Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi

I can't believe that even in a small island like Langkawi, there's actually a nice place to have Thai food. As I was told, there were quite a number of Thai people in Langkawi. Although this place is predominantly Malay but there's an influx of Thai people due to the proximity of the island to the Thai border. Many of the Thai women were married to the locals and therefore don't be surprised that they are able to speak Thai, Hokkien, Mandarin and also Malay!

This Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant that my distributor took me to is just beside the Wonderland Seafood Restaurant whom many would be familiar with. There are not many places to eat in Langkawi but they certainly didn't disappoint either.

This place is not air-conditioned and it's beside a river

I think I find it rather amusing that in a duty free island like this, the first drink I ordered was a coconut and not a beer! The coconut, at RM4.50 each could actually get me a bottle of Hoegaarden here, can you jolly believe it?

Prawns sashimi (RM16/200g)

One of the dishes to try here is the prawns served sashimi style. The raw prawns are peeled and laid on a bed of shredded cabbage and garlic. One is supposed to dip the raw prawns into the bowl of sauce consisting of sesame seeds, chilli, garlic, soya sauce and vinegar which is an alternative to wasabi. I find this very nice and I thought I would get a stomach upset eating this but I didn't!

Steamed fish Thai Style (RM22.50/450g)

The steamed fish was very good too. They also provide an extra bowl of sauce for you to refill when the sauce dries up in the pot because the charcoal keeps the sauce boiling at all times. I liked how they serve the fish and this way, the dish would not get cold easily. The sauce is sweet and sour which whets the appetite for more white rice!

Kerabu (RM12)

The Kerabu consisting of fresh squids, prawns, sea weeds, tomatoes, onions and sweet & sour with spicy sauce makes a very nice appetiser as well. You can actually taste that the ingredients are very fresh because the prawns and squids are succulent.

Stir-fry vegetables with Salted Fish (RM8)

This is a very common dish in Thai cuisine. Usually the ones I get in KL are the ones that you hardly can taste the salted fish but this one is just perfect. You can actually see and taste the salted fish bits. Absolutely delicious.

A dinner for two costs us RM68.50 which I think wasn't too expensive considering we had 3 plates of dishes with fresh seafood. If you ask me, I would definitely come back but it'll be for dinner because the place is quite warm.

Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant
No.204 & 205, Pusat Dagangan Kelana Mas,
Jalan Persiaran Mutiara,
07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah.
Tel: +6012-4762329


Sean said...

i guess when u're surrounded by the sea on an island, the first food to look for should be seafood, rite! :D

eiling lim said...

Sean: you're absolutely right! Smell the sea, and look for seafood cos it'll be the freshest.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Ah... if u r still in Langkawi (sorry I do not know coz I have not been following blogs for some time due to hectic schedule), you can catch a ferry to Koh Lipe Island (Thai) from there.. all u have to do is bring your passport along

suituapui said...

Looks good. Ya...Thailand so near, sure the influence is there...especially in the food. Even in Kedah (Oops! Langkawi is also Kedah! LOL!!!)...and some of Thai descent are actually Malaysians too.

佳張張張張燕張張張張張 said...


KY said...

ooo looks awesome!

CathJ said...


CUMI & CIKI said...

oh, i like the food here.. great choice!

Huai Bin said...

I heard there's good food in Thai coz it's so close that some speedboat carry...er, stuff from Thailand (can even receive Thai cell providers at some places) and drop it at one of the many entry points. :)

The prawn sashimi is awesome!

eiling lim said...

Thule: but I'm going there for work. Doubt if I have time to escape to another country. Lol...

STP: yeah it's just so near!

KY: Yessss!

Cath J: Try it next time.

Cumi & Ciki: Glad you like it!

Huai Bin: I know what you're trying to say! *wink

Anonymous said...

this place is a rip off, had to wait one and half hours for our food, they got our orders wrong, then charged us above rm90 for that one small piece of fish, very similar to the size on ur picture, and we even asked the boss twice and she said it's 1.3kg's! which is ridiculous cuz it was so tiny! felt very cheated going there!

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