Sunday, January 17, 2010

From caning to writing?

You must be kidding me. Apparently not.

The Star yesterday was featuring the news that Kartika goes from rotan to writing now. On July 20, last year, the court ordered her to be caned six times and fined RM5,000 after she was caught drinking at a hotel in Cherating on July 11, 2008. But the sentence wasn't carried out yet. Instead, she was just fined.

What was even surprising was that she was even offered a 14-day Umrah package (pilgrimage to Mecca) by a tour agency... and now she decides to repent and perform the pilgrimage to have a peace of mind. I'm sure the tour agency got lots of publicity and the returns is definitely worth more than the cost of the trip. And at the same time, she would be writing on her trials and tribulations of the whole case.

Now she has gone from being an offender to an author! How amazing! I actually did ponder about the standards of our Syariah Court. Does anyone gets off so easily from punishment once the news attain international media attention? Was it practicing a double-standard system where they are afraid to punish people with strong influences in the public/society? Was the postponement of punishment is to try saving some asses?

I am not saying that Kartika should be punished but what I'm trying to convey is that if they want to carry out the punishment, they have to be fair about it! I'm sure there were many whom were not supposed to drink are all drinking in public and this includes high profile people where their pictures have been taken and circulated in the internet and why they could get away easily?

Well, and there must be an opportunist that encourages her to write to take advantage of the whole situation while she's still in the limelight. Not sure whether the book would hit off well, but I'm kind of curious too in what goes into the book.

Sorry for the heavy post on Monday. It's still blue nonetheless.


CUMI & CIKI said...

oh monday blues... :( woe woe.. nothing a good makan session cannot fix..

KY said...

weird.. and ciki's comment even weirder. lol

Cath J said...

hahahahha... sorry.. I just laugh reading the 2 comment related above...(hope no body laugh at us..the comment next... ;-p)

bab3lov3 said...

what to do..that's hhow they progress what`

foongpc said...

Oh! From caning to writing! Wow! That must be a smart move! Haha

TheGunner said...

Very good points raised. For a start, I never agreed with enforcing of religious laws. The practice of religious laws should be something personal and comes from the heart, not something that you do because you know the law comes after you.

Most religions forbid pre-marital sex, and drinking, and a lot of things, but it shouldn't be up to the law to enforce this, but rather down to the person's own free will to practice it with the strength of his/her faith.

Having said that, it's equally perplexing how easily she got out of her initial sentence, not that I agreed with it in the first place.

But, well... you know how things have an unfortunate tendency of flip-flopping here!

TY said...

Well...this could only happens in the land of Boleh, from guilty person to a holly person and to a book writer.
Just like the word of god is ban for not-Muslim to mention in Peninsular but not Sabah & Sarawak.
Strange concept for 1 Malaysia

YilingL said...

From the first place, I think this Kartika is just merely wanting to get publicity... ie. volunteered to ask for caning, then the 360 degrees u-turn when she was supposed to undergo punishment, then some bullshit like writing a book to talk about her 'trials and tribulation' and going on pilgrimage. Don't see much of 'T&T' when all she ever has done is appear in the papers with her family. Wtf. It's not just her, it's the papers as well... wasting our money printing all these bullcrap news.

eiling lim said...

Cumi & Ciki: Hhehe... very cute la u.

KY: Weird!

Cath J: No prob!

Bab3lov3: That's newspaper humour for the day!

Foongpc: Either she's smart or we are foolish to buy her book.

The Gunner: I agree with what you say. malaysia should embrace more human rights and it's really up to any individual to practice what they like as long as it's within the law. But sadly, the syariah law forbids muslims to drink.

TY: This is called 1Malaysia on the surface!

Yiling: So true! newspapers ran out of things to write!

YilingL said...

the soup is good (yes parsley sucks), i like the beef with long beans yummeh. the whisky too good that i only managed 3 glasses hahaha.

eiling lim said...

Yilingl: Wrong post la! haha

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