Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Have you been up on the bridge at KLCC Twin Towers?"
"Er... no."
"But you're a Malaysian right and you stay in KL?"
"So how come you have not been up there?"
"Cos the towers will still be around... unless some idiots decide to blow it up!"

The closest and proudest thing I've done being a Malaysian is to shop at KLCC Suria (afterall it's considered as part of the towers) and perhaps taking this beautiful shot from Skybar @ Traders Hotel.

In fact, I realise how beautiful it looks from atop! I took all these pic while chilling out at the lounge seats beside the pool. I must say that the view of the park is great from up here while sipping on a glass of French Martini.


What's the first thing you do when you have a visitor from out of town and is here in KL for the very first time? Take them to KLCC lo.... And then have a cuppa al-fresco style and take them for a walk around the park. However, how Malaysian I can be, I still have not gone up the towers yet as of today. I told myself that i.must.do.it before I die. I also happened to have not taken any pics with the towers! How embarrassing hor?!!


Then when the night falls, take them to Traders Hotel, right to the 33rd floor and chill out at Skybar. That would be a very ideal complete visit to KL. I really like Skybar for its simplicity but with breathtaking view of the KL city and the Twin Towers. Although the drinks can be quite pricey compared to other drinking places, the view here is worth it!

Love the pool...

One important reminder: do not sit by the pool if you plan to drink a lot. Because, you'll never know you'll end up falling into the pool when walking on the wooden platform drunk. The path is really narrow.

Skybar @ Traders Hotel
33rd Floor,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC),
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-23329888


Anonymous said...

"The closest and proudest thing I've done being a Malaysian is to shop at KLCC Suria"

U sound superficial!

CUMI & CIKI said...

i seriously hate that word chillax.. but erm.. you look HOT! (olive green agrees with u)

seriously though, yes i have been on the bridge and yes i have run round the park.. does that make me 100% msian.. oh yippee joy! i should take off all my clothes and streak round the park for added measure :P (KIDDING! i am damn hungry at this moment cannot think straight !!! )

suituapui said...

A friend worked at the twin towers - gave me his number and asked me to call him when in KL. He would take me up to the skybridge for free!...But NO, thank you! Hahahahahaha!!!!

UnkaLeong said...

I've been told that there is a queue for those who want to tour the skybridge and a limited number get to venture across it daily.

Sean said...

i had to go up to the twin towers' skybridge for a work assignment when it first opened. it's ok, but u're right, skybar offers a better experience, since we can lounge around and sip cocktails there! :D

TY said...

Skybar offer a better view then the skybridge plus I get 20% off all drink when I flash my company card...haha

Cruel Angel said...

its a great shame lotta msian (including me) havent scale the bridge

every overseas fren of mine will surely go !

KY said...

i have, many times. :P

taufulou said...

lol, mention about it i also havent been to the bridge yet`

eiling lim said...

Anon: Oh I was just being modest.

Cumi & Ciki: Why you hate that word la babe? My sis always use it! haha.. Thanks for the compliment and I'm so proud of you!

STP: I wanna go up!!!

Unkaleong: Yeap it's true and you have to see what time you're allowed to go up.

Sean: What a privilege!

TY: now I'm jealous!

Cruel Angel: Cos the towers will always be here!!!

KY: Ish :(

Taufulou: Same same...

TheGunner said...

Hahaha.. my proudest thing was probably singing Negaraku in Australia during my only ever Merdeka celebrated overseas. The only time in my life that 31 Aug was not a public holiday!

Top of my 'Must-Do' list is a 200kph sprint across the German autobahn!

chris said...

it's free to go up the bridge but the tix runs out fast, so have to go get it early in the morning

AugustDiners said...

I was told that the waiters will be by your side with towels within 3 minutes if/shall you fall into the pool. Care to try? :P

eiling lim said...

The Gunner: Wah! Respect! Wishing you all the best!

Chris: yep I have heard of it but have yet to try to get the tix.

AugustDiners: Really? Is the tragedy rate high? Must get someone to test it then.

~Thinke®~ said...

ah~ i would like to go up one day too~~ lets gatther ppl and go together... =p

skybar looks nice too~ (haven't been there either...

eiling lim said...

Thinker: then you would have to go and experience it! It's nice an relaxing.

Myhorng said...

i also said i.must.do.it long time ago and till now still i.haven't.do.it

eiling lim said...

Horng: Let's go visit the bridge together then!

Myhorng said...

y not.

eiling lim said...

Horng: Deal!

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