Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To pull or not to pull?

Last weekend, the girls and I had a dinner at Grand Palace @ Pavilion. As both of them had not been there, it was quite a good suggestion that we have a Chinese meal after a western lunch at Albion.

And it includes popping champagnes and unscrewing wine corks.

I let Jasmin had her cherry popped for opening a bottle of Champagne. Her first question was, "should I pull the cork or twist it?"

Then, I said, "Hmm... twist the cork la"

Before she went on to twist the cork, she asked "should I shake it?" (ok, this conversation might sound a little indecent, but we are just talking about uncorking the champagne!)

"Err... no. It's not like the F1 celebration. We can't afford to waste the good liquid!"

I think everyone who drinks should know how to pop a bottle of champagne and uncork a wine. Although there are many screw capped wines from NZ and Australia, I still prefer my bottles to be oak corked, the traditional way. Don't screw my wine!

These are the booze we had that night. Siu loves the Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc and I get to have all her share on the Pauillac. But we didn't finish all the reds as both Siu and Jasmin are not hardcore wine drinkers like moi. haha...

Grand Palace does a few dishes that I really like. For example, I love the appetiser of Century Eggs with pickled ginger which is a must for me. The century eggs are so tender, springy on the outside and runny yolks in the inside. This is really difficult to get.

That night, we tried a new dish which is clams with superior stock and beansprouts. In chinese, it is called "Guai Ma Gor Kiu Wong Dai Pong". Hmm.. don't really know what it means but it's hell good! For the last dish, we all had a bowl of pork, pig intestine noodles with pork lard. I swear it was like the best pork noodle I had and ever since, I have been craving for it! The soup was so flavorful and I guess it must be the stock that is making the difference.

It was a fun night and we all had a good meal and good company! Gosh, my friends should come down more often. Looking forward to another GDO.


Anonymous said...

Introduce your bf to them and hunky guys to them too?

jasmin said...

Yeah, we should have more GDO. Will make more trips down to KL. Miss you both so much.

thule a.k.a leo said...

that's a lot of alcoholic drinks for 3 of you :P
since they are not good drinkers, I assume that you finish them all yourself?

Sean said...

heheh i wouldn't personally dare to open a bottle of champagne. i'm sure i'd do it wrongly the first few times =)

CUMI & CIKI said...

lovely lasses.. lovely wine:)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Yumseng session ar? :D

KY said...

i love century eggs!

~Thinke®~ said...

oh my.. with all those twisting, pulling and shaking of the cork...

anyway... it is always good to be able to hang out with friends to relax... =)

but as thule commented earlier, wouldn't it a bit too much of alcohol there?


suituapui said...

I guess half the fun...or at least part of it is getting the cork (correct spelling) out! LOL!!! Omigawd!!! Are those century eggs! They look absolutely divine!!! Love 'em!!!

eiling lim said...

Anon: yeah was testing my matchmaking skills..

Jasmin: Yeah of course babe! Come to KL soon ya!

Thule a.k.a leo: Nah we didn't finish them all. Left 2 bottles of red.

Sean: Huh? You mean you can't pop a champagne. You're kidding me right sean?!!

Ciki: Thanks babe!

uLi: Haha.. almost!

KY: Me too!

Thinker: It's not what you think! Lol.. yeah nice to meet up after a long time. everyone is so busy! We didn't finish the reds. We only open 1 bottle of red.

STP: I like the eggs too! It's very nice... But i didn't misspell any corks! honestly. (does this mean I'm innocent?)

superwilson said...

I'm distracted by ladies instead of the spirit.

Huai Bin said...

I LOVE CENTURY EGGS! Basically I like everything with high cholestrol - egg yolks, pork fat etc. Haha!

Champagne, girls night out. Too bad I'm not a girl or I can help polish off those red wines. ;)

eiling lim said...

Superwilson: Lol.. who wouldn't?!! :P

Huai Bin: Next time you'll have to wear skirt to join us!

ansyn said...

Isn't that the 3rd wine of Ch. Latour?

I wonder how much do they sell it for in Malaysia?

eiling lim said...

ansyn: Yeah that's the 3rd wine of Ch Latour. It's around RM400-500 I guess depending on the vintage. The second wine will cost almost up to 1k.

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