Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mercedes SLS AMG at Hap Seng Star

The Mercedes SLS AMG is indeed a ravishing beauty.

It was indeed a delight when a friend asked me to accompany him to attend the launch of this car last week held at Hap Seng Star. It is a small and cosy event with less than a hundred guests where we were treated to a night of introduction to the car and its features as well as some light refreshments while we admire the car. The invited guests are at least of an average age of 40 years old and above because obviously young people like me would not be able to afford this. Not even the four tyres I presume.

The car is now here in Malaysia. The 2 units that were brought in were all sold. So, if you want one, put down your order now! It's RM1,999,999 OTR without insurance. It's definitely a car for someone who does not count his change! I can imagine the things I would buy with that amount of money. I probably will buy myself a RM1.5m residence and a RM500k car! LOL...

And we were served with endless convenient packs of peanuts, almonds & cashews. The wine is also very drinkable as I have my fair share of a few glasses. The food wasn't too bad either as there were cold soba, some light meat puff pastry and a beef carving station. However, the best was the strawberry tarts. It was absolutely beautiful and delicious! I think I had three!

Built entirely ground-up, this is indeed a unique masterpiece from Mercedes AMG. So what is so great about this car you asked?

  1. Aluminum spaceframe body with gullwing doors
  2. AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-mid engine
  3. 420kW/571 hp at 6,800rpm and 792Nm of torque at 4,750rpm
  4. Dry sump lubrication
  5. 7-speed dual clutch transmission
  6. Sport chassis with aluminum double wishbone suspension
  7. Front/rear weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent
  8. 0-100km in 3.8 seconds and 0-200km in under 12 seconds
  9. Top speed at 317km/h (electronically limited)
  10. Fuel consumption of 13.2 litres per 100 kilometres

Although it's really a beauty, with its curves and beautiful gullwing doors, I don't think I'll ever spend that much to buy a car (if I happeend to be rich! heheh..). Think of the maintenance and insurance, that alone is enough to buy another car!

Enjoy the video below showing a short video snippet and how they reveal the car.

Yes, some of the cars might have a better horsepower than this car but the saying goes,
"Horsepower sells cars but TORQUE wins races!!!"


Sean said...

Yikes! I'd have to work till I'm 60 to afford that car!

eiling lim said...

Sean: Better than me. I think I work till 60 also cannot own.

Breadpitt said...

beauty had price but i wont spend on that car either as i can had lots more other joy rather than spend just for that car.....btw, driving such beauty might coz lots of said...

oh! that was really you at the event...

suituapui said...

Nice...very nice. But better buy a house!

UnkaLeong said...

Does it fly? *LOL* One can only dream of owning such a ride :)

KY said...

suituapui, of course u get a house and also the merc, why choose when u can have both?

A Arthur said...

When are you going to acquire a classy car like this?

Classy car for up and coming blogger like you. Have to flash once in a while, erh


eiling lim said...

Breadpitt: you can buy a house and then buy another merz model. lol yeah I was there. sorry i didn't know you were there and prob I wouldn't know how you looked like too! haha

STP: you can buy a house and 10 cars! lol.. just not this car!

Unkaleong: The car? I don't know but if I get to drive it, I'll fly for sure!

KY: On the dot!

A Arthur: Haha.. Uncle Lau, I also hope to own one Merz, maybe a C class, the cheapest one available? Not my level certainly. Hope you'll get one too!

Anonymous said...

You need not work til 60 to buy the car, you can always marry to one that can afford e.g. the one ;)

Anonymous said...

You are well qualified to replace the yellow dress model.

thule a.k.a leo said...

ah... I'd buy one if I'm a multi-millionaire :) like you said, someone who doesn't bother to count his change.. LOL!!!
For 2 million, I would rather buy a residence in KLCC area so I can appreciate the view.
But Mercedes Benz is a good brand.. so does its fleet of cars! My dad is a hardcore fan... for one, I'm not.. YET! Went to Hap Seng Star last month to test drive the new E-class E250 CGI which cost RM400k! Ride was comfy, love the look too.. but I think that my 5-Series still look better :P

eiling lim said...

Anon: You make it sound like it's so easy!

Anon: Thanks for the compliments but I don't think so!

Thule: Haha.. Oh well, the Beemer 5series is already a nice drive (for young people) heheh... no need to change la.

Anonymous said...

smart thinking. this event is a good place to snare a rich man.

TheGunner said...

When I saw your tweet during the event, it momentarily crossed my mind to gatecrash it since it was down the road from my office.

eiling lim said...

Anon: Good idea, and how come I didn't thought of this? Damn! Btw I didn't get to know any.

The Gunner: So why didn't you gate crash? malu ke?

Huai Bin said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to afford the car unless Uncle Lim is generous to me. Haha!

eiling lim said...

Huai Bin: Hahah.. then you have to have luck and capital too!

uLi.佑莉 said...

ohhh...sangat bergaya leh...hehe! That guy who asked you to go, your "good" fren ar? :P

FooDcrazEE said...

if u hv the $$. . .u might buy it. Since its beyond our means now . . .we will talk only lo.

HB - uncle lim can be generous if u knw hw to control. . .lolz

Breadpitt said...

no...i can buy FEW not just A

TheGunner said...

Yalar.... you should know I'm a shy boy wat.. =P

Garrett said...

I'm in love!! Kudos to Mercedes for staying almost true to the design of the original 1954-1957 300SL Gullwing, my ultimate dream car! Step aside, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche!

eiling lim said...

ULi: Yeah one of my good friends.

Foodcrazee: I can only dream... dreeeammm, dream, dream ,dream, dreaammmm

Breadpitt: Hahha... probably almost 70 perodua vivas! lol...

The Gunner: Oh really? since when?

eiling lim said...

Garrett: When are you getting one? haha

Garrett said...

Ei Ling...I'll get one after getting reincarnated twice. It'll take THAT long for me to save up for that car!

eiling lim said...

Garrett: Haha, your dreams might just come true. Try your lottery luck perhaps?

TheGunner said...

Hmm... Didn't I give you the impression of a shy boy?

Garrett said...

Nah....don't believe in luck!

eiling lim said...

The Gunner: I don't remember you did lor... hehe

Garett: You'll never know! But lucky people never believed in luck anyways.

Anonymous said...

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orangebuddha said...

Every time i see car prices in Malaysia I'm horrified. Considering its about 170k pounds in the UK, less than half of the price of here. If there are only 2 in Malaysia, then i've either seen them both, or the same one twice. Once going into Mandarin, the other time last weekend on Jalan Bangsar.

Anonymous said...

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