Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weng Fung Restaurant @ Langkawi

The last time I wrote about this restaurant in Langkawi was here. It was during my first trip to Langkawi with the new job in August and I went there for lunch. Ever since, I have actually been going back a few times for lunch during these few months and without fail, I will order a mantis prawn religiously every visit.

I went there for lunch on the first day for my market visit trip and as usual, I ordered my steamed mantis prawn with egg. After having paid the bill, the boss of the restaurant showed me a gigantic prawn. It was so big and it was a foot long!

I told myself, I will come back the next day to eat this prawn and which I did! My friend was laughing at me when he saw this picture. He asked me if I actually carry the measuring tape along everywhere I go. I didn't and that measuring tape was not mine!

Look, it's bigger than my hand!

I would suppose that the best way to savour the prawn is by steaming. That way, you can taste the freshness of the meat. I opted for ginger, wolfberry and mushrooms to be steamed together with the gigantic Tiger prawn.

After it had been steamed, the prawn actually shrunk in size. It didn't need much effort to separate the meat from the shell. The taste - fresh and succulent. You can also taste the sweetness of the meat. This is really a fresh prawn and I'm very happy about it. The price is RM150 for 1 kg and what I just had is just RM42.

The dish above is actually the "Foo Yong" omelette. What I didn't know that the version in Langkawi is very much different from the version in KL or elsewhere. The one in Langkawi is cooked with shredded cabbage, carrots and spring onion. The egg is all scrambled up with the vegetables whereas the ones in KL is actually spring onions, chilli and shrimps cooked in a perfect omelette.

The clams cooked spicy style is also very nice. They do not do the "Kam Heong" style here but this version is done with bean paste and spices with lemongrass. It's very interesting and something different from the cooking in the mainland.

Cool down with a Pandan Coconut!

Overall, I am very satisfied with the meals here and will continue to come back and patronise this outlet for lunch. This meal is less than RM100. Very good value indeed!

Weng Fung Restaurant
(opposite Langkawi Saga)
26, Kompleks Cayman,
Jalan Penarak, Kuah,
07000 Langkawi,Kedah.
Tel: +604-9666287 Hp: +6012-4783448
Business hour: 11.30am - 3.30pm and 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Monday, November 29, 2010

Xin Chun Steamboat Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

I was invited by Shereen and the kind owner for a steamboat dinner on Hari Raya Haji. Shereen told me that this is her favourite steamboat restaurant and had wanted me to try this place for months but I haven't had time to join her for a dinner and thus that day was a perfect day as it was a public holiday!

Lucky I was there early together with my sisters as the place was already packed by the time we reached there at 7pm. We managed to get a table just outside on the pavement of the restaurant. I can see that they had tents on the walkway in between the shops to cater for the crowd that night.

Ziling & the giant menu!

For a start, their menu is really big! It's by far the biggest menu I've ever seen! There are 2 types of set menu available. The standard Pulau Ketam Set menu is only RM13.50 per pax and then there is this Executive set priced at RM26.50 per pax where you get an array of fresh white pomfret, tiger prawn and mussels. We had the privilege to try both the sets.

The owner of this restaurant is really young. I heard Shereen telling me that Mr. Chew is only 25 years old. So young! He and his brother in law trawled the village of Pulau Ketam to search for the freshest ingredients for the steamboat. Therefore, the ingredients here are fresh and choices are bountiful.

You can choose between a clear soup broth or the spicy tom yum soup. We wanted both and thus we had a pot with 2 compartments - 1 for clear soup and the other for the tom yum. I found that the tom yum is rather spicy. Give me the clear soup anytime as I am not a fan of spiciness. Sliced pork (RM15) and beef are also available.

Crab Bihun (RM39)
The crabs are bountiful and the noodles is flavourful. I would actually prefer more noodles than crabs though.

It's not all steamboat though as they do serve other dishes like the Crab Bihun that we had that night. There are also Lala fried noodles, deepfried dumplings (RM8), Fried Sotong (squids), deepfried fish head and steamed kepah (RM16) as well as crabs done in various styles.

The clams is steamed with rice wine with shredded ginger and wolfberry to add to the flavour. However I felt this dish isn't up to my expectation as it lacked wine and ginger. The taste is just isn't one of the best that I have tried.

Overall the dinner is satisfactory and the Lim sisters are happy. Most importantly, the ingredients are fresh and the fishballs were very good as they were bouncy and springy. I think the prices here are very reasonable too! I love steamboat on a rainy day...

Xin Chun Steamboat Restaurant
No. 15-1, Ground Floor Jalan PJU 5/3,
Dataran Sunway, 47810 Kota Damansara, Selangor.
(same row as 7-11 & Ambank)
Tel: +6012-544 5582

Opens daily from 5pm to 12.30am daily.

Friday, November 26, 2010

One cannot leave home without...


I realised that I can leave home without my makeup but I can't leave home without my mobile phone. It's amazing how mobile phones have become such an important item in my life. It's not a luxury but a necessity.

At first the mobile phones were so simple - calls and messaging but now it can do about everything. Nothing seemed to be impossible for the human mind. Now the mobile market is fragmented between the following software platforms: Palm OS (and newer webOS), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and iPhone OS.

The latest deal in town is to be the first few in Malaysia to enjoy the 1st Windows Phone 7 device which is the LG Optimus 7. Starting on 24th Nov 2010, for a limited time period, Celcom is offering the 1st 150 customers to pick up this phone at *RM777 (RRP: RM2099)!

The price is subject to contract and package plan. Normal terms & conditions of registration apply

Don't you wanna be one of the firsts to have one too?

Want to know the amazing features of the LG Optimus 7?
  • LG’s first Windows® Phone 7 device
  • Play To, augmented reality (AR) and Voice-to-Text
  • ScanSearch - realtime information
  • mobile entertainment on-the-go through Xbox LIVE® and Zune® services
  • 720p HD video resolution
  • 5MP camera with Intelligent Shot
  • Expansive 3.8 inch WVGA LCD display
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 1500mAh removable battery
  • mobile versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • More Free Apps from LG via LG App Store

Check out the Celcom plans for this phone!

Windows phones come preloaded with Microsoft’s Pocket Word and Pocket Excel apps that allow you to edit office documents without conversion.

It's very important to get a phone that is practical and suited to one's needs. That's simply because mobile phones aren’t like computers so you can’t install a different operating system (OS) if you don’t like the one that came with it. A right mobile OS reflects your lifestyle because it determines the choice of apps and phone functionality. So why not give this Windows mobile a go?

Register online now with Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz at the following sites:

- www.celcom.com.my

- www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec

- www.celcom.com.my/biz

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I need a new BB

At Skybar with my gfs

Recently, we were at Skybar and the BB works fine taking the pictures. That Saturday was really happening because they had dancers doing very sexy dance routine and there's also a hunky guy that flashes his clean smooth toned abs! We were also given these cute white chocolate lollipops. We all had so much fun!

One thing I realised that I couldn't live without is my Blackberry mobile phone. It was really embarrassing that I actually had a Blackberry Curve in 2009 but didn't really subscribe to the BB line until middle of this year. Initially I thought I wouldn't need internet on-the-go, the BBMs, the push emails until a friend literally dragged me to the telco company and subscribe the line, only I realised how wonderful it is to have a fully functional Blackberry!

I use my BB for camwhoring in the fitting room

I use the camera function a lot to capture pictures of food, at the parties and some spontaneous moments because I hate to lug a big and bulky camera around. It just wouldn't fit into my clutch and it doesn't look classy.

During the same weekend, I finally get to meet up with Wei Mei for some nice ice shaving dessert at 32F which I liked very much in Singapore (here) and now they have one in DesaParkCity Waterfront! Their green tea with red bean is just so nice...

We were talking about phones and then, I realised, I really need a new phone! The BB I had was still a 2G and I want a 3G phone because the connection is killing me! I've always like a BB because of the wonderful Qwerty keypad for easy emailing, twitter and BBMs. If I'm not wrong, there were more than 30 BBM contacts in my phone and we enjoyed the free messagings.

If I want to upgrade, I'll either go for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or the BlackBerry Torch 9800 which is out this month and Celcom is the 1st in the country to bring in the BB Bold 9780. From what I've read, the new Bold 9780 has a new BB 6 OS meaning faster surfing, longest battery life among other BB models with 6 hrs talk time & 38 hrs of music playback time, WiFi capabilities, high-resolution display and a MicroSD slot!

The difference between an old Bold and the new 978o is that it allows you to update social feeds at once, faster surfing on websites due to the new BB 6 OS and it also boost a 5 megapixel camera and a 512MB flash memory. How cool is that?!!

I need a better camera phone...

Or, I could really consider the BB Torch 9800 where it has a 3.2 inch touch screen, 8 GB of memory with a 32 GB expandable memory, 5 MP camera with image stabilizer, integrated social feeds that updates multiple social sites with a single post and also a faster surfing. Celcom is now offering an attractive package on Celcom Exec Post Paid Plans and also the Celcom Biz where you can also get a free softskin worth RM48 for a BB Bold 9780 and a free casing worth RM68 for a BB Torch 9800.

Check out the Celcom package for Blackberry Bold 9780 and the Blackberry Torch 9800 (Celcom Exec & Celcom Biz). I still can't decide - Bold or Torch?!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Hairstyle Updates

This morning it surprises me that I could actually get up at 6.30am and drove to the lake near my house to go for a jog and walk with Emily. We both agreed to meet at 7am but she was late and I had started walking by myself. All in all, I did a 6.6km and she did 8km. I'm so proud of my lazy bum.

After breakfast, I went home and had 1 hour to do some chores before going out with her again. She suggested that we should both go colour our hair and which at first I declined but then later thought why not since it's been ages since I last colour my hair. So I quickly washed my sports shoes, put the clothes into the washing machine, took a shower and ready to go.

I couldn't decide whether I should cut my hair since I wanted to keep it long for sometime and lastly I decided to have bangs. The last time I had a bang this short was years ago too. The colour I chose for my hair is totally random too but I must say lucky it turns out alright.

Before & After

RM170 well spent!

I can't help but to feel that this post is a little too bimbo. But hey, what's wrong with a bimbo post once in a while right?!!

Cheers for the weekend!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tumble into Truffle Heaven @ Millesime

Once again I found myself revisiting Max at Millesime in Solaris Dutamas. Tuesday was a fine day to indulge in some fine food since the following day is actually a Public Holiday due to Hari Raya Haji. Mr.L called for a dinner as I agreed to conduct a chocolate tasting after the dinner. Together with our usual suspects, we met up earlier than dinner time and had some catching up session just outside the restaurant at the lounge chairs.

Tuna Loin & Portobello Mushrooms
The mushrooms were so juicy and plump. Absolutely delicious.

I disturbed Max at the kitchen when it was still early and there were hardly any guests. As usual I asked him the standard question - "Do you have my favourite chocolate soufle tonight?" and he asked his staff, "ada soufle kah?" and lucky they did have what I wanted!

We did things a little different that night. Instead of the usual fine dining with wines, we opt for a single malt whisky instead. It was no ordinary whisky because the bottle we had that night was an Ardmore from Old Malt Cask aged 30 years and apparently this friend of mine has bought up the remaining bottles available here. This is a very good speyside malt whisky and a cask-strength of 30 years with a vintage of 1977. The palate is very oaky and the finish is smooth and buttery. The bread were served warm and the amuse bouche of the day was an interesting combination of diced avocados with cherry tomato and sesame seeds. I liked the creative flavours of this creation.

First, we had a Smoked Marlin Fillet Mille Feuille with crab meat and salmon roe. The smoked marlin fillet was thinly sliced, layered with salad and then a layer of crab meat. The olive sauce and balsamic vinegar completes the taste.

Doing what he does best, the second dish was Blow-torched Sea Scallops with Pernod-Chive Cream which was very predictable coming from Max. He always does a good scallops dish as the scallops were never overcooked. Pernod is a licorice-flavored liqueur, usually mixed with water, turning it whitish and cloudy.

The third dish was something out of the ordinary. It was an Air Dried Beef Loin with Berlotti Bean Ragout and Saffron Aioli. The air dried beef loin tasted something like a slice of Jamon Iberico which is flavourful and robust. The beans gave it a different texture to the dish and it paired very well with the beef loin.

Perhaps the most interesting dish we had and it was a highlight of the night was the mains. As my dear friend left the menu into the good hands of Max's, he cooked us a wonderful Kobe beef tenderloin with asparagus. I thought that was it and suddenly, a plate of ugly looking lumpy -like potatoes emerged on our table. However, it smelled so wonderful and almost buttery. I knew it had to be the prized white truffles and it was shaved before our eyes!

Millesime is running a special menu with white truffles from Alba in Piedmont throughout Nov & Dec. These "trifola d' Alba" are truly irresistible. These white truffles from Italy are highly esteemed which has a pale cream and white marbling. The record price paid for a single white truffle was set in December 2007, when Stanley Ho (Macau Casino owner) paid US$330,000 (£165,000) for a specimen weighing 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb). Here, a dish with 2 grams of white truffles shavings will set you back RM120.

I was surprised that how the shavings of truffles actually affects the taste of the food. It was more aromatic with the truffles and it certainly made the kobe beef tasted much better on my palate. It tasted something like cheese and garlic and earthy at the same time. Very interesting.

Lucky that was the last dish or I will die of over-eating.

The last one would be my favourite dessert of all times. It has to be the chocolate soufle made with only the best chocolate - Valrhona and served with Millesime Coffee Ice-cream. I used to take a big one that was baked in a ramekin but lucky that night they served me an espresso-sized soufle. It was rich and wonderful... so sinful.

On the same night, I ran into an old friend whom was dining there and he told me that he was trying this place after reading it from my blog. Wow... this was really like honey to my ears. He truly enjoyed the dinner and the friend he brought along instantly made another reservation for the next day to bring the family!

The dinner came to about RM1600 for the 5 of us. The big bulk of the bill must have gone to the truffles and the kobe beef. Thank you to my dear friend again for organising this wonderful dinner and cheers to my favourite chef in KL!

First post on Millesime here and 3rd post here.

(it's outside of the building on the extreme right corner)
G1-01-3, Level G1
Menara Kencana Petroleum, Solaris Dutamas
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operation hours are from 12pm-12am
Tel: +603- 6211 0648

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Foh San

I was probably the last one to be writing about this place. This restaurant has been a household name in Dim Sum in Ipoh as well as KL. Everyone I knew has been to Foh San before and I was probably the last one to visit their new outlet at Jalan Leong Sin Nam which is just opposite another famous Dim Sum outlet called Ming Court.

I must say that from the outside, the building does look very impressive. It's much bigger than its previous outlet which has now turned into Purple Cane Tea Gallery. This new place is spacious, airy and more classy. Last time the tables used to be cramped together in a tight space but now you have ample space in between tables to walk around.

There will be stations where different Dim Sum is offered. One has to go to these stations to select what you fancy and bring along the card where the staff will tick on the price accordingly and then you can take the dim sum back to your table. To sum up, it is almost like self service although there are some other items that they still do it through cart pushing.

A few of the must-eat-dishes for me at the Dim Sum restaurant is the dumplings (siew mai, har gaw and yu mai), then Foh San's famous huge fried fish balls, lo mai kai (glutinous rice with chicken), ma lai koh (steamed egg cakes with melon seeds), fried sesame balls with lotus paste and the steamed chestnut delicacy.

The char siew pau (steamed pork bun) at this place used to be really good. I could still remember that everytime we go back to Ipoh, we had to take away at least 10 of them back to KL. However, that day I didn't feel that it was as good as it used to be. Would it be because they have changed the chef or has gone really commercialised?

No dim sum meal is perfect without a plate of steamed Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (rice sheet rolls) with either char siew (roast pork) or shrimps. The secret to enjoying this dish is to have it warm, served with lots of sesame seeds and fried shallots and belacan chilli. It's best served warm because when it gets cold, it's not as smooth anymore.

Waitress for the day...

Actually I was quite disappointed with some of the dishes as it seemed that the quality has some sort deteriorated. Although big improvements in facilities and the ambiance, it has somehow lost its nostalgic touch of good tasting dim sum. They still is allowing patrons to wait by the side of the tables for seats which I think they should improvise and provide numbers for waiting instead so that the patrons would not feel obligated to leave.

So far, for good tasting dim sum, I will still visit the outlet opposite which is Ming Court. It's not easy to get a table but if you can wake up early, you will definitely be rewarded.

Foh San
No.51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
(just behind Hotel Excelsior)
Tel: +605 254 0308

6.30 am to 2.00 pm
Close on Tuesday

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whisky, whisky and hangovers

My girlfriends wanted to have steamboat and thus I arranged a dinner at the Damansara Village Steamboat restaurant at Imbi. Apparently we were late due to crazy Friday traffic and my usual suspect had been there half an hour early and so he ordered the food beforehand. My gfs were starving and lucky the dishes were served once we sat down.

It was cold inside the air-conditioned room and right after a bowl of the peppery pig stomach soup, the chillness were gone and we felt so happy as soon as we saw the bowl of pork knuckle vinegar coming. Straightaway, I ordered a bowl of rice to go with the vinegar and thus has been labeled as "fan tong" (someone whom loves rice). It was so good that I practically can just have white rice and the vinegar the whole night!

We also had the signature dishes such as the Village Special Steamed Clams is cooked with Chinese wine, lots of wolfberry (kei zhi), ginger and parsley (priced at RM20) and steamed Organic Chicken which is also known as "Village Cho Kai" (1/2 at RM49 and whole at RM98). These chickens are reared on their own farm and fed a diet of all natural feed of corns, oats and vegetables for 100 days. Only two of us ate the salt-baked-crabs because they find it too much a hassle and effort to eat them! Lol...

It's a night of whisky and Mr.L bought a wonderful bottle of The Macallan 1851 Inspiration for us to savour. Macallan came up with this bottle for the duty free market. Jim Murray called it "flat and uninspirational." Macallan has made a cottage industry out of producing replica whiskies of bottles that are of more recent production which was supposedly to replicate the flavour of the Macallan produced at a given time.

I agree that Macallan owes a lot to marketing than being recognised as having the quality that is worth the price tag it carries. For the same amount of dollar, I rather spend on less famed whisky which offers better quality and taste such as The Glenrothes, Glenlivet and Balvenie which are all speyside malts.

A check on the bottle reveals that it was made using a combination of American oak cakss tha previously contain sherry and bourbon together with European casks that previously hold sherry. The liquid is golden with sweet and spicy aromas on the nose. On the palate, you can taste the sweetness and some ginger and clove notes. The finish is of medium long and elegant.

I don't think this whisky is flat and uninspirational but I certainly thought it was a little too pricey for the taste in my opinion.

After a few glasses of The Macallan, we switched to a bottle of Suntory Hakushu Single Malt Whisky 18 years old. Suntory branded this whisky as "green and fresh" as they claim that it was made from the untouched forests, mountains, and pure waters of the Southern Japanese Alps. It has this amber gold colour liquid and on the nose, you can get some smokiness and melony aromas. On the palate, it's sweet, complex (multi-layered) and rich with honey. It was certainly a pleasant whisky but if I compared it with The Macallan 1851, I prefer the Macallan than this one. From the Suntory range, I will still prefer the Hibiki 17 yo.

After a few glasses of Macallan, Hakushu, we had a Glenmorangie Astar for comparison. We left the place at about 11.30pm and I adjourned to Zouk. It was supposed to be a farewell party for a good friend, David whom will be going back to work in Ipoh. He was my longest male childhood friend since Form 3 and we rarely get to meet up because he was studying in London. But 3 years ago, I managed to make a trip to London and he took me around the city and we had the best GBK burger and London Four Seasons Duck ever!

Teo, Me & David
(sorry I had to "cute" up the picture)

I didn't know that we had a mutual friend too from KL. This picture was taken when I was still sober because an hour later, I was lying on the couch and was completely wasted. My sister had to take me home and the next day I felt like shit. Either my tolerance for alcohol has went down or it was the JW Black Label that made me felt so shitty. I don't really know...

On Saturday, I woke up with the worst headache and ended up sleeping 3 quarter of the day. And I tell myself, I would not want to feel as shitty as this anymore! So no more downing 3 seconds of whisky straight from the bottle, no more drinking vodka on the rocks after whisky on the rocks and no more drinking before clubbing!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Mitten Crab @ Imbi Palace KL

It's the time of the year again when one indulge in Mitten Crabs (hairy crabs) from the YangChen Lake in Suzhou. The Chinese spend quite some money just to taste a small crab from this lake which are a considered a delicacy among the asians. Most of the Yangchen crabs are exported to Shanghai and Hong Kong, and high-profit foreign markets. No doubt many would have thought that the mitten crabs is a Shanghainese delicacy.

The funny thing is Asians considered these crabs a delicacy but in Britain, the Chinese mitten crab is seen as a dangerous alien that could cause lasting harm to the environment. According to the zoologists Mitten crabs are ravenous omnivores and they fear they could both eat and out-compete vulnerable freshwater species.Thus, they actually encourage people to eat these crabs!

It's October month, so we were feasting on the male crabs. I've finally learnt how to disect my crabs after eating it numerous times. I took a video how it was done years ago and you can check it out here. According to the old sayings, mitten crabs are cooling so don't drink tea, cold water or eat persimmons after taking crabs, or you will get stomachache. Instead, we all had a small cup of 20 year-old Shaoxing Huadiao wine added with a piece of dried sour plum. It tastes very good!

We were having a dinner in Imbi Palace because I brought back a bag of fresh Ipoh beansprouts and also a salted chicken for a friend. And since we are such regulars at this restaurant, they allowed us to bring our own food there! Haha...

Ipoh juicy beansprouts

Just look at how fat and juicy the beansprouts were. It was very good and the whole plate was snapped up within minutes. However, I would have preferred if the restaurant could prepare it the Ipoh way - blanched and then added with oil and soy sauce instead of stir-frying because it looses its crispiness.

Does anyone know the name of this shellfish?

Ok, sucking doesn't help. It's difficult to eat this species of shellfish. One has to use a toothpick to dig them out. It tasted just like clams with a chewy and springy texture. It took me quite a lot of effort just to eat a few of them!

That night we were not drinking wine as the crowd is more to a whisky and cognac drinker and thus I chose to drink the JW Blue Label than the Hennessy XO. I am a whisky person and I find it how initially I didn't quite like the Blue Label but then after a while, it tasted quite good! Definitely a good blended whisky.

If you noticed, I'm begining to indulge less in food less often now as compared to a year ago. I realised I'm been so busy that I hardly even get to meet up with my usual suspects for dinner. Oh well, it's never to late to learn to live life in moderation.

Say hello to the new Miss Mod. Mod for MODERATE...

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Terry Fox Run KL 2010

Terry Fox Run KL 2010

It all started when Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) in his right leg in 1977 and had his leg amputated 15 cm (six inches) above the knee. While in hospital, Terry was so overcome by the suffering of other cancer patients that he decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He called his journey the Marathon of Hope.

Then, last Sunday, the run was held at the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa KL where just anyone can participate in the run for the same cause - funding for cancer research. The Terry Fox Foundation is responsible for supporting close to $20 million in discovery based research each year in Canada - all monies raised outside Canada must be distributed to (a) an institute approved by the Foundation and its advisors or (b) remitted to Canada.

It started at around 9am and you can see the whole field has been filled with the people in blue T-shirts. These T-shirts are sold at RM25 a piece to raise funds for the foundation. If you go early, you can help yourself with some bananas to give you the energy you'll need for the run. Mineral water is also provided.

There are 2 routes - 3.5km and 5km and no prize for guessing which route I took! Hey, I'm not a runner and I'm no sportswoman k? Of course I took the shorter route. The best thing is, you can even choose to run, walk, cycle or rollerskate. I can see some parents walking with the baby in the strollers and some roller skaters. There were just too many people and it's nearly impossible to run because you'll be halting every 1 or 2 metres.

NTV 7 used this opportunity to promote it's run in July 2011. Gosh that's still a long way to go. But if you're into all these, there's one more event coming up on 21st Nov 2010 at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa from 6.30am - 11.03am which is in conjunction of World Walking Day. More details here. You might just spot me there!

After the run, participants are given water, muffins from Hilton and Gardenia bread. There's also a Milo van but lo and behold, you see that line in the picture?!!! It's from one end of the field to the other. The queue was crazy but I managed to sneak up to Emily and got a cup without having to queue too long. In short - yes I cut queue! (I don't usually do that but for Milo, I might do it once in a while!)

~Dreams are made possible if you try~
Terry Fox

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