Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia @Senses, KL Hilton


If I have a daughter next time, I'll name her Ornellaia. It's such a beautiful name and it's even more beautiful when reflected on these fine bottles of Super Tuscan. Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia is a italian producer of Super Tuscan wine in the DOC of Bolgheri in Toscana. It's considered as one of Italy's top Bordeaux-style red wines alongside labels such as Gaia and Sassicaia. While I have tried the former here, I've yet to experience my first sip of Sassicaia!

We were able to taste the Le Volte 2008, Le Serre Nuove 2006 and 2007, and also compare the two vintages of the Ornellaia 2006 and 2007. Paired with wines is a five-course Italian themed dinner at Senses in KL Hilton.

Le Serre Nouve Dell'Ornellaia is a "second vin" of Ornellaia. Produced primarily from the younger vineyards, the wine combines the pedigree of the flagship wine with freshness, accessibility and softness together with a structure, balance and intensity typical of the great terroir of the Estate.

Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia 2007
presents a complex nose, with intense red berry fruit, sweet spices, and balsamic mint and eucalyptus accents. Intense in colour, it's silky on the palate, while displaying an elegant, vibrant tannic structure, and fminty accents.
Le Serre Nuove 2006 displays a rich, mature personality. There's red berry fruits, cocoa, and spice aromas. On the palate it has well polished tannins and rich fruit supported by perfectly balanced acidity. It's a union of Merlot's richness, Petit Verdot's freshness, and the Cabernets' structure.

Le Volte embodies the Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia's philosophy, a Tuscan wine that speaks the same language as Ornellaia. This 2008 wine displays hints of wild berry and sweet spice. It's full and opulent on the palate. It's a pleasurable Super Tuscan. Good, but still young and I think it'll be good in another 5-7 years to come.

Sales Manager of the prestigious Tenuta dell'Ornellaia, Mr Giovanni Mazzoni.

The Ornellaia of Ornellaia

Here comes the highlight of the dinner - Ornellaia, Tenuta dell’Ornellaia’s flagship wine, which was first produced with vintage 1985, from an extremely careful selection of the vineyards grown on the Estate. Ornellaia has constantly received top ratings from the most influential opinion leaders around the world.

Ornellaia 2006 is filled with lush depth and ‘exuberance’ because the 2006 vintage was extremely unusual, with a great many quirks that, taken individually, could easily have spelled disaster. Instead, they balanced each other out, and in the end produced a wine of considerable grace and harmony coupled with unusual structure and power. It is no doubt a powerful, concentrated wine where its intensity is obvious. Its complex, rich bouquet is complemented by sweet, dense-packed tannins and a lively acidity, and all of its components are in admirable harmony creating a very elegant wine. Good finish.

The 2007 has a nose of fully-ripened fruit, dark wild berry fruit and spice, with balsamic notes. On the palate, it's glossy, and has velvet-smooth tannins which immediately impress, along with intense notes of fruit and spice. It also has a long-lingering finish. The 2007 Ornellaia is definitely one of the greats and is one of the legendary wines of our time. The wine is one of the three most collected wines coming out of Italy. From the info I obtained, this wine should be cellared until 2016 and maturing will continue through 2026.

I truly enjoyed the Ornellaia wines.

The menu is as follows:

Wild Sea Bass Fillet on Rocket, Nuts and Beetroot Puree

Stuffed Quails with Mushrooms and Foie Gras Barley Risotto Cake, Truffle Foam

Roasted Prime Rib Florentine-style
with Grilled Vegetables Timbale, Cavolo Nero and Pepper Sauce

Taleggio Cheese with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Butter

Semifreddo with “Torroncino” Berries and Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Grappa & Olive Oil

The grappa served at the end of the dinner is from the estate and so is the complimentary gift of a bottle of Olive Oil. Just what I need since the olive oil at home is finished. I guess this would be my prized bottle as you can't really find this in town. The food at Senses was impressive too. It's really creative.

Anyone want to cook me a meal? I can contribute some Ornellaia Olive Oil! Hehe....


uLi.佑莉 said...

Don't name her "Ornellaia" la.... >.< Let her decide whatever english name that she likes when she grow up ma :)

taufulou said...

wow! what a nice dinner . . . always with wine..

Sean said...

wow, i've never heard of ornellaia ... but even the packaging for the wine looks cool! elegant/ classy...

thule a.k.a leo said...

Ornelaia is kinda hard to pronounce don't u think??? And this funny name might be subject to teasing from her fellow classmates in the future!
but then your description on this wine label seems nice!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

that sassi watever wine, i m proud to say i have tried! retailing for like rm1k per bottle, its quite awesome with what my fren says, has a caramel popcorn aftertaste.

eiling lim said...

uLi: HAha... if I ever get a daughter! haha

Taufulou: Hehe.. don't la. You also always get good food.

Sean: Yeah it's not an everyday wine cos it's too expensive. hehe

Thule: Not if my daughter is an italian hor?!! hehe

Joe: Wah you're lucky oh!

KY said...

sounds more like "omelet lai la!" :P

eiling lim said...

KY: so mean, make fun of the label.

suituapui said...

Ya...the food certainly looks different from what I usually see. How do you pronounce "Ornellaia"? Imagine the problem while growing up when people cannot pronounce the name correctly or some may even cook up something horrible out of it that sounds similar.

佩璇佩璇 said...


eiling lim said...

STP: Ornellaia is pronounced as "on ner lai ya" hehe.... the food is creative.

AugustDiners said...

such a scrumptious meal! yums im getting hungry already

eiling lim said...

August Diners: Yeah I'm hungry now too!

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