Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HonKee Porridge @ Damansara Uptown

Porridge has always been one of my favourite comfort food. As contrary to Chinese advice that one should eat porridge when one is sick or not feeling well, I eat porridge whenever I want to! There's no special occasion for a bowl of porridge, even more so when I'm craving for it!

This HonKee porridge has been around KL even 60 years ago at Petaling Street. It has been passed down from generations and now entering the 3rd generation. You can see the changes - from a stall in Petaling Street and now a few more other outlets for the convenience of the porridge fans. Other outlets here.

Since we were starving, we decided to order some prawn cakes and the fried "you tiau" while waiting for our porridge. It doesn't take too long for the porridge to come.

Raw Fish Porridge RM5.50

This is their signature porridge served with raw fish, ginger and spring onions. The raw egg is optional but Calvin likes it in his porridge as he claimed that it adds smoothness to the goodness.

Salmon Fish Porridge RM9.80

The Salmon fish porridge comes in a generous portion of salmon. This is something special compared to the usual raw fish if you like to be healthy and want a dose of Omega 3 oil in your diet.

Salted Egg with Minced Meat RM6.50

I have always like a bowl of porridge with salted egg. It can be just a plain porridge and salted egg and I'll be the happiest person on earth! I like how the porridge is made with such smoothness and the portions are generous.

Fried Intestine RM3.00

This is a must - call dish for me and my sister everytime we were there! How could we give this bowl of delectable and ultra sinful innards a miss?!!! It's crunchy and addictive and when you immerse the fried intestines into the porridge, it gets soften a little and makes the porridge more flavourful.

Don't say I always eat expensive stuff. I do eat porridge too you know!!

HonKee Porridge
Damansara Uptown
No.71, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hour - Daily, 7am - 10pm


Kimberly Low said...

thanks for blogging bout this place. the yuepin jook looks awesome and fried instestines!!!!!

Sean said...

i love hon kee's porridge too, but even though it's been around in kl for 60 years, i only managed to try it for the first time when it opened a branch at lot 10's hutong earlier this year! :D

lanatir said...

so how much did they charge u for corkage? :P

KY said...

oOo looks good, will try!

Dennis Ong said...

LoL porridge could be expensive too you know? just joking...

and early morning already seeing post of food by you and your sis doesn't do me any good... it makes me hungry!! =p

Jen said...

Been frequenting that place quite abit for the past few months or so. A hidden gem!

thule a.k.a leo said...

the salmon porridge is the new addition (or is it?) to their menu. That shows how long I have not gone back there for a meal!
Thanks to the owner's entrepreneur-minded sons... now I can have a bowl of raw fish porridge whenever I want.. about 5-10min drive from my house :)

sean said...

yeap niceee... big portion of the jook as well.

Anonymous said...

ziling: sei yeh, tak ajak saya! im always left out!

Corgi 1960 said...

Take me there!!!!
Just had my breakfast, and I am hungry now......

Anonymous said...

Porridge is silky smooth but not cooked with stock.

Drinks at RM2.50 per glass is expensive!

eiling lim said...

Kim: Ooh I thought everyone would have known about this place already. I thought I was the last one to discover it.

Sean: Really? At least I have tried it at Petaling Street years ago.. hehe..

Lanatir: what is corkage?!! lol

KY: Yes!

Dennis: but this is not abalone and scallops porridge.

Jen: Hehe... now it's not so hidden anymore!

Thule: Yeah and you don't need to go all the way to Petaling street and look for a parking. It's convenient now.

Sean: yeah..

Ziling: You didn't wake up!

Corgi: sure the next time you're in town!

Anon: I see.. couldn't really remember how much the drinks are.

yk said...

I visited Honkee at Petaling Street on sunday about two weeks ago, love it so much but the sitting place (foot path outside Hong Leong Bank)is a bit warm. Environment may be different at Damansara. Can tell me how to go there from Bt Bintang or city area?

eiling lim said...

YK: Hie. you have to use the Sprint Highway if you're coming from the city. The easiest way is that you log on to Google map and type in Hon Kee Porridge Damansara and you'll get the exact directions. It's in the Damansara Uptown Area near the Mosque.

Simon Seow said...

oh, seems like more old school eateries are having a face lift and opening more outlets these day. It's a good thing if the quality is maintain and that we can continue to have good old food.

eiling lim said...

Simon: Yeah it's good that we are able to have good food in a more comfortable environment!

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