casing worth RM68 for a BB Torch 9800.

Check out the Celcom package for Blackberry Bold 9780 and the Blackberry Torch 9800 (Celcom Exec & Celcom Biz). I still can't decide - Bold or Torch?!!


Sean said...

Heh, I'm so terrible with gadgets that I've not even touched a BB before! But I'm pretty satisfied with my iPhone :D

eiling lim said...

Sean: is yours an iphone 4?

Sean said...

Nope, 3GS. Just using it for the basics... Checking email, twitter, fb, surfing ... And yeah, replying to blog comments when I'm not at computer, like right now :D

KY said...

yess, do it! 9800 looks awesome.

thule a.k.a leo said...

if u check email often... then BB is the way to go. But if you are into more than that... iPhone is the obvious choice.
I fall into the latter :) hence the iPhone 4!!!
IMHO... go for Bold!!!

suituapui said...

I'm sure lots of guys out there lining up to get you one... Matter of whether you want it or not. Wink! Wink!

eiling lim said...

Sean: ahhh that's very useful! mine is still 2G lol..

KY: yeah i think so too!

Thule: I like to reply emails with BB. It's so much faster cos I can type with two hands.

STP: aiyoh, don't have la! I have to buy it myself.

Jasmyne said...

I'm currently using BB Bold 9700 and i didn't regret fOR choosing BB compared with iphone 4! I luv iphone's BIG screen but if sms & email, i think BB is better!

eiling lim said...

Jasmyne: Cheers to BB!

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