Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two hotels in 2 Days @ Singapore

I think my posts of Singapore is getting into a bore. However, I think I haven't finish reviewing all the hotels yet. Since I have to travel quite a bit now, my quest is to try as many different hotels as possible and see which ones offer a better stay!

There are a total of 412 rooms with 23 heritage suites that are individually themed and luxurious. Although the hotel is not located on Orchard Road, there's a MRT station about 100-200m away (Newton Station) and it's one station away from the shopping haven. What I liked about this hotel besides the close vicinity to my office is that they have a live band and singer in the evenings at the Lobby lounge where you can hang out and have a drink before you adjourn to bed.

The Deluxe room I had (about SGD$300+ for normal rates) was quite small. The alley between the toilet and the wardrobe is narrow and the furnishings are quite old as well. No complains on the cleanliness as they were in tip-top condition. The bed was comfy and the pillows are fluff enough. However they do not provide toothbrushes and you'll have to request for it. The TV is the old & bulky type and not a plasma!

Do you know that the most bacteria-infested item in the hotel room is actually the remote control?!! 99% of the time, the house keeper do not clean it or wipe it. The bacteria count on a remote control is even more than of a toilet seat. And we seemed to touch it at least once everytime before we go to bed! haha...

The Chinese restaurant, Li Bai serves very good Cantonese cuisine. Their double-boiled soup is also a thumbs up! It was one of the very few Chinese restaurants that I eat in Singapore because I'll be spoilt with western choices when in the island.

Looks nothing much on the outside but take a walk inside!

The next day, I went over to stay at Grand Hyatt Singapore which is located on the start of Orchard Road which is a short walk away from Tangs Plaza where I can have my morning Fried Carrot Cake at Marriott Hotel. This is a 5-Star hotel with 600 over rooms. My friend has always recommended me to stay at Hyatt because according to him, the rooms are bigger and the location is also strategic.

The room that I stayed was a Club room with a king size bed. It has an extended workstation where you get a full view of the beautiful swimming pool. The concept behind Grand Hyatt is natural and back to nature where lots of stones and plants are used to decorate the hotel. In the room, the wireless broadband internet is complimentary, there were fruits and also an array of tea for consumption. The most interesting thing was perhaps the safe in the room. Instead of a boxed-safe kept in the wardrobe, it's actually hidden in one of the drawers at the workstation.

The toilet is spacious with both bath and shower facilities and individual cubicle for the toilet bowl and a dressing mirror with table and chair inside. The wardrobe is accessible from both inside and outside which I find it very nifty as well.

As you walked out to the lifts, there are two big platters of fruits for consumption. Wow, this is indeed very thoughtful and healthy!

Another notable point of this hotel is their Spa! The Damai Spa is indeed a place to spoil oneself with a relaxing massage amidst a luxurious, beautiful and warm setting in a city center! I had a chance to experience a massage here a year ago and it was so wonderful!

I could still remember the masseuse, Iris, a middle aged lady whom is so good with her hands and the massage suite I was in was surrounded by wood fixtures and a small waterfall behind the glass windows. It was cosy and tranquil. Almost like a moment of bliss. Then there is a room where one can indulge in some reading or catching a nap. If you fancy, there's also a jacuzzi for your water spa.

Of course the price doesn't come cheap. It's almost SGD$190 when I went there last year. It was one of the best gifts I ever received and don't mind receiving! If I would have to pay, I'll settle for a RM90 massage with no waterfall and jacuzzi.


Sean said...

gosh, looks luxurious! i only ended up at a three-star hotel when my company sent me for assignment in singapore :D

suituapui said...

All old established hotel...already there when I was there in the early 70s. See how well they maintain their hotels there. Ours can get quite pathetic after a few years....

li wei said...

missy when ru goin to review doubletree by hilton hotel in kl? *wink*

Huai Bin said...

OMG Eiling! The Hyatt looks awesome! I want your job. :(

Breadpitt said...

so fast singapore again.......lol..how are ya btw?

eiling lim said...

Sean: hehe... I'm lucky that my company has really nice 5 star corporate hotels!

STP: yeah that's true also. Probably our hotels here should learn a thing or two yeah?

Li Wei: Who's paying for my nite's stay there? You?!! *wink

Huai Bin: You wanna swtich? *wink

Breadpitt: Yeah will be there again next month! I'm good and how are you?!!

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