Monday, August 23, 2010

Makes me wanna drive and not be driven!

I've always have this penchant for beautiful cars. If I was super rich, I would have changed cars like how I change my clothes! Now if only I could... dream on...

I wished I was driving this beauty! Dammit!

It feels good to be chauffeur-driven once in a while especially I've always been the chauffeur and not otherwise. I'm so jealous that there are some girls out there whom always get to sit at the passenger side of the car. Missed the feeling when once I had a bf too and he was doing the driving most of the time. Was it the driver I missed or was it the feeling of being driven? Hmm....

Anyways, I wouldn't give up a good offer of being chauffeur-driven to take my flight. It was such a bargain that not only I get driven to the airport, I even get to experience the all new BMW F10 535i. I have such nice friends, don't you think?!! The last time I attended the F10 launch was in May at Ingress Auto and not long after that, a friend invited me to test drive the car which was a F10 523i.

But honestly, after you've driven a BMW diesel car, it's really difficult to try to stay positive when driving a petrol fueled car. The dynamics is really different. I still remembered when I was driving that 520d here, the acceleration was a breeze and I did was just to tickle the throttle but with the 523i, I had to floor it to get the torque and speed. Actually I shouldn't compare a diesel car with a petrol one but I was really disappointed with the 523i which takes 8-9 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/hr. Even its competitor, W212 Mercedes E250 CGI has 60 Nm more torque and does a sprint in 7.8 seconds and has a higher top speed as well. I don't know how the 535i fared, but it was certainly a very nice ride to the airport.

The new F10 is a either- you-like-it-or-hate-it-design. I kinda liked the new F10 because it's like going back to the classic days and it's quite a conservative one. However, the aerodynamics lines were beautiful.

Nice interior with expandable seats.

It comes with Brake Energy Regeneration (BER) and Electromechanical steering as part of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics efforts as seen in its diesel cars. There is also the Dynamic Driving Control which has four presets (comfort, normal, sport, sport +) which we experimented during the journey to the airport. I like the professional and multicolour Head-Up Display which I find it to be a very cool addition. The LCD for the iDrive was also one of the largest I've seen, making navigation so easy.

Now I know why parking big cars like these requires little effort because they all have this cool car sensors! This one has got the rear camera and it'll estimate the distance for you while you reverse! How easy...

The journey to the airport was so nice. The cabin was spacious and the driving was smooth. Thanks for the ride! Damn, I wished I can own this car and makes driving to work such a pleasure. But do you know hor, it's going to cost RM398,800 for 523i and RM598,800 for the 535i. *gulped*

By the way, I'm up north in Langkawi again for work. Looking forward to trying new food!


KY said...

when u buy one, u come and fetch me yaaa kthxbai!

Anonymous said...

y miss he who hv alreadi moved on with someone else?

break away from the past, get out there, gal and live!

eiling lim said...

KH: that is if I ever ownm one.

Anon: how do u knoe if he has moved on or found another one? I'll like to think he hasn't.

FooDcrazEE said...

thts a nice price tag

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

got a chance to ride the old z4m the other week, it does feel awesome i tell u..

same, i like the new f10 look, less in your face.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah, so "jeng" le.....I wish too woman!

Anonymous said...

i dun knoe, i just 1 2 knoe ur reply to knoe wat the obvious is.

thule a.k.a leo said...

LOL! It will cost RM383k for the SKD F10 523 when BMW officially rolls out the cars from Kulim factory :)
excluding insurance :P
And yes, they will come out with the 528 M-Sport later this year too!! Complete with M-Sport specs... make me drool but I'll stick to my current ride!

Meng said...

These cars cost about $60K USD in the USA. Move here, you will be able to buy a 535i and Z4 with change left. The Malaysian government tax the hell out of these cars to prevent people from buying it.

eiling lim said...

Foodcrazee: That's a crazy price tag!

Joe: I haven't try a Z4 before! So jealous!

uLi: I wished three!

Anon: So is the obvious apparent enough?

Thule: Then I rather but the one from the Kulim factory! That savings you get and buy you another car.

Meng: That's why Malaysians are always "raped" by the govt and in the end, the poor suffered.

car rental in singapore said...

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Anonymous said...

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