Thursday, March 25, 2010

Night Gone Wrong

Sometimes I just hate taking pictures at night because of these simple reasons:

a) my camera will not be able to capture the low lights

b) noisy pictures and thus it won’t be sharp

c) bulky camera that won’t fit into my tiny clutch

The party shots won’t turn out nice. If I use the flash, it’ll be too harsh and thus highlighting the front objects leaving the background totally black! I really envy those people who have great shots from the party scenes and so I asked them what camera they are using.

“SLR la… with flash!”

“Huh? You brought the whole bulky bag to club?!!”


“Gosh, that was too much for me. That won’t match my style!”

See, that’s the reason why I don’t get nice pictures in the night. Investing in a SLR is already costly, and now I need to invest in a good flash and lug that big bag around? Haha… no thanks.

But aren’t you frustrated when you see these pictures?!!

And sometimes when I do my food reviews, I feel so disappointed with my camera not being able to capture the dishes under low light conditions. You know how much I love my wine right? And to be not able to take a good picture of the bottle and the moment is such a let down! Even KY looks skeptical about the turnout of my shots.

The lights are too dimmed and the pictures are slightly blurred.

Even under the lights, half of my face is in darkness!

Then, I found a way how to get the camera I wanted to take these shots and the best thing is, I don’t need to spend a cent! I discovered that there’s this contest where you can have a chance to win the new Cybershot TX-7 by joining either one of these contests:

a) Uncover the Night Contest

It’s a game where you just have to play around with the virtual camera and capture the shot as per instruction given. Then, submit your score and details to win!

b) Night Gone Wrong Contest

Just submit a photo spoilt by bad lighting and tell give a short description on how the great night was ruined by a bad photo. Then, fill in your particulars to win!

I have submitted mine and this is it:

Now, go and submit yours too if you want this simple, sleek and chic camera!

Hurry, because the photos are pilling up and closing date is on 31st March 2010.

More info at this website.


KY said...

hail to the s90 :X

Sean said...

ya, i use a small, simple sony point-and-shoot too, so my shots are terrible during low lighting as well. but i just accept it, cos my photography skills overall aren't satisfactory anyway (i don't have a good eye for composition/layout). but good luck with the competition; i hope u win the camera! :D

~Thinke®~ said...

hahaha... i never bring my SLR everywhere... coz it is too much of a hassle... especially when i wan to enjoy myself... unless my purpose is just to take picture... =p i was thinking of getting a compact camera too.. for convenient sake...

maybe i should just try my luck entering the contest too?? LoL i got lotsa "night gone wrong" photos.. but i sucks at giving description... LoL

thule a.k.a leo said...

that is exactly what I have been facing right now!!! Using the Ixus 870... my pictures are very good under normal condition.
But then it's hard to capture the pictures of my daughter who moves too much... and if I used flash, the background would be dark and the picture turned out not natural enough!!
Now I am thinking of getting a Micro Four Third camera...

suituapui said...

Ya...I hate dark places too! And I don't like using the flash - just not natural anymore...and taking snapshots in the dark, hand must be absolutely steady and subject must not move - may get something quite ok in the end. Sigh!!!

eiling lim said...

KY: Shutzzup.

Sean: Yeah sometimes your photos are noisy and grainy due to the lack of lighting! Why don't you take part in the contest too?

Thinker: No, you should join! You'll never know when your luck strikes you with a free camera!

Thule a.k.a leo: OOh the micro four third camera is pretty nifty. I kinda like the small size but powerful camera! But you can also win this one.. hehe

STP: Then take part in this contest and win one! You can submit all your failed food pictures!

TheGunner said...

I agree with ~Thinke®~ on bringing SLRs to certain functions. Just too bulky.

I know this is not in the spirit of your commercial break, but one way to tackle the problem of harsh lighting by the flash is to use a diffuser. I've tried using tissue paper to mixed effect - it doesn't always work, but sometimes it does.

~Thinke®~ said...

eiling: Yea, i should at least try.. who knows i might win? ;)

TheGunner : Yea.. tissue paper is good... or else u could just bounce the flash by using a white card at 45 degree... but then.. it is not easy as u need to hold your camera with one hand and position the card with other... =p

CUMI & CIKI said...

zomg.. ur so cute :P hahaha .. lazy to submit. u submit for me.. CAN?! LOL

Simon Seow said...

I also don't use SLR. That's why can't take picture in dim places.

eiling lim said...

The Gunner: Yeah I've seen how those tissue come in good use but it certainly doesn't look glamourous.

Thinker: Yes!!

Cumi & Ciki: But I can't register for you... :(

Simon: Ok, time to take part eh?

A Arthur said...

hi eiling, go to this website :

you can get a lot of tips on photography.


eiling lim said...

A Arthur: Thanks Uncle Lau. Will check it out!

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