Friday, January 29, 2010

Siem Reap

I'm off to the above as of 7am this morning. The timing is a little shitty because I need to be at the airport at 5am but who am I to complain when I don't make enough to even buy a full fare. I had to harp on Air Asia's zero airfare last year when I booked this trip. (It only cost me RM600+ including accommodation)

I read so much about Angkor Wat that we even have to sit through an examination paper on history when I was in high school. Thus, it's finally my dream come true to make my presence felt in the land of smiles and laughter and cheap beer!

The start of the new year for me is as gloomy as seeing these skeleton skulls. I certainly need a visit to Khmer Rouge to drown in sorrow and grief. I did notice that I was moody and stressful these days compared to a month ago. These days I just feel like spending more time typing on my keyboard and lying on my bed sulking. I'm as miserable as my miserable posts.

This holiday is timely.

Note: Wei Mei, please help me answer my calls and tell them I'm missing for a few days until my moods are healed.


~Thinke®~ said...

wow~ enjoy your holiday and do tell us more about it... thinking of goin there too... yes! cheap beer... although not really fancy beer but it is cheap... LoL

Anonymous said...

One of those exotic trip with bf? Have fun and enjoy!

KY said...

wahhh nais, who u goin' withh??

Cath J said...

happy travel.. ^_^

Calvin said...

Have a great trip to Siam Reap.

If you really want to see all the history, go to the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh to get the full effect of the atrocities committed there during Pol Pot's reign.

They have decent French Food there too and try the Amok fish... Cambodian food is similar to Thai. =)

TY said...

Enjoy your trip, everyone derserve to take time off at least twice a month to relax and re-charge yourself.
It was difficult 8 years ago to visit Siam Reap now is so easy.
As I recalled you are able to get some nice Cuban cigar over there and Trinidad robusto rxtra is about USD 150 for a box of 25 but now might cost more.

CUMI & CIKI said...

oh NOW i know where you are! lol.. enjoy babes:)

suituapui said...

Have fun! Stay away from the roast dog!!! Eyew...!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...,

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TheGunner said...

hope you had a nice trip. looking forward to your story on this.

p.s. you seem to be attracting a lot of spam comments.

eiling lim said...

Thinker: Thanks! Yeah the beer is only at USD0.50 a glass! cheap!

Anon: Yeah with 5 bfs, thanks!

KY: 5 bfs and 7gfs...

Cath J: Thanks!

Calvin: Thanks! But sadly I didn't have a chance to go to the killing fields. Would love to go there but it's not in my tour itinerary. The food there is ok, very much like thai and Vietnamese food.

TY: hey, thanks. I was at the airport today and found that the cigars are selling at around USD 150 - 170. mostly romeo y julieta.

Cumi & Ciki: Sorry babe, can't join you for makan last weekend.

STP: Thanks and I did stay away from dogs, crickets and spiders!

The Gunner: Thanks.. yeah spam comments are such a nuisance. I tried deleting them but they kept coming back!

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