Sunday, May 23, 2010

Virgin Steak-y Experience

It seemed that whenever mom is not around to cook for us, we'll be so ever willing to cook such a complicated meal. It's not that we are lazy to cook, it's because Mom would surely kill us when she sees the mess in the kitchen we made after all the cooking. Well, cooking is a very daunting task because right after all the preparation, cooking and washing, I had to sweep and mop the entire kitchen and subsequently - the whole house!

Now don't you think it's wiser to drive out and buy a packet of RM4 noodle?

On Saturday night after a dinner at Giza, Yiling & I went and explored Village Grocer and at the spur of the moment, we bought some sirloin, some condiments and wanted to cook a steak for lunch on Sunday. The 3 pieces of Australian Sirloin steak was at RM30 which looks pretty good for our virgin steak cooking experience. We didn't want to waste an expensive piece of meat.

Yiling was put in charge of the steaks while I went out to meet a friend at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya. She marinated the steaks with Olive oil, Garlic slices, Rosemary, Pepper, Smoky sauce and some Johnnie Walker. Look who's the alcoholic uh?

After leaving it for around 2-3 hours, she heated the non-stick pan with garlic butter and slowly put the marinated steaks in. The steaks are cooked individually to ensure that it was not overdone.

While she cooked the steaks, I blanched the french beans and julienne carrots by adding in a lil salt for taste. After that, using the same salty boiling water, I added in the baby potatoes and sweet chestnuts. I then dished out the potatoes, dry it and put in on a baking tray lined with foil. Sprinkle some salt, drizzle some olive oil and leave it to roast for 10 minutes. I had a space wok to do the roasting. The sweet chestnuts have to be boiled for a while longer. After that, remove shell and cook with the steak sauce.

Don't forget to sear the tomatoes!

I'm really no expert in sauces but I believe adding in everything that makes sense and tastes good. So, Yiling pan fried the button mushroom slices with a lil butter before adding in the Fountain Pepper Sauce for steak which I bought. I drizzle some Lea&Perrins sauce, sprinkled some salt and then pour 3 tablespoons of the Bin 555 Shiraz into it and let it simmer. The cheapest bottle of wine I could find was the Wyndham Estate Bin 555 and so I had to sacrifice that bottle. It used to be my favourite when I was in college but now, I think I've outgrown the taste of it.

And the result, a perfectly fine looking piece of steak with sweet chestnuts and pepper mushroom sauce. I would give pretty high marks for the presentation. I think I could serve this in my future restaurant! Haha... I was trying to be creative and so the sauce was drizzled at the side to make it more "classy".

The verdict - I would give ourselves 70 points for the good effort. The steak needs improvement in terms of raw materials and the cooking. It was a lil tough and still a lil rare. I don't know whether I'll get food poisoning from eating this but if I were on sick leave on Monday, you knew what happened. The baby potatoes was great! But the sauce is a little too sweet. Perhaps I should just skip the wine and Lea & Perrins sauce next time. Good job, sis!

What a great cook out! Got my cherry popped for cooking steaks.


KY said...

self verdict is no verdict! but it does look good :D

Sean said...

oh ya, the presentation looks very nice indeed. i can honestly imagine it being served at la vaca :D

Simon said...

you know what? you look so sad in the picture. as if cooking for one serving and eating alone.

overall .. great food presentation.

UnkaLeong said...

Looks good!

suituapui said...

Gosh! They certainly look to die for. Drool!!! Hope you all cleaned up the mess you made in the kitchen. LOL!!!

chris_lim said...

Awesome food here :) U sure do enjoy the finer things in life.

Anonymous said...

You are better at eating than cooking. Luckily the steak wasn't high quality else didn't do justice to the meat.

CUMI & CIKI said...

bow bow bow.. i am not worthy.

invite me.

~Thinke®~ said...

i would love to try it!! looks delicious to me...

well the only down thing about cooking is the cleaning up part...

I dun mind cooking but not the cleaning... =p

YilingL said...

Hmmmm looks good huh & yes we can improve on the steak next time.

Anonymous said...

Got 3 piece of steak but only 2 person eating?? extra piece to feed dog?

eiling lim said...

KY: So terrible. It's not bad k?!!

Sean: Wah thanks for the compliments.

Simon: Thanks Simon. Yeah I was trying to concentrate on my food!

Unkaleong: Ok ok only la... Thanks.

STP: Wah, thanks Arthur! I did clean everything up. I even mopped the whole house.

Chris: Thanks Chris, not always!

ANon: Yeah. Thanks for telling me.

Cumi & Ciki: Sure, when I have perfect steak cooking skills, I'll sure invite you babe!

Thinker: Thanks. HAha.. am sure, it's not a perfect steak for you to try yet. Still need practice:

ANon: You sounded sarcastic. Sorry I have no dogs and I don't waste food. My sister ate 2 of it cos the other two are very thin slices.

Anonymous said...

Believe you will agree; to judge a piece of music, music teacher or musician is more accurate and non-musician can only give superficial comment.

Since you and most food bloggers couldn’t cook properly, suggest you better not to judge professional cooks.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! Looks yummy wor....geng! =)

Anonymous said...

Believe you will agree; to judge a piece of music, music teacher or musician is more accurate and non-musician can only give superficial comment.

Since you and most food bloggers couldn’t cook properly, suggest you better not to judge professional cooks.

eiling lim said...

ANon: Since a person cannot cook properly, so one must accept the poor cooking of the chefs? You pay for bad food? You cannot judge? Wow, I would love to run a restaurant!

If one doesn't know how to play an instrument, one should not attend a concert? or shouldn't judge a singer?

If one doesn't know how to fix cars, then one shouldn't complain when the mechanic did a bad job?

So if you can't write/blog, don't judge a writer/blogger?

I think you must be a really kind and wonderful customer! Hope you know what you're saying. Sorry, just found it to be really funny.

ULi: Thanks babe!

taufulou said...

eh, become chef liau you~

the steak maciam cook pretty good eh..
next round can hire you d..:p

eiling lim said...

Taufulou: Looks good but might not suit your taste!! haha

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