Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joey Yap's Succeeding in Turbulent Times 2010

I don't look like someone who knows her metaphysics right? Yeah I really don't know much except having a basic understanding on how the whole thing works. Besides that, I do have a mom whom is our family feng shui master cum fortune teller! I tell you, she's really good at it. She can walk up to you and say "Eiling ah, this year you better not talk so much at work cos people will back stab you". Something to that extent la that she can interpret from my bazi according to the yearly chart.

Today, I went to Joey Yap's annual talk about Feng Shui & Astrology 2010. The luck for this year seems to be better than last year. And the eastern countries would do better than US. So if you expect the US currency to go up by leaps and bounds, don't put too high hopes.

Look how full it is. Maybe about 3000pax?

I'll just give a summary of the important points of the talk for 2010 which begins on the 4th February 2010.

To receive good wealth, usually the chinese will do something like "inviting the God of Prosperity" on Chinese New Year. This can be done on 14th February itself by activating the South East (3) and for "God of Happiness" it's North West (3) at different times such as

11.00pm (13th Feb) - 1.00am (14th Feb)
3.00am - 5.00am
5.00am - 7.00am

which the best being at 3.00am - 5.00am.

Good Dates to Activate the Certain Areas:

1. These are the dates to activate the Wealth Star (money luck and investment).

25/01/10 - 3.00pm to 4.59pm (Activate SW1 or SW2 of the house) except for Snake
This SW is a dangerous sector to activate. If done wrongly, you could face extreme poverty but if done right, you will experience the most powerful wealth star.

Activate SW1 if you do not have a goat or ox in your bazi chart. If you have any of them, activate SW2 instead. This is not advisable for those who are new with this or is unsure of the measurement of the sectors in the house because you could face extreme calamity if done wrongly. It has to be done before 4th of Feb 2010.

26/03/10 - 5.00am to 6.59am (Activate NW and E of the house) except for Snake

9/06/10 - 7.00pm to 8.59pm (Activate NW/E or SE of the house) except for Monkey

2. These are the dates to activate the Nobility Star (helpful people).

4/04/10 - 7.00pm to 8.59pm (Activate E2 or NW1 of the house)
The bigger or massive the movement of the furnitures/renovations to this sector, the better the outcome will be.

5/07/10 - 5.00pm to 6.59pm (Activate E & NW3 of the house) except for Dogs

20/05/10 - 3.00pm to 4.59pm (Activate E2 of the house)
Activate this place if only you have problems that need to be resolved or you need a breakthrough in life when you find that the things you do are going nowhere.

3. To activate Peach Blossom (relationship luck)

20/04/10 - 3.00pm to 4.59pm (to activate N of the house) except Horse
If you want an intense (very physical I mean) relationship, then activate N2. The activation of this sector at this date & time facilitates marriage and to start a new relationship. So, use this wisely and don't be greedy!

Very Important Guidelines in Activating the sectors

To activate the sector, all you need to do is to move the furnitures, hang & unhang paintings or even redecorate the area. You can also sleep at this sector for instance. For those experts, you can use water to activate the area. When using the water feature, the best is to have the water (that is deep, wide, exposed & still) outside the house.

The exception for the animal signs that I highlighted in red is referred to the animal signs found in your bazi chart whether it's at hour, day, month or year pillar. You can print your bazi chart here. If you happen to have any of these animal signs in your bazi chart, I'm sorry you will not be able to activate these areas on the dates given. Solution - pay Joey Yap to tell you.

In general, these areas/sectors can be activated at any time but the effect will not be as good as if you activate them on these dates and times give.

The Compass

To get a better understanding of the sectors e.g SE1, NW2.... you can use the picture above as a reference. All you need to do is to take a compass and stand right in the middle of the house and superimpose the chart above on the house floor plan and then you will be able to identify the sectors correctly. Accuracy is very important to ensure the results of the activations.

NW3 is good for wealth. This indicates wealth luck and future income.

E is the best direction for 2010. This is for better power & authority.

W is nobility star (helpful people). This is for good reputation & recognition.

NE & SW are the most negative sectors, don't ever ever touch or activate that area. The Grand Duke is at NE and if you happen to have your back facing NE, it's ok. Do not activate at all means - no water feature, moving objects, or renovations.

That's the summary for the talk which I think would be quite helpful to everyone for this year! And the whole talk was pretty interesting because he speaks good English and occasionally throwing in some chinese proverbs. Besides that, he likes to make wicked jokes on your neighbours and mother-in-laws!!! Haha... Oh, and I managed to bump into Horny & Fireangel too.


QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Should have been more father in law jokes.

Charles said...

U not only a cigar and wine lover...but fengshui too ehhhh

suituapui said...

Can't understand all these things. Never mind, ignorance is bliss! Come what may!

P.S. Didn't let you know I was in later, you would sms inviting me to meet some place and I might be stuck somewhere, unable to go, Real frus lah like that...and impossible to say 'no' to a pretty lady's invitation! Hehehehe!!!

eiling lim said...

Quirky: Maybe father in laws aren't as entertaining as mother in laws! haha...

Charles: Have too la... better to be a jack of all trades than master of one!

STP: Hehe.. no need la. you are enjoying pensioner's life. Nvm, we shall meet again next time when you're down to KL.

TY said...

Wow...I was at the same talk as well, how could I miss such a pretty lady like you :(

sherwin ng said...

Wow didn't miss a thing did u?


eiling lim said...

TY: Maybe there are too many pretty ladies!

Sherwin: Hey nice to see you. I did miss one thing though and I forgot to ask - what are the good dates to start work after CNY?

foongpc said...

Hey, how come didn't see you there? I was there too! : )

I can tell you more people go for Joey Yap than Lillian Too this year. I went to both. Am I crazy or what! Haha!

Almost wanted to go for the Sunday's Cantonese session but decided against it. Otherwise people will think I'm crazy about feng shui to the point of being obsessed.

Joey Yap quite funny this year with all his Cantonese proverbs and jokes! Lillian Too is always funny so I attended hers just for entertainment! LOL

foongpc said...

Just checking all you've written here with what I've written in my notes, haha. Cos I think I missed some parts.

I'm afraid to activate the wealth star on 25th Jan coz afraid I get the wrong direction. Think I won't take the risk! Rather be safe than sorry here! What about you? : )

d_luaz said...

I am curious why activate SW1 and SW2 for wealth star, and it is to be done pior to 4th Feb (before entering 2010).

SW are 5 yellow, and seems like a pretty bad direction. And it does not have any of those good star such as Moon, Sun or Virtue.

Does anyone still remember why we are activating SW1 or SW2 before 4th Feb (the reasoning behind it)?

foongpc said...

d luaz, I think 5 yellow only flies into SW starting from 4th Feb, that's why we have to activate it before that time : )

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: I thought you would be there too since last year you didn't attend Joey yap's talk. I guess Lilian Too is just providing entertainment rather than real solutions. I won't activate SW too. It's too dangerous and accurate measurements of the place has to be done!

d_luaz: The reason behind using SW is actually a kept secret. Since it's a negative star, many people wouldn't dare to use it except if you're someone influential and you have loads of money to engage in a feng shui master to do it. Just like what Foongpc has mentioned, the 5 yellow is there on Feb 4th and that's why it should be activated before that.

d_luaz said...

It's a kept secret, so there is no way lay man like us is going to understand (just have to trust Joey).

Hmm, getting the right measurement isn't too hard, as long as it's the right direction.

So it's recommended for us to acivate this corner, or not? Just have to becareful in the measurement, or there is more to it?

If we put a water feature to activate this corner, would it activate the 5 yellow when actual 2010 comes in? Or we should just move the furniture around this corner instead. Any idea?

eiling lim said...

d_luaz: In chinese, it's called "5 guai wan choi" directly translated to "5 ghosts transfering wealth" and according to my mom, it's very risky to activate this area as if activated wrongly, you might face extreme calamities. That's why I think it's better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, not many people used it and if everyone could do it on their own, what would Joey Yap be feeding on anyways? I was told to use external water to activate the sector meaning water must be outside and not inside the house.

d_luaz said...

Understood. So it's not meant for amateur like us, and the "secret" is let loose so that we would give business to the professional to it for us.

eiling lim said...

d_luaz: Exactly and precisely!

sherwin ng said...

A SW water prior to Feb 4th would 'receive' the #5 instead of 'activating' it. This will bring out the wealth-creating side of #5 (2-5-8 are all wealth stars respectively)

Prior to Feb 4th 2010, the water will then activate the #6 (Metal), which in turn will keep the #5 (Earth) under check ;)

Caveat: external landforms - SW should not see a mountain. Also depending on every house Sitting reacts differently to SW water.

No really a big secret lah just tech :)

sherwin ng said...

The CNY open business dates I got are:

Feb 19, 6th Day CNY, 6.30 am (!). Clash Horse.

Feb 16, 3rd Day CNY, 11 am. Clash Rabbit.

Feb 25, 12th Day, 9.30 am. Clash Rat.

My office starting back on Feb 19, 6.30 am....

eiling lim said...

Sherwin: Hahah even my mom does not dare to activate the SW corner. The SW is actually back of my house and is facing my neighbours back. At this moment they are still rennovating their back area. Hopefully it'll stop by 4th Feb.

Thanks for the dates to commence work. All the dates not suitable la as 16th is a public holiday and on 19th, no one is going to open the office at 6.30am for me! Hmmph

Anonymous said...

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