Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kam Lun Tai @ Sri Petaling KL

Recently, I was having dinner at Grand Palace with some friends and one of them is also the owner of Kam Lun Tai, a chinese restaurant chain as well as a famous brand for mooncakes when it comes to the Mid Autumn Festival. During dinner, he invited me to have a Mid Autumn Festival dinner at his restaurant together with the same group of friends whom we were having dinner with. This is not the first time he has invited me to his restaurant in Sri Petaling. It's just that I am not very good with directions in that area.

It looks like it's not difficult to get there from my house. But the toll will come to RM4.40 for each way! The restaurant is just beside the Sri Petaling Hotel.

The obligatory starter would be a glass of Ballantines Limited edition scotch whisky. This is a very nice whisky as it's sweet and full-bodied. Along with such good whisky, we had a roast pig as appetisers! I think I easily ate more than 10 pieces of roast pork. The whole pig was even fatter than me, ok?!!

Drinks is the main reason we are having dinner. It's not to eat but more to drinking together and trying to see who can hold their drinks better! I just came back from Singapore and was really tired and so that night my intake of alcohol is really low. I only managed 3 glasses of whisky on the rocks and a little of cognac neat.

The Macallan 18

Before I had the Macallan 18, I was drinking the JW Blue Label. Actually I didn't really like the Blue Label but after a drinking them on a few ocassions, I find it to be quite a pleasant whisky. Therefore, I believe some blended whisky is really nice to drink but it's just that I have to be accustomed to it after drinking so much of single malts.

Buddha Jumps over the Wall (Fatt Tiu Qiang)

This is a chinese delicacy created in the Qing dynasty and it has a number of high quality ingredients such as scallops, sea cucumbers, abalone, sharks fins, pork tendons, ginseng and mushrooms. It's not very ethical to order this dish because of the sharks fins and I personally myself do not fancy the sharks fins and abalone. However, if its been ordered and put in front of me, I would never decline because after all, the sharks had been killed and I can not do anything to change that fact. Back to the soup, it was so good! The dry abalone was boiled to perfection because it's tender and not too chewy. The sharks fins were still in the fin shape and not seperated. Definitely a bowl licking good soup.

Soft Shell Crab with Man Tou
Fried till golden brown and crispy to the last bite

In cantonese this is called "jok sang".
I think it's a kind of seafood. Tastes very good and had a chewy texture.

Prawns wrapped in fried beancurd
It's something that you'll see in a Dim Sum restaurant. Goes very well with liqour!

Braised Scallops and mushrooms.
I only ate the brocolli because I was stuffed to death already by then.

Someone brought this bottle of VSOP and we find it to be very unique because we haven't seen a bottle of VSOP in a wine-like bottle. The aroma was very good.

Have you seen before this old bottling of Otard?!!
It's so old, I can just drink it neat!

The dessert was very good. There were a plate of fruits like the green and yellow kiwi. Then we had a nice and warm purple sweet potato dessert and followed by a dry "tong yuen" called Lui Sha Tong Yuen where it's stuffed with black sesame seeds.

Oh... my oppulent dinners are back and so is my weight! My mom is complaining everyday that I'm fatter than her. lol.. Then, she asked me to bring her for dinner next time! haha..

Kam Lun Tai
No. 38D-G, 38D-I, 38C-G, 38C-I, 38B-I,
Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
03-9059 5122


Sean said...

i actually live in sri petaling! have driven past this restaurant many times, but never managed to eat here yet :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

people normally like to venture further from their comfort zone for food... and in Sean's case, it's just like what he said!

Normally I like to have red wine or beer with Chinese dishes! Liquor I'll leave it to clubbing & partying

foongpc said...

I think I have eaten here before! The food, if I recall were not bad : )

eiling lim said...

Sean: That is understandable because after all you don't really have chinese food right?

Thule: I think so too like how I would eat in KL which is so far away from where I lived! Whisky is nice with chinese dishes too!

Foongpc: Yeah not bad at all. got standard one ok!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Nice blog you have there. :) I'm just starting to learn how to drink wine. Any recommendations on wines for beginner?



eiling lim said...

Yen: Good to know you're picking up wine. As a beginner, I always advice them to try Australian. There's a few types of grapes which is easy to learn and you just have to see which one you like most. French wines are a little more complicated because of the Chateaus and vintage. I like Australian labels like Katnook and Penfolds. For whites, I like the Villa Maria Taylors Pass.

Anonymous said...

Kam Lun Tai is not known for fine food. As usual your comments has been generous because you know the owner and probably the food was free (some).

Anonymous said...

I just had the annual dinner with my old fiends there, the foods and services were just bad! (Worst in my life!)

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