Monday, October 18, 2010

Carrot cake @ Marriott Hotel Singapore

Marriott Hotel in Singapore is definitely one of the more iconic hotels located on Orchard Road. You can never miss the green pagoda at the intersection of Orchard and Scotts Rd. Besides the hotel, Tangs Plaza is also the anchor tenant of this building.

Well, I certainly didn't come here to shop. Being a shopaholic like me, it's really unusual to see me hanging out at Orchard and not buying a single thing. I was surprised too! The reason why I walked to Marriott in the morning is to have this supposedly good Fried Carrot Cake as claimed by a friend.

Haha... coming to a cafe at a hotel for a good carrot cake? This sounds very unconvincing isn't it? Oh well, there's something that you have to try once in a lifetime and since I was supposed to learn to be adventurous, I went to Crossroads @ Marriott Singapore and gave it a try!

Crossroads is a cafe that is unpretentious and a perfect place for people watching. It's nice to sit here in the morning and have my cup of illy cappuccino.

They do serve buffet breakfast at around SGD$38 a pax but since I knew what I wanted to eat here, I gave the buffet a pass. I ordered a plate of Fried Carrot Cake @ SGD$15 and in my heart I was thinking - this carrot cake better be good or my money spent would be so unjustified! It's RM36 for a plate of carrot cake excluding GST which I could get it in KL for RM3.60?!!

When the dish was served, I was taken by surprise on how big the portion was. It probably can feed 2 of me. I also have not come across a fried carrot cake that was covered with egg. Underneath, you can see that the carrot cake is unlike the ones we had in KL where it's covered with dark soy sauce. The carrot cake is soft and the shrimps are of acceptable size. Most importantly, the taste was good and it's indeed a very hearty breakfast.

It's best served with belacan and make sure you request for it. The staff are quite generous with the chilli paste servings. Eat it while it's warm or else it'll not be as tasty when it's cool. Although the egg came a bit burnt on one side, I have no complains.

Don't ask me how a cup of cappuccino could go well with Fried Carrot Cake.

Crossroads Cafe
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road, 238865 Singapore

Tel: +65 6831 4605

7.00am to 3.00am, Thursdays to Saturdays and eve of Public Holidays

7.00am to 1.00am, Sundays to Wednesdays and Public Holidays


KY said...

for REAL carrot cake please go to penang! this thing looks... tak ngam. hehe

but then again i'm from Penang and am bias. :D

Anonymous said...

You are happy to pay RM36++ for a carrot cake at Marriot and yet complain of RM15 laksa at mdm Kwan is expensive.

eiling lim said...

KY: Hehe,, I know u're always bias!

Anon: I don't get black face at Marriott, I don't get menu being thrown to me and I was well served so why should I complain? Did you read properly? I was complaining about the bad service for a rM15 bowl of asam laksa with rodents running around! Hmmph

suituapui said...

I would think that for hawker food, you'll just have to go to the hawker stalls...and you will need to know where to go for the best ones. This is like eating Penang char kway teow in Oz or NZ....

Sean said...

looks like a more interesting marriott than the ones in kl and putrajaya :D
carrot cakes in malacca, my hometown, used to be good too, though i can't remember where to get them anymore...

yk said...

S$15 carrot cake @ Marriot is too expensive even to a local SG. I recommend you to Chiey Sua Carrot Cake at Lorong 1 Toa Payoh hawker Center when you come to SG next time, it cost you only S$3 with delicious taste which you never forget.
Honestly, I prefer KL foods, and I like your blog too, well done.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well this looks like a hawker hotel food like chatterbox isnt?

Anonymous said...

It seems like your tastebud is gradually changing to Singaporean's. That's good!

I'm a Malaysian residing in Sin for 11 years. I love Malaysian food but I will opt for Sin because they are bland, sodium and msg controlled. My body accustomed to less sodium after staying in Sin. I visited Malaysia few days ago and I had great time over there. Food were aplenty and tasty but I took a spoonful from each dish because the msg level were too much for my tastebud. I hope you will find more goody foodies in Sin to blog about because I will follow your trail. I'm going to Marriot tomorrow for the carrot cake. Yum! Cheers:)

eiling lim said...

stp: But sometimes you'll be surprised that hotels do serve one or two good hawker favourites!

Sean: Really in melaka? awww how could you forget?!! Too much fine dining is it?

YK: Thanks for the recommendation. My friend is a fan of carrot cake and next time we shall explore that area. Thanks for dropping by too!

Joe: Yeah something like that and almost the same price! haha

Anon: Thanks for dropping by. Like you, I also prefer food with less salt and MSG as I believe good cooking does not need these extra flavorings. Let me know if the Marriott carrot cake is up to your standards.

Melanie said...

Ok my comment is going to be quite unrelated to the post but it's worth reading! haha

I've always been reading your blog and do leave comments every now and then ... and something prop up to my mind just now. and it' will be so nice to be like you. living a good life, eating good food, enjoying life... really you have the life many is dreaming of. and i'm jealous .. but in a good way! I just graduated, and hopefully able to live a life similar to yours soon! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

eiling lim said...

Melanie: Well, you are only seeing the good side of my life. I have the emo side as well and life is not always a bed of roses. It's very important that you live the life you want and don't envy others, go out there and make a mark for yourself! It's not easy to build a network overnight but it takes effort and courage!

Anonymous said...

From Anon 9.59

I've tried the carrot cake. Very filling and nice!

I'm sorry to know about your Mom's mishap. Blessing from the sky that she's all right. :)


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