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Max decides what you eat here! @ Millesime KL

~Thursday sounds like a fine day for some fine food~

Millesime @ Dutamas KL

For some reason, a mysterious guest from Singapore decides to come down to KL to watch the recent LPGA tournament and calls me up for dinner. In fact, this friend of mine is so difficult to catch because he's always out of the country and I think I only see him twice a year! He asked me where can we have dinner and without a second thought, I called up Max to make a reservation for 4 as there were 2 more guests joining us for dinner. (I am still angry at him for not allowing me to be the 1st one to step in his new restaurant - Millesime)

His new restaurant, Millesime "great vintages" in French is his 3rd venture in the KL dining scene - first being Max Kitchen & Wines and followed by Max@iHaus. I've went through all his 3 restaurants by now and I must say that I grew with Max's culinary journey and he is indeed until today, my favourite chef in KL! The new restaurant is of a new concept with minimal deco and settings. All you see is a restaurant resembling a work station with an open kitchen concept. I like this, as I can disturb Max over the counter unlike the previous restaurant where he has to be behind closed doors.

Max decides what you eat here.

So, don't be such a pain in the ass demanding that I want this and that. But, if there's anything that you do not take in the daily-changing-degustation-menu, tell the staff in advance and Max can always cook up something else for you! I've always like this concept because I usually do not look into menus. I like to be told what to eat and I honestly have no food taboos except the bittergourd!

The amuse bouche was tuna loin seared with organic sesame oil and topped with condiments like chopped clams. I finished it in one bite... not very lady like. The guests were happy with the amuse bouche and I know this is a good start to a great dinner ahead!

Of course any dinner here would not be complete without wines. I really like the wine selection that my friend chose for the night. There were racks of wines on the left wall of the restaurant and then a special wine room for the more pricey wines. He checks the rack and then tell the staff, I want to see the ones "inside" and went in and picked 3 bottles.

First, we had a 2008 Faiveley Pouilly-Fuisse by Joseph Faiveley. I've always like a white Burgundy. This is a wood aged 100% Chardonnay that comes from a highly respected Burgundy house. I find it to be a pleasure to drink with some acidity and a crisp of freshness. The nose has expressive flower notes and generous fruits. With a touch of wood, this wine has quite a long finish.

Next, we moved on to a Spanish red. The 1999 Bodegas Y Viñedos Alión Ribera del Duero Reserva is made from Tempranillo grapes - most famous as the predominant grape in the blended wines of Rioja. It has a medium-bodied palate with juicy acidity and bright raspberry fruit enlivened by notes of dusty earth, dry herbs and leather. Friend was very happy to find this bottle here.

I lost count how many bottles or glasses we drank but certainly the 3rd bottle we had that night is a Italian bottle - 2005 Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva. This is rated 91 by Wine Spectator. It has an intense red ruby colour, with intense aromas of red berries like raspberries and rich red cherries. The tannins are refined and elegant and there's some hints of cocoa too. It's drinking good now even as we speak.

This friend of mine is really adventurous with his wines. He does not plan what to drink or which to drink first because he believes in spontaneity. Sometimes it may go wrong because if we had a full-bodied wine and follow by something that is more mellow and elegant, we might not be able to taste the wines properly.

1st dish ~ Parmesan baked oyster, Pistou Laced Clam, and Cuttle Fish Carpaccio~
Pistou is actually a cold sauce made from cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil. I guess the clam used here is the Lokam clam where he used to serve it in his previous restaurant with pesto sauce. I love the cuttle fish carpaccio. It was something new to me.

2nd dish ~ Sea Scallops with Yabbies and Sea Urchin cream~
I love the seared scallops which is cooked just right as over-searing will definitely spoil its texture. The yabby is actually a crayfish from Australia which adds a succulent texture to this dish, the same effect you get from a tiger prawn. The best thing about Max's dishes are its sauces. You have to lick them clean!

3rd dish ~ Tomato duck breast with Sweet bread~
If you're a fan of offal, you'll love this dish. Although the sweet bread isn't much but the duck makes up for it. The pairing of meat with the tomato is like a match made in heaven because after a few dishes, you need something sour to lure the appetite again.

Mains ~ Halibut Fish fillet with Snails in parsley cream and mushroom Ravioli~
The Halibut fish has always been my favourite and the texture is something similar to a cod fish. The most important technique in preparing this dish is to make sure the fish is not overcooked or else it'll spoil the whole dish. The snails (escargots) is an interesting addition to this dish. No complains at all although I do not fancy parsley in my food.


Mains ~ Wagyu Karubi Beef Belly, Grain Mustard Seed Sauce and Board Beans~
The "ngau lam" or beef belly in English is really a good twist to the usual wagyu steak or even a rump steak. My friend chose this dish instead and that's why I get to take a photo of the two mains. This dish is served with polenta (if I'm not wrong) instead of the usual mashed potatoes. I had a piece of the belly and I must give credits to the chef, because it's done beautifully.

You know what's the funny part? My friend was so happy with the food, that he had two mains! He had both the Wagyu beef belly and the Halibut Fish after he saw my dish because he's absolutely in love with the snails!

Sweets ~ Caramel Sponge Pudding with caffe latte ice-cream~
I'm so disappointed that Max didn't serve my favourite chocolate souffle. He asked his staff "ada souffle ah?" (do you have souffle?) and they shook their heads. Oh well, I'm ok with trying new desserts but I still want my chocolate souffle!!! I'm a little fussy when it comes to dessert, really...

We had a good chat with Max after the meal and after all the customers had left. It was my first time there and so are my guests from overseas but lucky I made the right choice to bring them here. I know Max would never fail me and he did live up to the reputation.

The degustation menu is at RM150++ per pax and that night, for the 4 of us and 3 bottles of wine, the bill came up to RM2k and you can roughly guess the price of the wines we had that night. The person paying the bill was definitely very happy to depart with his money and the tips he gave to the staff was utmost generous.

Second post on Millesime & its Truffles here and 3rd post here and here.

(it's outside of the building on the extreme right corner)
G1-01-3, Level G1
Menara Kencana Petroleum, Solaris Dutamas
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operation hours are from 12pm-12am
Tel: +603- 6211 0648


Sean said...

the description of the wines make them sound really tempting, especially the italian one! :D
beef belly! that's something i need to try sometime! hopefully it'll be back on max's menu regularly =)

suituapui said...

Can't afford...but I do wonder what he will tell me to eat. LOL!!!

eiling lim said...

Sean: Yeah be bold to try the wines! Well, I was lucky cos I wasn't the one paying! haha...

STP: Well, you can come here for your anniversary! At RM150 a pax, it isn't too expensive compared to LaFite.

Anonymous said...

Chilli or tomato sauce on the 2nd dish?

eiling lim said...

Anon: Probably it's tomato with some chilli and belacan. haha...

Dennis Ong said...

I shouldn't have look into your post at this time... especially when i'm very hungry now... ~.~!!

But at RM150/pax.... dpn't think can go there often... LoL

eiling lim said...

Dennis: Don't need to go there often. On special occasion can mah!

CUMI & CIKI said...

you were angry at him arr.. LOL, why so angry.. now u can go everyday mah LOL.

really cool pix.. making me hungry all over again!

mef said...

G'day Eiling

Can we go the next time I'm in town? I'm keen to try Max's degustation menu.

Any cigars after?

Thanks for sharing.

eiling lim said...

Mef: Sure, I'll definitely take you there. We had a cigar after that at One World Hotel lobby lounge. I'm sure you'll like Max's menu!

Stephen said...

Max can really cook. i dined with winos from here - a gang who meet once a month doing blind,a Margaux chateau owner and Chinas best winery CEO.She Graced the ocassion. Max has such buddies for reasons you know well and express so clearly. So now I know the blogger he talked of who really wanted to be first. Perhaps?

Maxs fans will be happier once he changes some details of the acoustics so we can converse easily while enjoying one of KLs best. Enjoy yr blogs. Stephen

eiling lim said...

Stephen: Hi and thank you for dropping by my humble personal blog here. Yeah, I've always enjoy Max's cooking and company. He is like a personal friend to me already and yes I am the one bugging him to let me try his new restaurant before he officially opens it. I see that you love wines a lot. Maybe one day, we may bump into each other at Millesime and have a wine together. Cheers.

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