Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Artistic One

Was at Brussels in Jaya One the other day for a drink. It was just one of the chilling sessions that I usually have with a whisky or two and I know it sounds weird drinking whisky at a beer cafe. I have previously blogged about Brussels here. I don't come here quite often but occasionally I do like to go there to catch up with some friends.

The last time I was there was probably almost 2 months ago with my gf and then once by myself while waiting for a dinner appointment with a client. I like the place because I can have a cigar or two in the open space, and it's not too hot. Moreover, one of my favourite chinese restaurants is there too. The food over there is not bad, and they serve a variety of finger food and also the German pork knuckle.

Dennis is having the Hoegaarden (his favourite anyway) while I have a glass of Singleton 12yo on the rocks. If I have to drink a beer, I would definitely choose a Hoegaarden for it's smooth, thick and hints of orange peel. Do you know that he can actually take 3 pints by himself? I think I would drown in that much of beer.

I was also lucky that night to bump into one of my friends whom is also the partner of the place and he bought me a glass of Glenfiddich 18yo. Woot!

Was also introduced to Tham by Dennis whom is his classmate and is now working for Brussels and he is really friendly and a nice chap. Still single. Any takers? Let me know, I'm the new "mama-san". Lol... (and maybe I could take pimping as my new career.. the legal pimping job FTW)

Tham & Me. Tham & Dennis.

As to why this post is called "The Artistic One", ahem... ahem... I was just trying to be artistic and testing out on the effects of different textures done to the photos. And drinking with the artistic one does match the title too. Thanks for the drinks! I'm also pimping his album.


Wei Mei said...

wah... bersama sama dng Dennis Lau... :P

Sean said...

i like what u did to the photo of the burger. it looks almost like a classical painting :D

Wei Mei said...

cemburu...saya pun nak ambil gambar dgn dia... i tak mahu kawan u lo.. tak bawa saya pun... LOL

suituapui said...

Certainly is very artistic! Like paintings.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Oiii...I saw the Hoegarden :D

taufulou said...

woah..geng lei~ with him also, i went to sg that time also saw him at air port..too bad in opposite direction~

eiling lim said...

Wei Mei: Don't jealous ya... Ok, next time. I won't forget the autograph you wanted!

Sean: Thanks. It's watercolour effects...

STP: Thanks!

uli: I didn't drink it... I had whisky.

Taufulou: Wah you can recognise him from opposite direction also? geng woh...

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