Monday, February 22, 2010

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya 1

A beer or a cuppa?
Pic stolen taken from tailim

This is not a new place in Jaya 1 nor a new venue for beer drinkers. Brussels have been synonymous with the soaring sales of Hoegaarden, which is a premium Belgian beer. If you think you can drink, they even have a glass that can hold 5 pints for your drinking pleasure if that's a challenge you're looking for.

I was there last Friday night with my girlfriend since I'm off on last Saturday and I didn't want to go to bed early (which I did for most Fridays cos I work on Saturdays).

Say hello to Hue Gee...

It so happened that all the girlfriends are busy! Hmmph.. so it leaves both of us having to drink and dine by ourselves. Lucky I called to make a reservation because getting a table could be difficult if you go at peak-drinking-hours like 9-10pm. We ordered two dishes to share.

Pork Loin (RM30++)

Beer Platter (RM40++)

The story was this: we had a beer platter which consists of french fries, squids, prawn fritters and fish fillets which to me is quite acceptable in palate. Then the pork loin is disappointing because it was too tough and lacked of flavour. And so we didn't finish it.

Later, I saw one of the partners of the cafe whom I knew and I called him to join me. So I told him about my disappointment towards the food. Later, the partner in charge of kitchen came and join us and I told him about it. He ordered the same dish, we try it again and it was the same conclusion and so he went to find out what's wrong with the meat. Even the head chef came and apologized. It was a different supplier of meat and it was so unexpectedly, the manager came and refunded us on the dish even without us asking.

This was really commendable because they appreciate the customer's feedbacks and is not afraid to refund if you're dissatisfied with the food! Later on during the night, the group got bigger and bigger and eventually we had the pleasure of meeting one of the producers of films from hong kong and is now in KL for one of the local upcoming films. He was one helluva funny man!

Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo (RM589)
I find it rather smooth and in fact drinking better than the Glenfiddich 15 yo.

Finally the bottle is finished after drinking it for the last 3 visits.
Was not even near intoxicating.

Brussels Beer Cafe
L-20-G, Block L
Jaya One
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel 03-7954 2000


TY said...

Yup...the freshness, storage and handling of the raw material makes a lots of difference with the outcome to the final dish.

Macallan Fine Oak series good choice of whisky, I would prefer the FO series anytime then the SO series.

A whisky enthusiast recently told me that the only people who like the Macallan Fine Oak bottlings are the whisky writers.
Hmmm...sounds like you are one...haha

suituapui said...

Hello, Hur Gee! Ummm...nice black outfit!

The food looks good...but I wouldn't wanna sit outside. So hot!

Sean said...

yeah, it amazes me how this outlet is always overflowing with people on most evenings, with their tables spread all across the courtyard!

KY said...

Hue Gee is cute!

The QS said...

how much?

all female troupe to fffff

CUMI & CIKI said...

ooo.. i luv ur drinking posts.. when r we up for another ;)

Huai Bin said...

*waves to Hue Gee* ;)

Ya we should go drinking sometime! With ciki! =D

chris said...

i love this place!

eiling lim said...

TY: Ooh that means I'm the writer and not just the drinker?!! Haha.. Oh well, I guess I have to admit that I have very reserved comments on Macallan but for this bottle, I found that I quite like it.

STP: It's Hue Gee la.. Not very hot and the beer can cool you down!

Sean: Ooh and I know how big the business is! I should think of opening a beer cafe!!!

KY: Thank you (on behalf of gee)


C&C: Thanks Ciki! We must cheers again!

Huai Bin: Let's do it!

Chris: That's good!

Myhorng said...

macallan i LIKE. never try 15 years.

only 12 n 18

eiling lim said...

Horng: I think you'll like this!

Elliott Broidy said...

Looks fantastic

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