Monday, September 13, 2010

Coffee Ritual @ Seksyen 14, PJ

Coffee might not be everyone's cup of tea. Mine included but for the past few days, my sis has been consistently influencing me to drink coffee for breakfast. When I asked her where to eat, it'll definitely be another coffee outlet. In the span of 3 days, we went to two gourmet coffee outlets. The first one was Departure Lounge at Damansara Uptown and now here, at Coffee Ritual.

"Behind every successful a substantial amount of coffee"

Even on a weekend, I'm actually making a trip to Seksyen 14, which is just opposite my office for a cup of coffee! However, since a friend is providing a chauffeuring service and I get to ride in the all new Golf GTI, which me & sis has the privilege to experience the "GTI-ness" of the car, I'm certainly not complaining at all!

Coffee Ritual is run by YC Chung and his wife, Ee Mei. The kitchen is headed by Chin’s sister, Esther, who had previously worked for Marché in Singapore and later the Swiss Garden Hotel, KL. This outlet has been a round for sometime but despite walking pass it to the nearby coffeeshop for lunch, I have not really walked in here and try their coffee until my sister suggested it last weekend.

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken Set (RM18.60)

Besides the ala carte items such as pasta, local favourites, western food and crepes, they have combos and sets to choose from. I chose the above set and in order to get a Caffe Latte instead of the normal coffee, I had to add RM2. For dessert, I wanted a combination of crepe with ice cream and thus I added another RM5. In total, the set I had was more than RM25. It was a hearty meal as the portions are really big! The nasi lemak was not bad but it wasn't fantastic either. I felt that the whole set was rather too filling.

Colombian Special (Single Origin Coffee) RM6.00

Sis had the chef's recommendation which was the colombian coffee from the single origin range and she told me she had to add sugar. I think it must have been too bitter for her as we are no coffee connoisseurs. This coffee is vacuum-brewed which is also called siphon coffee-making where it works on the principle of expansion and contraction of gases - actually one gas, water vapour - is what allows the device to brew a full infusion style of coffee and filter the grounds efficiently, leaving a generally clean, pristine cup.

Mushroom & Turkey Toast Crepe (Set- RM20.20)

Sis had the crepe with turkey and mushroom stuffing. This is one of their signature dishes. It reminds me of the food at Paddington Pancakes. This dish would make a very nice breakfast/brunch as it is not too heavy.

Chicken Mushroom Pasta Set (RM21.20)

My friend ordered the pasta set and he preferred a salad instead of a soup. The salad portion is indeed quite huge. I think if you're on a diet, you might just want the salad and skip the mains!

Caffe Latte (RM6.80)

I really like the Caffe Latte. Not only the presentation looks appealing, the milk froth was beautifully steamed to enhance and elevate the sensory experience of my coffee. I don't even need any sugar for this cuppa. It's good to be taken au naturel.. and may the froth be with you!

Crepe with Berkeley Farms Ice Cream

No, this is not the ice-cream from the Berkeley garden in Klang. Berkeley Farms is Northen California's most popular dairy brand and the barnd has been making dairy products for more than a 100 years. I didn't find the ice-cream special but at least the combination is nice. I'm stuffed and I even ask sis to help me to finish the dessert.

This is indeed a nice place for a cuppa and a meal. Most coffee places don't serve much food but this place does have a good selection on its menu.

After these few days, I've learnt that Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a Vitamin! As I'm writing this, I'm sipping on a cup of Mocha Blend Cappuccino from Flavia, one of the MARS brands.

Coffee Ritual
35 Jalan 14/20,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-2960251 / 012- 2019935
Opens Mon-Sat 10am-11pm & weekends/public holidays 9am-10pm.
Pork free & no alcohol.


Anonymous said...

The steam brew coffee lack pressure to extract oil from bean so has less aroma. Normally café that can't afford proper espresso maker use this. The barista looks unhappy, fairly certain that the coffee was not the finest.

The mushroom soup looks like from catering pack.

eiling lim said...

Anon: wah your eyes are certainly very sharp. Sorry, I don't know about coffee. I am after all a 3-in-1 coffee drinker.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

let the brew coffee cool down n take a sip, more flavours if you do that.

i just blogged about coffee too!

suituapui said...

I love coffee - thick and black..., not too fussy about what blend - but 3-in-1, no...thank you! LOL!!! The food looks good - the nasi lemak, the crepe... Should be a nice breakfast place.

Sean said...

am totally not a coffee fan ... the caffeine never really seems to do anything for me! i probably drink coffee once every, errrm, six months or so :D
i've been meaning to visit this place too for ages, but the nightmarish parking here always turns me away, heheh :D

Anonymous said...

For connoisseur that can distinguish various fruits, spice flavor and aroma of a wine and chocolate and yet is indifference to coffee? Either your palate need alcohol to work, very selective or price sensitive.

thule a.k.a leo said...

I only remember the all new Golf GTI :P

eiling lim said...

Joe: Ooh.. I'll try to do that the next time. Thanks.

STP: but the nescafe 3-in-1 helps with the constipation! lol...

Sean: Wow, once every six months is a long time! Next time, if you want to, you can park at Jaya 33 and walk over the pedestrian bridge! haha

Anon: I think alcohol is the agent.

eiling lim said...

Thule: There's no old one right?!!

TheGunner said...

There is. The Golf GTI is now in its 6th generation.

eiling lim said...

The Gunner: ooh thanks! I'm sure a noob...

CUMI & CIKI said...

caffeine isn't a drug.. but it sure ain't a vitamin either ! LOL.. neat place for a pick me up !

Anonymous said...

Coffee Ritual has started a new cafe called Jin Yi, check this out :)!/JinYibyCoffeeRitual

Anonymous said...

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