Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monte's @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

It was supposed to be a CNY lunch gathering with my college mates but ended up having to cancel because some are available and some are not. It's a 50:50 situation and being an organiser, it sucks. I guess getting everyone together for a once in a year gathering proved to be quite a task!

So I agreed to have lunch with Emily. At first we wanted to go to Ming Room in BSC for dim sum but at 1.50pm, all dim sum are sold out! What a day! And so she suggested that we try Monte's, tucked in a corner on first floor beside Biwani's.

I have not heard of Monte's but Emily has been here before and she told me that they serve very nice pasta here. This place serves western fare and also wines. Well, I still can't believe I didn't explore this part of BSC yet after such a long time!

We decided to go for the lunch set which is available everyday!

Each set comes with a bun & mushroom soup.

There are 3 mains available for the lunch set and Emily went for the Sirloin steak at RM25.90 and I took the Grilled Fish Carribean Style (served with curry garlic sauce) RM21.90/set. My fish was find and I find the sauce compliments the fish well. At that price, what can you expect out of the steak right? I did try some and it's pretty much edible although I still find it a little tough even when it was prepared medium rare. But at these prices, I'm not complaining. I find it to be a good deal.

The portion is just right for me.

After that, I wanted to go to the O Gourmet and have a look at the chocolate counter, just to keep abreast of the latest chocolate selection as well as packaging. Knowing thy competitors is of utmost important! At the same time, we went salivating at the Jamon Iberico at the deli counter and then an idea struck us. We must do a tapas cookout soon at her house!

Emily was craving for the goat cheese at La Bodega and so we went there to have a drink and some cheese. None of us want to have alcohol and so we settled for the mocktails.

The Ex Virgin & Apple Virgin Mojito at RM15/glass.

Emily had the Ex Virgin which is Lychees, kiwi and blackcurrant.

Queso de cabra frito con miel al limon

This is the fried goat's cheese with lemon honey. It doesn't taste like cheese at the first bite. It has a very springy texture and the lemon honey goes very well with it. Definitely a delicious snack but sinful. And it's not cheap either. This plate costs RM26. If you don't like cheese, you could give this a try as the cheese taste isn't that overwhelming.

And so I spent my Saturday afternoon eating and hanging out at BSC. I actually had to go to work yesterday after the Friday public holiday. Such a bummer right?!!

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar
Lot F112, Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Jalan Maarof, 59000 KL.
Tel: +603-2094 1112

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Penfolds RWT 2002 Shiraz Barossa Valley

There's always a first for every bottle of wine. This bottle happened to be one.

Penfolds has been producing wines for almost 150 years and indisputably lead the development of Australian fine wine in the modern era. The Penfolds RWT is made from the most premium fruit from dedicated Barossa growers, chosen on the basis of aromatic qualities and fine texture rather than intensity or power. The initials RWT stand for 'Red Winemaking Trial'- the name given to the project internally when developmental work began in 1995 to redefine Barossa Shiraz at the highest quality level.

Penfolds RWT Shiraz presents an admirable alternative to the multi-regional sourcing and American oak maturation and thus expressing instead a single region Barossa Valley Shiraz matured in French oaks. Since the first vintage, collectors have recognised the sheer class of RWT, and the wine has a strong secondary market following, illustrating its collectability and cellaring potential.

This 2002 Shiraz RWT is a 100% Shiraz- single region (Barossa) offering that typically spends 14 months in a combination of 2/3 new and 1/3 old French oak. It's said to be on par with the infamous Penfolds Bin 707. However, the distinction lies in the grapes where RWT uses the Shiraz and 707 is a Cabernet Sauvignon. I was told that the wine connoisseurs prefer the RWT to a 707.

On the nose, it has hints of berries, licorice and some tobacco. This is a spicy, rich medium-bodied wine that is elegant. On the palate, you could actually taste some chocolate, licorice and some minty aftertaste. I wouldn't say it's the best but it's definitely not the average Australian Shiraz wines as this RWT has a balanced and longer finish. Lush, expansive and yet with a defined sleek demeanour.

The Rewards of Patience, Sixth Edition, suggests a drinking window of 2012 -2030. Obviously we couldn't wait that long! The market price for it should be around RM550.

Robert Parker 93 points!

Savour the moment....

Take your time to nose the wine, swirl it around gently and admire its dark magenta liquid. Then slowly, tilt the glass and let the wine wet your lips. Close your eyes, take a small sip and admire its complexity. Indulge and relax.

On a lighter note, I wished that I've got the Blackberry Storm 2 equipped with the Blackberry Advance from Celcom with me as I indulge so that I can tweet on the spot! Seems like they made the internet surfing on the phone a breeze with the HSDPA up to 7.2mbps! It's been such a hassle having to snap the picture of the moment and then having to upload it to my desktop before posting the picture to my blog/twitter account. Maybe I should after all consider this special promo deal after the CNY ang pow collections.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 5 Pet Peeves List

This is my general list of things that I see and got annoyed all the time

1. People who pull at least 2-3 napkins to dry their hands at the wash room when it can be done with just 1!

2. People who don't cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing.

3. Jerks who take up 2 parking spaces.

4. Drivers whom do not use the signal when making a turn.

5. Men on trains whom sit with their legs spread WIDE open like they got something there!

Tomorrow is a public holiday....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Have you been up on the bridge at KLCC Twin Towers?"
"Er... no."
"But you're a Malaysian right and you stay in KL?"
"So how come you have not been up there?"
"Cos the towers will still be around... unless some idiots decide to blow it up!"

The closest and proudest thing I've done being a Malaysian is to shop at KLCC Suria (afterall it's considered as part of the towers) and perhaps taking this beautiful shot from Skybar @ Traders Hotel.

In fact, I realise how beautiful it looks from atop! I took all these pic while chilling out at the lounge seats beside the pool. I must say that the view of the park is great from up here while sipping on a glass of French Martini.


What's the first thing you do when you have a visitor from out of town and is here in KL for the very first time? Take them to KLCC lo.... And then have a cuppa al-fresco style and take them for a walk around the park. However, how Malaysian I can be, I still have not gone up the towers yet as of today. I told myself that before I die. I also happened to have not taken any pics with the towers! How embarrassing hor?!!


Then when the night falls, take them to Traders Hotel, right to the 33rd floor and chill out at Skybar. That would be a very ideal complete visit to KL. I really like Skybar for its simplicity but with breathtaking view of the KL city and the Twin Towers. Although the drinks can be quite pricey compared to other drinking places, the view here is worth it!

Love the pool...

One important reminder: do not sit by the pool if you plan to drink a lot. Because, you'll never know you'll end up falling into the pool when walking on the wooden platform drunk. The path is really narrow.

Skybar @ Traders Hotel
33rd Floor,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC),
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-23329888

Monday, February 22, 2010

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya 1

A beer or a cuppa?
Pic stolen taken from tailim

This is not a new place in Jaya 1 nor a new venue for beer drinkers. Brussels have been synonymous with the soaring sales of Hoegaarden, which is a premium Belgian beer. If you think you can drink, they even have a glass that can hold 5 pints for your drinking pleasure if that's a challenge you're looking for.

I was there last Friday night with my girlfriend since I'm off on last Saturday and I didn't want to go to bed early (which I did for most Fridays cos I work on Saturdays).

Say hello to Hue Gee...

It so happened that all the girlfriends are busy! Hmmph.. so it leaves both of us having to drink and dine by ourselves. Lucky I called to make a reservation because getting a table could be difficult if you go at peak-drinking-hours like 9-10pm. We ordered two dishes to share.

Pork Loin (RM30++)

Beer Platter (RM40++)

The story was this: we had a beer platter which consists of french fries, squids, prawn fritters and fish fillets which to me is quite acceptable in palate. Then the pork loin is disappointing because it was too tough and lacked of flavour. And so we didn't finish it.

Later, I saw one of the partners of the cafe whom I knew and I called him to join me. So I told him about my disappointment towards the food. Later, the partner in charge of kitchen came and join us and I told him about it. He ordered the same dish, we try it again and it was the same conclusion and so he went to find out what's wrong with the meat. Even the head chef came and apologized. It was a different supplier of meat and it was so unexpectedly, the manager came and refunded us on the dish even without us asking.

This was really commendable because they appreciate the customer's feedbacks and is not afraid to refund if you're dissatisfied with the food! Later on during the night, the group got bigger and bigger and eventually we had the pleasure of meeting one of the producers of films from hong kong and is now in KL for one of the local upcoming films. He was one helluva funny man!

Macallan Fine Oak 15 yo (RM589)
I find it rather smooth and in fact drinking better than the Glenfiddich 15 yo.

Finally the bottle is finished after drinking it for the last 3 visits.
Was not even near intoxicating.

Brussels Beer Cafe
L-20-G, Block L
Jaya One
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel 03-7954 2000

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spa Retreat @ Cyberview Lodge

This is quite an anticipated weekend. Besides the long holidays of Chinese New Year, I finally get a spa retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life courtesy of my youngest sister. It was RM670 for a night's stay with a spa for two. This is the birthday pressie she was telling me about!

At 3.30pm on Saturday, after a heavy "Yan Yat" (everyone's birthday on the Chinese Lunar calendar) lunch, we set off our journey to Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa in Cyberjaya. With the help of my GPS, we did not get lost and managed to check in by 4.30pm. Since it was a spa package with room stay, our appointment for the spa starts at 5pm.

The hotel is really a very nice place for a getaway because it's situated in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by lush greenery. The rooms are like the chalet style and the room that we had was just beside the spa and we could even park our cars right in front of our room!

When I grow up, I want a bed like this...

The room is big and comes with a kitchenette. The sliding doors opened up to a lake view with a big water fountain. It's just so relaxing and comfortable hanging out in the room. A few amenities like hairdryer, iron, fridge with a minibar and a computer is provided! That means, I get to play FB while I'm in the room! Then a lady rang our doorbell and delivered a teddy bear and some chocolates. How wonderful!

Sembunyi Spa - Hideaway for mind, body and soul

Soon, it's time for spa!!! We both were asked what type of massage we prefer and both of us went for the balinese massage. Then, we get to choose the massage oil as well. Yiling went for the ginger oil and I took the rose oil. After that, we were served some ginger tea and a wet towel to refresh ourselves before the lady took us to the changing room and showed us around.

After changing into the batik wrap, we were ushered into the massage rooms to have our massages. It was very relaxing and the ambience in the room was so comfortable that it lulled me to sleep. Not long after that, it was time to wake up and we were given a cup of tea with some jelly to feast on. Then, Yiling and I went for a sauna and baked ourselves for 15 minutes before adjourning to the steam room. The last indulgence was the jacuzzi. The water pressure was high enough and there was a nice view of the lake too!

At night, the hotel provides a shuttle van to Alamanda and we took that to have our dinner there. Yiling has Pizza Hut vouchers and so I got a free meal! Yay...

The next day, we almost couldn't wake up for the breakfast.

The sumptious breakfast spread!

After breakfast, we did some exploring and took some really nice photographs. Oh well, we don't get to come here often and so why not make the best out of our stay here?!!

The jumping shots

The chilling out on the hammock...

The surroundings is really impressive. I absolutely heart the swimming pool because it has a cool water fall! There is so much of greenery around and it's like staying in a forest resort. I think this place is really a perfect getaway for a weekend. Right now, I'll go back and work hard so that I can afford another stay here. Btw, Yiling has hinted her coming birthday pressie... Thanks Yiling!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dish @ Dua Annexe KL

Nice warm ambience

It was my first time at Dish. Delicious had opened upstairs for quite sometime before Dish opens downstairs. There is a differentiation in food despite both the outlets being under the same management. Dish serves the upmarket/fine-dining cuisine whereas Delicious is more to a casual dining place.

I was here for 1 simple reason : The roasted bone marrow. After I have read about the bone marrow dish at Masak-Masak, I had to come here and so I called to make a reservation and pre-ordered my bone marrow just in case they ran out of it.

Roasted Juicy Bone Marrow (RM38)

I have not had bone marrow before, the ones roasted from the bones of a cow! This roasted beef-marrow bones, is served with toasted baguette and a capers parsley salsa and shallot salad. The way you eat bone marrow is that you scoop up the marrow from the bone and you smear it all over the toast. Then you sprinkle some salt on top of it for flavour. If not, eating it by itself is good enough!

After all, Anthony Bourdain called it "Butter of the Gods" and I couldn't agree less. The marrow itself is basically condensed beefiness in jelly-like form. I think the closest association to its taste and texture would have to be escargots in garlic butter and the fats from the char siew. However, the marrow has a more robust taste to it. I would really recommend you try this if you ever get a chance.

Beringer Zinfandel Rose 2008 (RM129)

This is a drink for the summers or under the sun. On the nose, it reveals some floral notes intermingled with citrus and strawberries. It has a very sweet and floral note coupled with a nice salmon pink hue. However, the bubblies are so fine and little, it's not tingling. It's a nice aperitif and should be served at around 8 – 10 °C.

Braised Oxtail (RM28 tasting portion)

This is a rustic braised Oxtail with redwine served with Rustichella d'abruzzo orecchiette and fresh oregano. Orecchiette, meaning little ears, is the most typical pasta of Puglia. One of a special line of hand-made pastas produced by Rustichella d'Abruzzo, it represents the true meaning of the artisan tradition. However, I find the oregano taste missing from this dish.

US Prime Striploin (RM38/100g)

I've always like to try different steaks at different dining places so that I know which place serves the best steaks in town. This place serves a variety of cuts. They have Australian Black Angus, US Prime Tenderloin, Wagyu marble 5 and 7 and prices range from RM28 to RM100 per 100g. The one that I had is around 260g and it's around RM100. It can be prepared to your preference and I just like a butter truffle steak served medium.

I must say that the steak I had was commendable. It was acceptable but not up to the standards as I believe that we can't really get good steaks here in KL due to the quality of the raw ingredients. In Singapore, getting a good steak wasn't so difficult. I certainly hope the quality of the meat that we import can be better in the future.

Portobello Mushroom (RM15)

Another must have is the Portobello mushroom. Of all mushrooms, this is a very interesting one because the taste and texture itself resembles the palate of meat which is plump and firm. It's quite big and it's juicy. Best served sauteed with olive oil and butter.

This is the good-looking staff that served us that night.

He has been very friendly and has enlightened me about the set-up of this place. We teased him a bit telling him to underwrite me if I couldn't finish my steak. I think he got scared a bit because he showed me the piece of steak to confirm before giving it to the chef to cook it!

Petit Fours

To end the night, we were served a chocolate ganache truffle and a marshmallow which is complimentary. The truffle was soft but not sweet since it's made using dark chocolate and the marshmallow has a citrus taste to it.

The whole dining experience is enjoyable and I would definitely comeback to try the other dishes and the must have roasted bone marrow.

Dish @ Dua Annexe
211 Jalan Tun Razak, KL
Tel: +603-21641286

Opens at 12 noon and closed on Mondays.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No wolves please...

Sometimes I think I'm really silly for being easily scared by scary or horror movies. There's just a part of me that is always afraid of the unknown and horror movies is one of them. I could still remember, when I was young, parents were out working and I'll be at home watching television most of the time. There was this TV series that I watched which made quite a big impact that some of the scenes in that show was etched into my mind.

As I was growing up, I was scared to go into toilets or turning on the taps for sometime because this TV series that I watched actually has blood running instead of water when the tap is turned on. Actually come to think of it, it was kind of silly to be afraid of all these. But then again, I was young then and I didn't quite understand that these movies are kind of fictional. The TV series that I was talking about was Stephen King's It in 1990 when I was still in Kindergarten. Lucky I didn't find clowns to be scary or else I would be crying at every party!

So, yesterday I went and watch Wolfman without reading the reviews. Heck, I didn't know it was quite a scary and brutal movie. If I would have known, I wouldn't even want to step into the cinema! Well, I think to many people, this movie should be considered as something quite mild despite some brutal scenes where humans are torn apart. I was quite scared with the sharp long claws that teared the human torso.

Just for the record, I didn't even watch the infamous "Ring" a Japanese horror movie but I did once watch "The Exorcist" which I consider to be the eiling's lifetime-greatest-horror-movie-watching-achievement. I just don't understand why people like horror movies? Why do you guys like to be scared or to the extent jumping off the seat?

I'll never go on a date if horror-movies-watching is involved because

(1) I don't want to waste the movie ticket by closing my eyes half the show
(2) I will pull your sleeves so I could cover my eyes
(3) I don't want you to hug me and take advantage of me (LOL....)

What's with guys liking to invite a girl to watch horror movies?!!

After the Wolfman yesterday, I am so not going to another horror flick again!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sinful Shopping

If you ask me what I've been doing for the past 1 week during CNY, I would tell you honestly that I have been indulging in some sinful shopping. It has been quite a long time since I last throng through the mall. Then it hits me, shopping is really such a good mood lifter. Or in other words, a retail therapy once in a while is as good as going to a Spa!!!

It was indeed very crowded during the week before CNY where everyone is rushing to buy new clothes, new shoes and perhaps new red bras and panties for the celebration but I was unfazed by all these craze over new clothing. I've never had new clothes for the new year. My mom taught me to wear whatever I want and whenever I would like and thus the new clothes that I buy never really make it till new year....

Last week, I had a meeting in KLCC. Actually it was 3 meetings in KLCC back to back since the order was really urgent and important. Then, on the last day of the meeting, during lunchtime, I couldn't resist to peep into Celine @ Isetan and then 5-10 mins later, I came out with a bag! I swear it felt like "Veni, Vidi, Vici" (I came, I saw and then I conquered) that kinda feeling.

Well, you couldn't really blame for being such a spontaneous shopaholic because afterall, this is a very beautiful Celine from the Celine Pillow Collection. In fact, I have been eyeing on this bag for quite sometime and this is the right moment because it's on discount! I thought it would make a bloody good birthday gift for myself after a year of hardwork and slavery. This would me my 4th Celine.... heheh (Previous Celine can be found here and here)

I think I have symptoms of a Celine addict.

Anyways, moving on to another addiction of mine.


Ring a bell yet?

Yeah, remember how devastated the last time I was because I accidentally broke the pin of my beloved T&Co earrings? I did sent it back to T&Co to get it fixed for RM180 and it took almost a month to get it back! Well, I was actually kinda stupid to have sent it back to them because a normal jeweler would have helped me fixed it a quarter of the price. Oh well... I couldn't complain much because when I went there to collect my earrings, they are as shiny as new!

My beloved earrings...

All wrapped up...

They sent my earrings to Hong Kong to be repaired and then send it back here. When I was there to collect them, the earrings were polished and cleaned and they even wrapped it up again like it was a newly bought item! I guess the RM180 is inclusive of these wrappings and services!

About this T&Co, I also received a cute little glass case for my recently belated birthday. It was not a T&Co jewelery but it's indeed a beautiful jewelery case from T&Co for all my T&Co to come!

The luxe glass case...

That's all the luxuries I have for today. I can't help but to think that this is a filler post until I warm my writing engine back. Have been having such a lazy time for the past few days!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What goes around comes around

I truly believe that statement. I think I'm really bored to sit around at Starbucks@curve at this moment now and hogging Nazrul's iPod touch to blog about something totally random like how I wake up this morning to find that a friend just sent me a CNY greeting that was composed by me!

Friends whom knows me should know that by now I do compose my personal festive greetings. That's because I wanted to give a personal touch to my text messages.

This CNY my greeting was :

The smell of mandarin oranges drifted across the room,
pink blossoms in the hall,
exchanging of red packets,
clinks of wine glasses,
have a roaring new year!

So I told him that text that he sent to me was actually written by me! it was such a small world that I happened to receive my own text! But it also means that someone out there likes my message and decides to forward it!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The man with a violin

At the recent CNY drinking with my wine kakis at the wine merchant's office, I managed to meet up with some friends that I only get to see once in a year. It's like one of those once-in-a-year friends gathering to drink, be merry and make money (which is gambling for the obvious reasons).

I knew that this friend of mine has a friend that I wanted to meet... A man whom is musically inclined, talented violinist and an accomplished musician in the local music scene. And we all know a man who serenades sweet music is sexy! And so he held up his Blackberry and called Dennis Lau, telling him we have a girl whom wants his autograph here and the added bonus of a 32 year old Old Malt Cask Glenrothes Distillery whisky!

People, this is Dennis Lau... our very own Malaysian violinist.

Dennis Lau

He happened to be the first instrumental artiste to sign on with Sony Music in the whole nation and his debut album is called Diversify. You can find out more about him at his official website here and if you would like to communicate with him, his Facebook is available here. He's very friendly and he does communicate with his fans, constantly asking for their views and opinions on his music. I must say that humility sells!

I find the CD very refreshing as it has a mix of tunes of violin and vocals. If you like something modern, this would be suitable but if you prefer something like Beethoven and Chopin, then you might find this album a little out of place. Nonetheless, I must admit that I do not buy local albums (I know I should but I didn't) and this is one of those CDs that I ran out to buy after listening to the preview and after reading an article about it. I was so intrigued and decide to let my impulsive side take over and drove straight to Subang Parade and grab his CD right away at Rock Corner.

Of course I didn't waste an opportunity in getting an autograph during that night! I think I was blushing when I handed him the CD, like a little girl squealing in delight when offered an ice-cream.

Nevermind the gap in my name....

Oh, actually I forgot to ask him for a picture together but then my friends were so alert and smart, they helped me to capture this!

Good music on my right, a good smoke on left and the sexy one at the side.
Perfect combination!

I think it's always the right thing to do when one supports a local artiste by buying their ORIGINAL CDs. Don't be so cheapskate to buy the pirated ones la... after all, we should do our part in contributing to the local entertainment scene so that we can see more of these talents.

So, if you do not know what to buy on Valentine's Day for your other half, why not get this album (As a bonus, you can definitely pass off by sounding cultured and all)?
It's sexy, it's refreshing and it's the music of love.

(I think I just made myself sound like a teenager screaming with joy over an autograph. Hmmph...)

Oh, Happy Chinese Roar Year & Happy Valentine's Day....
(so are you choosing love over family tomorrow?!!)

*DiversiFy can be found on the shelves of major record stores such as CD Rama, Rock Corner, Speedy and Victoria Music Centre*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year Greetings 拜年

Since CNY is coming, I would love to wish all my readers a very Happy Chinese New Year with a piece on the Gu Zheng. The best part is, I even got my student to play it for you guys.

Bai Nian (拜年) means CNY greetings and this is an overplayed song during the chinese new year!

Sorry for the short clip as she is playing this song for the very first time that night during our usual music class.

This video is also on the same song but played by me. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

House of Tang @ One Bangsar

House of Tang

As one walks into the compound of House of Tang, one would not realise that this is a Chinese restaurant apart from the obvious lighted signage. This place gives one a very western atmosphere because of the al-fresco dining area in the gardens, beautifully decorated with flowers, pots and lights. I seriously can't think of anyone who were to dine outside under the hot sun in the day time. Could you please name me one?!!

The interior is simple. Actually it's just like another ordinary restaurant but cosy due to the limited number of tables and only 4 private rooms. I was told that this place used to be the then Fukuya Japanese restaurant. This place has been operating for more than a year and my friends did not return after a year until recently because the chef that used to cook here is horrible. Maybe after the complaints, they removed the chef and brought in a new local chef. He's in his thirties (yes, still single) and he did much better than the previous chef.

ABC Soup

I find the double-boiled ABC soup very flavourful especially with the pepper and the meat used in the soup.

Spinach (RM12-15 for small)

This spinach is wok-fried with dry mini "ikan bilis" (anchovies) and lots of garlic. It's very appetizing and is cooked just right.

Kampong Wok Fried Prawns (RM25 for small)

These prawns are big, succulent and fresh. That is the utmost important in any prawn dish.

Tong Po Meat with Buns

This was recommended to us. This Tong Po Meat (3-layered Pork stew) did not really impress me due to the fact that they did not stew it enough. A good Tong Po pork is supposed to have melt-in-the-mouth texture. So, we called the chef and gave him our feedback. He was very nice to have admitted that he did not stew this long enough. The sauce was nice and not too oily but too bad the pork was not tender enough.

Hokkien Mee (RM12 for small)

The waitress told us that they serve very good Hokkien Mee and thus we posed the chef a challenge. If this Hokkien mee is better than the one in Reunion @ Bangsar Village, my friend would pay 1&1/2 of the bill and if the hokkien mee disappoints, he shall only pay 50%. You see, by far, the best hokkien mee in my opinion that is served in air conditioned environment like this is at Reunion.

The verdict was, the hokkien mee is a little bit sweet for my liking. However, after you have added the chilli sauce that is supposed to complement the mee, it tasted much better and less sweet. Nonetheless, I still like the one at Reunion because they give a generous amount of pork lard FTW!

The House of Tang do have CNY dinner sets starting from RM488 for 10 people and they have this "Snow Pear Yee Sang with Plum Dressing). This is not too bad a chinese restaurant that I would come back to try. They do serve dim sum for lunch for what the "gwai lo" will call yum cha.....

And the most important point - BYO wine is charged at RM20/bottle.

House of Tang
One Bangsar, No.63B, Jalan Ara, Bangsar Baru.
59100 KL.
Tel: +603-22821111
Closed on Tuesdays.

Monday, February 08, 2010

26th Birthday Pressies

I think as you grow older, you tend to receive less presents on birthdays. Maybe one has grown out of the thrills of receiving presents or it was because of the recession. Anyways, I think it's the thought that matters. A simple wish or a text would make my day.

Let's start with what my family members gave me. Parents - zilch. My sisters would of course have to give me something! After all the Coach bags I bought for them, they can't possibly wish me with empty hands right?!! Muahaha....

My youngest sis, Yiling got me a spa package (I think). Haven't seen it yet though but I'm sure I'll remember to make a claim soon. Ziling got me a set of perfume with lotion from Stella (obviously a staff purchase from her company) LOL. Actually I don't fancy Stella because my newfound love is Chanel No5. However, since it's a gift, I shall use it and save my monies on perfume. Yay!

Stella McCartney Gift Set

Presents from friends include the following:


A pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings which is just so perfect because I happen to have a mikimoto pearl necklace but haven't got the earrings to match! Gosh, my friends are getting better and better in buying me gifts! Thoughful, useful and beautiful!

Wine Guide

According to one of my friends, it's a year of recession and thus we need to drink recessionary wines and thus this book comes in useful. The wines rated inside by Robert Parker are those good value for money and probably range from RM80-RM200?!! you can get this book from Kinokuniya in KLCC. Review here.

Cute Vacuum Cleaner

Wei Mei got me this very cute and mini vacuum cleaner that I could use for my table and keyboard. I find is so adorable but so far I have yet anything to vacuum on my table. You can always trust her to give all these funny/amazing sort of presents! Hehe....

I have not acquired this as yet....

It should be in my birthday list. But one of those that I will have to buy for myself. Haha.....

Wanted to go line up for the Blackberry Storm 9520 50% promotion at KLCC last week but ended up not going because of heavy downpour. It was a good deal missed. Now Celcom is offering a special promotional package when you sign up with them on the Celcom Exec50 or 250 postpaid plam + Blackberry Advance plan. Starting from only RM216 a month for a 12 months contract, I'm sure this is quite a good deal!


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