Wednesday, September 30, 2009

H-Artistry Finale

This is the finale Artistry for year 2009 which would be held on 2nd October at Club Quattro KL (Avenue K on Jalan Ampang). Yes, the year is coming to an end in 3 months and what's a better way to celebrate it with Artistry this Friday?!!

Imagine, not only you have a great line-up of artistes, music and DJs, you'll also get to drink Hennessy VSOP till you drop! So I think it's a must go for me this Friday and Yiling would be joining me too! Ziling's fate would be known later today as she just missed the chance of getting the tickets. Who ask you to be so busy working?!!

BOYS LIKE GIRLS & LENKA are among the big names of this year's H-ARTISTRY ‘THE GLOBAL ART OF MIXING’ FINALE. I like Lenka as her songs are very cute and catchy. For more info, go to

So who's going?

Past Hennessy Artistry that I attended -

Be a MAN!

I'm just going to say this once

"Be a MAN and stop carrying a woman's handbag!"

I was listening to MixFM today and a lady said something like that and it reminds me how I felt when I see those men carrying their gf or wife's handbag while walking around in a mall. It utterly disgusts me. While I prefer a gentleman and someone whom is caring, I don't mean a MAN whom carries my Celine Boogie.

You can open car doors, mall doors, house doors and lay your shirt over the puddle of mud or give me Lacoste to wash my car but please don't carry a woman's handbag for her. I don't know what the women are thinking about when they made their partner carry their handbags but I can tell you it's not a pretty sight.

So, WOMEN, would you please carry your own handbag?!! And as for MEN, I can tell you that once you carry that handbag and walk around the mall, you loose all, and I mean ALL SEX APPEAL!

(Oh, so now I know why women make their men carry their handbags! Oops...)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kuriya (Japanese) @ BSC KL

This Kuriya in Bangsar Shopping Complex is part of the Kuriya chain of Japanese restaurants from Singapore under the RE&S group of companies. There are 7 restaurant concepts under their restaurant division- KURIYA DINING, KURIYA, ICHIBAN BOSHI, KUISHIN-BO, FIESTA, ICHIBAN SUSHI, KURIYA FISH MARKET & SOBAWORLD in Singapore. This outlet in BSC has just opened about 3 months ago and I did not knew about it until one of my friends asked me whether I would like to give it a try as he has not been there before too.

It's not a very big restaurant but cosy enough to have a decent number of tables, a sushi counter, tatami seating and also a private room which can house up to 12 pax. We sat at the sushi counter that day as it was only two of us and I've always like to see what goes on at the counter!

A very friendly staff came and greet us and asked us what we would like to have. My friend's answer was - "I'll leave it all to the chef" and then we proceed to ordering the sake. At first we wanted to order a small bottle of 300 ml sake which I deemed would be enough for both of us but after much persuasion from the lady, we ordered a 720ml bottle of Kubota Senyju. That was because we were drinking with the staff and the chefs and the 300ml bottle wouldn't be enough!

Unagi Tamago

We were served the Unagi Tamago (eel omelette) as an appetizer. This tamago is done differently from the normal tamago I've taken. It's warm and has a infused unagi sauce flavor which was very appetising and good! And right in the middle, you're find the gem hidden inside which is a very tasty slice of unagi.

Plate of Sashimi & Sea Urchin Roe (RM260)

The plate of sashimi we had consists of the salmon, salmon belly, scallops, the tai fish, prawns and another type of fish (which I cannot remember its name). The sashimi platter is the best dish to ascertain the quality of the Japanese restaurant as a good Jap place should serve fresh & tasty sashimi. And to taste the freshness of the raw slices, try eating it without the wasabi which could overwhelm the taste of the sashimi.

The Sea Urchin (uni) roe which is also called the ovaries of sea urchins came in a very nice pot filled with ice shavings in the bottom to keep the roe fresh. This is actually my first time having the uni and I must say that it tasted very good. There were sheets of seaweed and julienned cucumbers with sesame seeds that goes together with the uni.

Soup & Deep Fried Tai Fish Bones

After we have finished our sashimi platter, the chef would ask you whether you would like to have the prawn heads fried or made into soup. I preferred the soup style and so they made us both a bowl of prawn head soup with miso broth. It was very tasty. Then I was served with the deep fried fish bones and I was told to eat the fish head as it's the best. I did and I like it too! And that was the end of the dishes we had there.

Kubota Senyju (RM180)

Since I've tried the Kubota Manyju at Daikanyama the other time, this time I chose the bottle of Kubota Manjyu. Compared to its more expensive counterpart, this senyju is lighter and has a crisp finish with a delicate fragrance. Actually that 1 bottle wasn't really enough and we ordered another bottle of Kamotsuru Itteki Nyukon Jyunmai Ginjyo (RM180) since we have now more and more staff drinking with us. We end up having 2 staff and 3 chefs drinking together.

The executive head chef, Mr. Yamano is from Japan and it's his first time in Malaysia (also quite good looking!). The chef, Daniel is a Malaysian (from Ipoh, hehe... very young like me and cute too) is transfered from the Singapore Kuriya to help out here and the staff, especially Shelly is very helpful, cheerful and adorable. She's a fillipino from Sabah! Heheh... that's what I managed to find out during my meal there.

Overall, the service was very good and we had a good time there! The total bill came up to RM700++ for just the 2 of us. But of course the bulk goes to the Sake. Although they didn't serve us the way we wanted (a dish at a time rather than the whole sashimi platter in one shot), we were satisfied with the quality of food. Just tell them what you would like and they will accomodate.

The prices are very much like Rakuzen and the set lunch sets is very affordable with prices starting from RM28 where you get a Udon, Tempura with rice, Cawanmushi and fruits. The corkage charge is RM50/bottle and as for me, it's going to be ...(insert value)..!

Other review: Masak-Masak

Lot T2, 3rd Floor (just opposite House & Co)
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur
11.00am - 3.00pm
6.00pm - 10.30pm

Tel: 03-20939246

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth for both men & women...

I've recently watched the movie "The Ugly Truth" and I find it rather entertaining. While it provides some of the basic knowledge and self-realisation to some women out there, I can't help but feel that this is one of those movie that spoils all the fun. You see, the art of seduction and also ways to get the man you want is supposed to be "less" known so that the same tactics are not over-utilised. Movies like "He's Just Not That Into You" and "The Ugly Truth" provided some of the mistakes that men/women make in relationships and now both men/women whom have watched it will know!

Therefore, it spoils the fun for those girls out there whom have been using those tactics to getting the men they want. Now, we have to move on to a totally different level as men are getting smarter and women are getting better!

However, I can't help but feel that the several points highlighted in the movie are actually very general and it's stereotyping. Not all men are the same although most men still think with their dickheads rather than the brain situated up north. They think about sex all the time while women tend to be more complicated when face with the same situation. It's like when a man sees an attractive woman, "I'm so gonna bed her" while a woman would think "Is he the one I want to marry or whether he likes kids?!!" While it may not be entirely true for all, generally it is.

There are also tonnes of "How to" and "Ways to" teaching girls/guys to get whoever they want but some are really crap and funny. I think ways like "displaying cleavage, legs, tossing hair, biting lips and sucking fingers (or other stuffs)" are funny but I don't deny that those action works (for most men). But have the writer thought about those whom are "inadequate" at the bosom department or even have short legs?!!

That's why I have to highlight that there's this

Most men like smart women (not nerds) and it goes much deeper, and is the kind of attraction that will make a man literally PINE AWAY for you when you're not around. Intelligence and the right intellectual skills attract men in a way that engages them in their mind and heart. It entices him to want a deeper level of involvement and intimacy with you. I always find men whom are equipped with intellectual intelligence better than some good looking men with six packs whom can't talk. And I believe an intellectual intercourse is just as satisfying as a sexual intercourse. Only much safer and could be conveniently done at any restaurants.

For Guys: I don't mean talking about your business or work achievements the whole night! How boring!

For Ladies: I don't mean talking on and on about your shopping adventures or who's humping who.

Generally, I think there should be a balance of topics from serious stuffs like politics (always a good conversation to start with), and something entertaining like interests or hobbies. While you may think talking is easy, try talking the whole night long! You might at some point in time find that you're lost for words. That's the time to adjourn to "your place or mine?!!" hehe... just kidding. If you're lost for words and he had nothing to say or talk about, and waits for you to ask questions, just dump him and move on la. He's just simply not intellectually attractive enough. That's the ugly truth!

In conclusion, while you can toss hair and display cleavage to get the guy you wanted, some other ladies can also toss more hair and display more cleavage to get your man. If your man falls for you on simple reasons like that, he can also fall for others on the same reasons.

That, my friends, is the UGLY TRUTH for today. Cheers.

(That should be more to this topic but I'm kinda lazy to write everything in one post). You can also read these past posts which is kinda related to this topic.
1. Be a Leggy Beauty
2. How do I wanna be Picked-Up Guide

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopaholic Part I

Yes, I am a self-professed shopaholic. There's a little Rebecca Bloomwood in me everytime I hit the stores. When I buy, I feel happy and it's like the best stress-reliever I had. And that's why I enjoy reading the Shopaholic series so much and I managed to catch the movie recently (although it has been quite an old movie). When I read that book or watch the movie, I can't help but feel the resemblance of the character and me, in very minute ways of course!

The part where the mannequins started talking and waving scene best describes how I felt. Everytime I stroll past that window display, it's as though the shoes, bags and clothes are calling me! And this ended up me buying some of the things that I don't really need (that much) and I bought them all simply because it was irresistible. 2 weeks ago, my sister got me a VIP card to attend the private sales of Davidoff, YSL, Guerlain, RMK, Zirh and so on.... since she's now working for that company. It's a sale by invitation only and the company wants to get rid of the old packaging to make way for the new.

Thus, my overzealous-almost-unstoppable-shopping got me these:

Men stuff that I wouldn't need!

Ladies stuff that I overbought!

I was thinking that since it's so cheap, it's a good deal that I grab all the remaining sets. Then, I regretted and now I am putting up all these for sale at Lings&Blings. This is just the skincare range. Wait till you see the cosmetics and fragrances! Some of them are sold at 60% discount! Lol... If I can't sell them, I shall give them away as birthday & christmas pressies!

The only difference between me and Rebecca Bloomwood is that I don't split the bill into a few cards nor do I ask for cash back at a Hot Dog stall or even freeze my credit cards! I don't pay installments for anything and I certainly pay my credit card bills promptly!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've always like Kilkenny. There are two beers which I really liked - Kilkenny & Hoegaarden. One is a Irish ale and the other a Belgian beer. Very different tastes in fact but I like both equally. It's very different from the normal Carlsberg or Heineken beer. Kilkenny is something like Guinness actually and it has a darker colour compared to other beers.

Secretly, I liked the name Kilkenny too... It reminds me of my favourite character - Kenny in South Park, the notorious, foul-mouthed cartoon. Which is why I think the Singapore "kopitiam" chain Killiney is cute too! They have just opened one outlet near my office but I've yet to try.

This is me & Agnes drinking at Laundry Bar @ Curve.

This is my first round drinking with a group of friends before adjourning to Zouk! The Kilkenny at Laundry Bar costs RM28++ for a pint and a Tiger is only RM17++. I actually prefer ordering my beers in half pints because if you order the whole 1 pint, it tends to get warm easily and it's not nice to drink warm beers. But sometimes, I am very lazy to order twice! They should also chill the glass for god's sake...

Oh, have you seen anyone or know anyone that orders a hot chocolate at the bar?!! My friend did!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Maybe it's a little late, but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and to my Muslim friends, Happy Raya! I officially sent out 40 sms(es) yesterday to all my Muslim friends, clients, colleagues and boss!

Anyways, I didn't do much yesterday except for sleeping from 1pm to 7pm due to exhaustion from partying at Zouk. Sigh... old age is creeping on me.

Now I'll be going for my facial with Wei Mei....

Happy Holidays peeps. Work resume on Wednesday for me.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Misery is not when you do not have sex for a week.

Misery is when you're struck with bad luck the whole day! And that was what happened to me yesterday and thus I have no mood to have a sex talk today. You know what happened?!!

I was so damn busy yesterday sending out all the hampers to my clients all over, from Subang airport to LCCT & KLIA. Of all times, my computer have to give up on me at this moment. It got burnt and the technician took the whole CPU back.

Ok, that's the first. Then, when I stepped out of the car at the security office at LSG, I stepped into a pothole with dirty water and it splashed on my feet and then I twisted my ankle a bit. Then I had to go to the washroom to wash my feet and it spoiled my new wedges.

The big hit was this - I had to work late at Pavilion KL with Wei Mei to close the promotion counter yesterday night and move the chocolates to another set up in Tangs and of all times, my car has to fail me! The key couldn't go into the ignition key hole. It went in three quarter and it couldn't be turned. Sigh.... I called my parents and dad called the mechanic to come. It was near midnight and there I was with Wei Mei and my mechanic at Pavilion KL trying to start the car. I gave up at midnight and went home with Wei Mei. Lucky she drove there and is able to send me home. The keyhole couldn't be fixed and probably I need to tow my car out this morning.

If you see us there at the carpark, you would think my mechanic is trying to steal someone's car because he practically almost dismantle the part near the ignition and steering wheel.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feels like work...

For the past one week, I can finally feel what it's like to be part of the production team. In my factory, there's this special department that only handle the Wedding/Corporate/Special orders where a lot of creativity and wrapping skills are needed. I had so many orders on gifts for Raya and there's no one free to help me to complete the orders and so guess what I did? I went to the floor and pack the gifts myself.

I've just designed a new range of chocolates consisting of very simple chocolate blocks that are wrapped in colourful embossed matte foil wrappers. The Patchi chocolates are very famous for this type of wrappings but their chocolate in my opinion is lack of quality and so what I did was to improvise on that and come out with my own version of wrapped chocolates!

The Spiral Plate (selling at Tangs Pavilion at RM49)
All snapped up very quickly!

A gift for a very important client which I would deliver tomorrow.

Another gift I made.


Since no one bothered me, I had a free hand on creating anything I liked and so I came out with all these gift arrangements to be sold and sent to my clients for Raya. If I get the thumbs up, I'll make it a standard item in the corporate/personal gift list!

Honestly, it was quite interesting and fun at first but it gets kinda boring after a while especially after making more than 5 sets of the same thing! Now I truly understand the meaning of work fatigue. And my production workers also praised me for helping them out because I have been staying late until 7pm on somedays to help them. On normal days, I get to go home at 5pm on the dot! I am truly one person whom does not believe in working late to impress.

Let's just say that work will never be finished and there will always be more work tomorrow and so as long as I complete my work within the dateline, I don't care. Actually, the factory closes at 5pm or latest 6pm and so I can't stay back and work late! Lol...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When I'm not working....

Does this place looked familiar?

So, when I'm not working, I sleep-lah! What better alternative is there except getting a good sleep? Anyways, I might look like a pig to you - eat, sleep and shit and all but I do hang out with my girlfriends sometimes....

Since lately I have been going to Pavilion very often due to the Fidani chocolates promotion at Tangs and thus most of my meeting up with friends would automatically be there due to convenience. On one of the weekends, I met up with Emily and we had a late lunch at Michaelangelo's which is located on the 3rd Level on the side entrance of Tangs. It was my first time at Michaelangelo's although I've passed by the outlet many times and have even tried the next door Athena.

They have quite a nice lunch set menu starting from RM19.90 to RM50++. Of course, don't expect much from the RM19.90 set menu. It's a gimmick as the only main course you get to choose is the Vegetarian Pizza. Both of us had the Seafood Spaghetti set at RM39.90 that comes with a appetiser (Caesar's Salad) and a coffee/tea. The portion for the pasta is big and very generously filled with prawns and squids and mussels....

I like sitting outside ala al-fresco dining. The seats are comfortable and especially when the day is cooling like the time we went there, it was so nice to relax and have a glass of wine. If I'm not wrong, I think they have a happy hour at 4pm where the house pour wine is only RM19 a glass.

Although the house pour is not to my palate-liking but it's a cheap dig in this time of recession... But if you're fussy, you can always order from their wine list at normal prices and honestly I don't usually do that because the prices could kill! The amount I pay for a decent bottle there would get me something much better from my wine merchant friends.

This is Emily and her delighted look when she gets her fix of hot chocolate!

When Eiling is in her pensive mood, and taking her wine seriously (not in this case).

And because I'm too lazy to do the whole Michaelangelo-review-kinda-posting, for more info on Michaelangelo's Restaurant Deli-Bar, you can visit the following links:

Connection Level 3, Pavilion KL,
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 - 21411123

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dinner with the Lim Sistas @ Jaya Palace

The wine affair with my wine kakis have been a normal day affair. The number of dinners that we had whether at Imbi Palace or Jaya Palace is countless but what maketh this dinner so special is that the appearance of the Lim Sistas all together! It was time (as they say) to meet up with all my sisters (only 2 and younger) after dining and wine(ing) with me for almost 2 years now. My friends all knew how expensive my taste has become and they wanted to see whether it is something that runs in the Lim family or was it just me....

We started off with some appetisers like the fried chicken wings below, some mushrooms and a bowl of appetising pork ribs and corn soup. There's indeed nothing special about fried chicken wings but this one is really good. It's crispy and not very oily! After that, we had the Peking duck where the waiter would help us to cut it up and remove the skin for the peking duck wrap.

Fried Chicken Wings

Peking Duck

The other dishes.

The other two sisters of mine (Ziling & Yiling) are not really wine drinkers and so they do not really enjoy the wines we had that night. That very night we had a Chateau Potensac 2004 and also a bottle of my favourite Portugal wine which is the Xisto 2004. The Xisto is retailing at Denise Wines at RM250 which I think is a little overpriced. If you want to buy, call me! haha...

Mr. L, the ever so accomodating friend decided to let my sisters try other liquor such as the Longmorn 16. The Longmorn 16 is a single malt scotch whisky by Chivas Brothers which replaces the Longmorn 15. I've drank it before so it wasn't exactly one I would crave but it's indeed quite a decent drink. Yiling is more like a whisky drinker and she only like single malts! Wohoo... like her eldest sister. Lol...

And since the Longmorn doesn't appeal to Ziling, Mr. L brought out a hidden gem - The Hennessy Paradis! Even I have not tried the Paradis! However, Ziling still remained as a true blue cocktail drinker even Hennessy Paradis tasted like Paradise! As the name suggests, it's really a flamboyant cognac with successive blend of hundreds of exceptional eaux-de-vie aged from 25 to 130 years! It's perfectly harmonious in the mouth, Paradis Extra reveals itself to be smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting on the palate. I have tried Hennessy XO but this certainly outshine the Hennessy XO many times. Therefore, this flamboyant cognac housed in a crystal decanter which can be reused to decant the wines can cost up to RM1600 a bottle today!

Hennessy Paradis & Ziling in the background.

And so finally my friends have met all the Lim sistas. It was a good dinner where we talked and laughed and also commenting on the gift that Big E gave me which looked like a dildo more than a corkscrew. Guess what? They are planning for a BBQ at my house! And all I have to do is to get the BBQ ready and they will bring the rest i.e wines (and wine glasses) and marinated steaks! heheh....

In Paradise....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And your answer would be?

What do you think this thing is?

There's a few possibilities....
(a) Dildo (b) Corkscrew (c) Kitchen towel holder

You see, Big E gave me this red thingy at a dinner on Tuesday and I asked the other friends at dinner what they think this is. (a) was my first answer and my only answer but the others said (b) and don't you think (c) could also be one of those answers? So, from the answer you can actually see whom is the most creative one! (obviously me no doubt)

And the correct answer is..... jeng, jeng, jeng....

A REAL CORKSCREW to unscrew the cork lah! Oh, how disappointing.

Ok, that's the story about corkscrew. (You know, as I was writing this, I kept on spelling "corkscrew" as "cockscrew" and the misspelled word was highlighted and brought to my attention. For a sudden I didn't know what mistake I made until I checked list of suggested words! Lol....)

The next story is actually about a very interesting gift that you are about to receive and I want to know your view on this because this happened to one of my friends and he wanted me to post this here and see what others would react to this "gift".

What would your reaction be if your boyfriend gave you a HSBC watch?

assuming that
a) it's on your birthday
b) the watch has a HSBC logo on it and on the box
c) he's definitely rich enough to buy a decent gift

My answer: I would give him two tight slaps! Firstly, how could he give me a free watch on my birthday. Secondly, it's not like he cannot afford to buy anything! Thirdly, it goes to see how much he values you by recycling the gift. However, I actually do not mind if it's not on my birthday or if he couldn't afford anything. Actually a gift is a gift from the heart and one should not complain but I just cannot take it if it's from my boyfriend or worse if he's actually in the process of trying to court me.

So, what happened to Mr.X was.... He gave this HSBC watch to a "China girl" and then when she saw the watch, she cried and he never heard from her ever again. Now, talk about being real! Welcome to the real world guys! In this real world, never be cheapskate when you have money.... A girl accepting just anything you give is not happening now in the 21st century (or at least I would believed so). Well, actually not all girls would give that kinda answer because we did asked many and most of them said that they will accept anything that their bf buys them. I wonder how true is that statement?!! Hmmm.... I really find it difficult to believe that.

That concludes the story for today. So, what is your answer dear ladies out there? At the same time, I would also like to know what would be the answer from guys if your gf gave you that watch? Time to spill the beans....

Shell pissed me off

As you can see, I've written about the Govt's Gift to its people on Merdeka's day which is this choice of Ron 97 & Ron 95 petrol. Now, the problem is, if Shell has published a notice that they are discontinuing Vpower, then how come the Vpower emerged a week later?!!

In the picture above, it's very obvious that the Red nozzle has been changed to Ron 97 and the yellow nozzle is now the Ron 95 so being a regular at Shell, I just swiped my credit card, lift the red nozzle and start filling up. While I was waiting for the tank to be filled, I went to the cashier counter to purchase my prepaid top up.

So can you imagine my reaction when I reached my car and found out that it was jeng, jeng jeng.... Vpower that I was filling and it cost me a f*cking RM100+!! It was RM2.25/litre and it was Vpower! Ta da.... Shell's surprise! I was cursing all the way to work.

Now if you have to pump at shell, lookout for the signage as you might pump the wrong petrol. I wonder now whether can I mix Ron 97 and Vpower and then Ron 95. Can anyone answer me?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion KL

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion KL

Despite going to Pavilion KL so many million times, I've never stepped foot into this Japanese joint by the name of Ichiban Boshi. It's situated at the Food Republic floor, and a few doors away from Madam Kwan's. The attraction of this outlet is perhaps the demonstration of Udon making which is visible from the outside (just like Dragon-i's famed "siu long bao" making demonstration).

The ambience is quite cosy and comfortable with ultra long kaiten belt laden with sushi.

There is also a wide variety of food in the menu. From sushi, sashimi, bento sets to yakitori, there's quite a lot to try. Nicole and I ordered a Bento set while emily went for the Donburi.

Unatama Don RM19.90 (BBQ eel with scrambled egg rice)

Nikutofu Gozen RM24.90 (Beef & Tofu with scrambled egg)

Saba Shioyaki & Chawanmushi Gozen RM22.90 (Grilled Mackerel)

The drinks menu

If you have to ask me, the pictures in the menu kinda looked deceiving (as always). The taste is not really good here but it's affordable because the sushi sets/sashimi sets are priced at RM30+ to RM40+. It's of acceptable quality but not good enough for a trained Japanese palate. The Ozeki Hana Awaka is kinda cheap here at RM38.80 a bottle compared to the one I had at Daikanyama which is at RM55!

There's also a grab & go counter.

Emily & Nicole

Personally, I would not return if I really wanted a real Japanese meal but if my friends want to go there, I would have no problems at all. After all, the company matters more than quality of food. I would still prefer Rakuzen for my fix of Japanese food in town. If not, I'll just wait until I'm in Singapore and I'll go to Yoyogi - my favourite must-go Jap joint there.

After that, we went for a retail therapy and I didn't buy anything! Clap Clap....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Gourmand's Feast

So what did I do on a holiday yesterday? Eat lah, what else?!! Nah, I actually was quite surprised at how disciplined I am to have been able to wake up at 6.15am to get ready for my morning walk with Emily at the TTDI hills. She came at 7.15am to pick me up and off we went to TTDI. I managed to walk about 6-6.5km that morning. It was not an easy feat ok?!! She was better, she did more than 10km.

After that we went for a roti canai and a teh tarik at Devi's Corner before adjourning to Fitness First Damansara Heights. After taking a nice hot shower, we went to Pavilion for lunch with her friends. I shall post about Ichiban Boshi soon. Haha... I also managed to have a tea and a smoke with a friend in Ritz Carlton. What was interesting is the dinner that I'm having at Imbi Palace.

The dinner was like "THE DINNER" for a true GOURMAND. We had like 4-5 appetisers, 2 vegetables, about 6-7 main courses and 2 desserts! There's only like 10 of us. I managed to capture some of the food we ate:

Sharks Fin. Look at the fins! (ok, I felt guilty eating this honestly...)

2-month-old roasted piglet (also felt guilty)

After the piglet was sliced. There's gultinous rice in it. Very interesting dish.

My Favourite Birds Nest. So so good. I had two full bowls!

This is how big the pot for 10 is! Even taller than my Blackberry.

I didn't manage to capture the "siu long bao", fried squids, chicken liver, abalone, claypot chicken wine, curry fish head, boiled beef with radish, spinach, cabbage and ...... I can't remember! To go with the food, we had numerous glasses of Hennessy XO. Although I'm not a cognanc fan, but I have to say that the Hennessy XO was smooth and it's very nice to drink!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Saturday...

So why today is a happy day? Because knowing that Monday is a public holiday for Selangor, I'm extremely delighted. It has been my 5th time this week to Pavilion since Fidani has a counter at TANGS in level 2 for a temporary Raya promotion. So guys, please go buy some chocolates there. Since I'm not getting a cent of commission from the sales, I am not forcing anyone to buy! hehe...

So while waiting for Emily for lunch together since I'm done with work, I had some time to wonder around and guess what?!! I saw this dress. It's by Warehouse... It's my first time posting a camwhoring pic at the fitting room!

I think it's stunning. What do you think?!!

On a non-related note, I found out someone posted my blog as the blog of the week at the Hotlink Youth Club website. I felt so honoured. Haha...

So have a great weekend peeps. Adios!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

What if...

...someone offered you a life you've never imagined and all he asked is you to be his girlfriend?

*Pictures are solely for illustration purposes.

Well, there seemed to be nothing complicated about the question. Even a 5 year old would be able to read that but what's there to say no? IMHO, there are a few ways looking at it. It's not as easy as a no or yes answer.


1) If you like/love him, what's there not to be happy about? It's a life that you've never imagined! You already like him, and now he likes you and want you to be his girlfriend, that's great! Considering he is filthy rich, he will buy you anything you want and perhaps a bouquet of flowers everyday till you guys hit your 1st year anniversary! Sounds so romantic, no?

Or even the whole gold shop!

2) If option (1) goes so well, so what's the problem? The other factor that I would really consider is definitely the status. Is he married? If not, option (1) works beautifully but what if he's married? Would you want to be the 3rd party? I would strongly advice one not to do so if you don't want to have a lady knocking on your door one day and splash acid on your face. Then, no matter how much money you have, you'll never been able to enjoy it! You can have a fling or two but definitely not on a long term relationship with a married man.

3) The age gap. How old would your boyfriend be? For example, I'm 25 years old and what would be the acceptable ceiling age of my boyfriend? Some would say 30+ or even at 40's but seriously, why is age a barrier? I'll look at it this way - I am perfectly fine to date a man in his 50's but I will think it over a thousand times if I were to marry him and then start a family. The only problem is probably the acceptance by the family! Think of the future... many years ahead and you'll feel lonely if he were to pass away way before you. Of course, those who chose a man much older than them usually have no problems with cash flow. So how about someone even older than your parents?

What if he is my boyfriend?

4) Would you say yes because you're tempted with the good life and money? If you're motivated by money, surely the relationship wouldn't last and it wouldn't be love. You can be happy with the monetary gifts and material wealth but is that really happiness? I can definitely tell you that money isn't everything but without money, there isn't anything! So it's up to you how you want to balance your life I guess.... But if you would to ask me, his financial status is a very important criteria for me to choose a boyfriend. After all, I want someone whom earns better than me and smarter than me! If not, how to buy me expensive wine and dine?

5) But what if you already have a boyfriend?!! Haha... would you leave him for another man? Under what circumstances would you leave your existing bf for a new bf? I don't think I really have an answer for this.

In conclusion, I would say yes to the question if 1) I do like him (not for his money only) emotionally & physically and 2) that he loves me and is into a long term relationship rather than being a player. Youth is very short-lived. Enjoy it while you still can. Unlike men, women tend to depreciate in value as they get older whereas men enjoy all the value appreciation like fine wine. So, choose wisely and I would think an older man maketh a good partner. So what if the problem is in the Option (3) & (5) at the same time? How would you solve this? What would be your final verdict?

Tempting offer, tough decision.

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