Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Hue Gee!

I think sometimes we do take friendships for granted and always assuming that they will be around when you need them. Or maybe it was the work that deters one from meeting up regularly. So, if there's a gathering of friends, I'll definitely be there!

Liwei and gang has been planning a surprise party for Hue Gee and I was supposed to gather up some of the old college mates to go together. In the end, only Hoong made it and the rest couldn't. The venue was at SkyBar @ Traders Hotel and we didn't realise it was Bollywood, Nite, Baby! So, the whole night was full of Bollywood banging tunes.

The nice view of KLCC Twin Towers from our seats

Keh Min, Li Wei & Me (all from Ipoh)

Cake cutting time for the Birthday Girl!

We wouldn't let her go so easily because the Flaming Lamborghini is coming.
She nailed it!

Photo sessions for old time sake

We were given complimentary fried rice!
This is really a first for me! Fried rice and white wine, you've gotta try!

We had fun dancing the night away but seriously it's a hassle to get up and down at the lounge area by the windows as you have to be careful not to fall into the pool with ultra short skirts and a pair of killer heels.

It's Hue Gee's birthday to day and Happy Birthday babe! Welcome to the 26-year-old-club.


Wei Mei said...

hi.. Hue Gee Happy Birthday!!! hehee...
El: itu dress banyak banyak lawa le.. =)

Sean said...

bollywood music? yikes! although luckily it wasn't canto-pop, rite? :D

foongpc said...

Fried rice + white wine + Bollywood music? What a weird combo! : D

uLi.佑莉 said...

The fried rice packaging so "cute" one :D

eiling lim said...

Wei Mei: thanks. because you said nice so I buy it lo.

Sean: yalah, wrong nite.

Foongpc: yeah everything that nite was a wrong combo. Can you imagine us having fried rice with alcohol at skybar?!! haha

uLi: yeap, very western take-away style.

Anonymous said...

How do we find so many pretty ladies? I would be willing to pay for a dinner

thule a.k.a leo said...

wow! u still can dance to the Bollywood tunes huh??

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