Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chenang Boat Quay @ Langkawi

There are actually many nice undiscovered places in Langkawi if you don't really know this island well enough. I thought coming to Langkawi was just to enjoy the beaches, buy tax free chocolates, liquor and tobacco but there were quite some nice places to hang out.

This place is a little secluded and it's probably out of the way of the normal tourist route but I tell you, the view here is just different.

It doesn't look very promising from the outside but once you stepped into the premise, it brings you to a total new atmosphere and view! When I walked in, I was surprised how a simple looking place like this can be such a darling!

I like the white-washed pillars and unobstructed view.

See how the colours are put into use? This is looking good!

I could have a mojito here and enjoy the sunset...

This place actually serves tapas. There are also other dishes like pizzas and pastas available. At 7pm, they also demonstrates how they make the buffalo mozarella. I've yet to try the food here but I told the boss, Alex, that I would return during my next trip to Langkawi!

Dining and Bar

They do have another tapas outlet at Telaga Harbour Park at Pantai Kok.

Chenang Boat Quay
Jetty Pelancongan Chenang
Tel: +6012-3294094
(close to Bon Ton & next to Pelangi)

12 noon to 12 midnight (closed on Tuesdays)


suituapui said...

Wow! That certainly is a nice place. Me too...thought Langkawi is just that miserable Kuah town...and duty free. LOL!!!

Sean said...

wishing now that i could feel the ocean breeze! it's been toooooo long since i've seen the sea :D

eiling lim said...

STP: Yeah you have to revisit langkawi now after reading all about it.

Sean: Then maybe it's time for a holiday to the beach?

CUMI & CIKI said...

where r uuu? come back so we can yamchar! LOL

eiling lim said...

Cumi & Ciki: Yeahhh we have to meet up soon babe! I'm back la...

taufulou said...

eh, tarak your makan makan pic ah?

love the colourfull chairs eh` :D

Anonymous said...

you made the photo showing you super small these days....

eiling lim said...

Taufulou: Will come back next time to try this outlet!

Anon: I didn't notice that. When I put my pics, people say I like to show off and when I don't, people ask why no pics?! Aiyah..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Those chairs are nice, so colorful :)

eiling lim said...

uLi: yeah and the view is nice too!

chenang said...

thank you eiling

my name is alex, we met when u came to chenang boat quay.

i ow you a few mojitos for writing such a nice blog about my restaurant.

if u want to go to an other nice place in langkawi i recommend tapaz at telaga.

thanks again and all the best

Anonymous said...

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