Saturday, May 30, 2009

Engrish that I couldn't understand!

Engrish, according to Wikipedia is translated as non-standard variations of English often found in East Asian countries. Chinese and Japanese have been known to subsitute "l" with "r" or "r" with "l" as evident in the word "zero". I've teachers whom would pronounce it as "jilo". Can't help but to giggle everytime I hear her say it!

Besides pronunciation, there's always bad direct translations of Engrish oops I mean English from other languages. The below pictures are for your viewing pleasure:

WTF! What is it trying to say?

Who needs to eliminate horniness?!! Use this!
What does it say in chinese?

Horny care?!! Horng do you need this?! Lol...

Deformed person?!! I can't stop laughing at this sign!

Haha... I think there'll always be a never ending pictures or stories on bad English translation or misspelled words. But what makes me wonder is that, what happened to the use translators?!! But then again, if everything is so perfect, we wouldn't have things to laugh at do we?!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Objects in the bag

Have you ever wonder why women have to carry big handbags like this?

How come women have to carry handbags while men could just walk out with just a wallet and keys?!! It's difficult to explain as the fairer sex is always more complicated in everyway. We need quite a number of things from wallets to cosmetics in our bags daily! We just cannot walk out with a few notes and a key!

I know some people really have quite a number of items in their handbags but for me, I only have around 25 items in my Celine handbag on an average day. Not too many but not too few either.

A breakdown of items in my bag:

1. Celine wallet for keeping money & credit cards.

2. KLIA pass

3. My vanity mirror and lip gloss case.

4. Celine namecard holder.

5. Samsung U600 for daily communication (until I get a new phone).

6. Ang Pow from CNY (dunno why it's still in there).

7. Dannemann Cigarillos.

8. Mints.

9. Chanel Lipstick.

10. L'occitane travel size body lotion.

11. Firebird cigar torch (the other one is still with KY, woi!)

12. 2 Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas & 1 Montecristo

13. Godiva chocolate (God knows why!)

14. 2 thumb drives (16GB & 4GB)

15. Office Keys

16. 1 Montblanc pen & 3 ballpoint (1 to use and 3 to lend out)

17. Sanitary Pad (for obvious reasons)

18. Tampon (for obvious reasons also)

Don't ask me why I need so many things in my bag. I just need them! I've came across people whom has more stuffs than me i.e scissors, nail clippers, glue, pepper spray, notebooks, diaries, powder, mascara, and all the other things in the world that women would need! Probably I should sneak in a bottle of miniature vodka into my bag too!

Now you know why the bigger the bag, the better it is?!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Harian Metro 26/05/09

I'm on papers again (not for the wrong reasons of course) for the MIHAS 2009 that was held in early May. This time around the article is about Fidani looking for the right distributor. Actually, I'm looking for a distributor overseas but got several calls from local clients instead.

Anyways, it was a busy week for me and I felt so exhausted at the end of the day. Due to that, I haven't been really going out or even drinking. How sad....

"Art of Chocolate Work"

I attended a L'art de la Pastisserie (Pastry Master Class) which is conducted by Master Pastry Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud who was awarded the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in 2000. He comes to KL a few times a year to conduct pastry classes at the French Culinary School in Menara IMC and I was fortunate enough that Fidani sent two of my chocolate artisan colleagues and me to attend this class yesterday.

This isn't the first time I attended his class. I went for his chocolate cupcake making class last year partly self & mom sponsored. That particular class was RM700 per day. The one I attended yesterday was RM300 for 4 hours which doesn't allow you to be hands on.

Chef Arnaud dipping banana ganache into chocolate.

Chef Arnaud was really good. He makes chocolate creations looked so easy but I can tell you that without an industrial kitchen, it's almost impossible to replicate those creations. The best thing is, he never stinge on ingredients as he uses Valrhona chocolates for everything chocolate! I know that Valrhona is the best commercial chocolate but the prices can kill you! It's not viable to use Valrhona if you don't charge over-the-moon-prices.

Some of the things made at the class.

Overall, the class was enjoyable and we did learn an important new chocolate recipe! Will see how my boys can use the new recipes given to be incorporated into the new chocolates! By the time we leave the place, it was already 6.30pm and my stomache was growling. At the same time, I felt a lil dizzy due to overdose of rich chocolate! Eeewww.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Can our relationship really blossom?

Just like the orchid that was named after our PM and our first lady?

A new orchid hybrid was named Dendrobium Najib Rosmah in conjuction of his visit to Singapore. Read it here (I never trust main stream medias). Do you think Malaysia's tie with Singapore could improve and blossom like the orchids? I don't know about you but something smells fishy to me.

Every new guy brings in new hope and probably new improvements but to me it's just another "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" effort which I've seen countless times.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Girls' Day Out

I woke up at 6.00am this morning to follow E for a morning walk at Kiara Hill. Never would I wake up so early on a weekend and never would I have thought that I can wake up this early morning to walk. Maybe I should rephrase this - I've never woke up so early to walk ever since moving down to KL!

And I thought I couldn't last even for 1km since I have no practice of walking or whatsoever. I was wrong! Hehe... I did walked 6km with her friend, G whereas E ran about 8 km! It was such fun to be walking early in the morning enjoying the fresh air and morning breeze. I was quite surprised that by the time we reached Kiara Hill at around 7am, many have finished their walking and were heading downhill. Gosh, how could they wake up so early?!!

After walking, we went to a coffee shop in TTDI for breakfast. After that, we went to the gym in Damansara Heights to use the sauna and steam room before having a shower! She then drove me to Solaris Mont Kiara where we had our lunch at Ole-Ole Bali.

Ole-Ole Bali serves Balinese food and also western cusine such as steaks. We ordered a Trio grilled dish that comes with chicken, cuttle fish and fish paste on lemon grass. Since it was a sunny day, we both ordered a lemon grass mojito and a lemon grass tea to cool ourselves. I love the ambiance there as the al-freaso dining area with big wooden chairs and cushions provide comfort (probably will lull you to sleep too).

After lunch, we were supposed to head to Jalan Ampang to test drive the VW Beetle as G wanted to change her car. E was driving a Mini and was trying to convince her friend to get one too but the maintenace was too high. However, since E has to meet a friend at Delicious in Duo Residency, we had to postpone the test drive to another day.

Love the interior @ Delicious.

At around 3pm, we went to KLCC. We did our shopping and I also managed to meet up with Jeremy. It's been a few months since I last saw him as I was too busy and didn't have time to meet up. We ended up having tea at The Lawn (by Marmalade) on 2nd floor just directly above The Coffee Bean. They were having a Tea-time promo where a hot drink + cupcake for RM10 only.

After that, he followed us girls for shoe-shopping and he must have been petrified looking at how E chooses her shoes! We had to leave KLCC shortly after that because we had another beauty appointment at Solaris Mont Kiara. After having beautified ourselves (LOL), we went for a dinner of Chicken Ho Fun and then end the day shopping for groceries at Cold Storage. What an eventful day!

I think after all the meals and teas we had for the day, the 6km walk is no way going to take any effect on me! I guess I need to walk another 6km to burn off the excess food I've taken. Sigh.... But one thing for sure - I'll love to wake up early and walk at Kiara Hill again! I also met a guy whom takes his white horse for a walk that morning. I should have asked him whether is he my "pak ma wong zi" (white horse prince)?!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My shoes addiction...

I love shoes! It's like an addiction to drugs (not to the extreme) but it's difficult to spot a nice pair of shoes and not try them! It's an offence not to give your feet a chance to slip into those beautiful heels!

But often or not, I ended up buying shoes that looked pretty but completely tortured my feet or myself. It's nice at the moment you try on them but otherwise when you start walking for long hours!

Recently, I added another 3 pairs of shoes to my already full shoe cabinet (which I have to share with my 2 other sisters). I've bought a pair of Lewre wedge from 1U and then 2 pairs of Aldo from Isetan KLCC. It was on sale and it'll be silly if I don't buy them at these discounted prices!

4-inch wooden heels.
I suspect the RM500 price tag must have been the wood!

Interestingly paired colours!

What started out as only a window shopping adventure makes me end up with 2 pairs of heels and a poorer bank account! The supervisor was so nice and friendly that she kept on introducing the shoes to me and even help me to wear them. The service was so good (compliments included) that I felt obligated to buy. That's the power of salesperson!

Having said all that, I liked the shoe department in Isetan KLCC. I find it strangely comforting to see rows and rows of shoes displayed on the shelves for me to pick them up and slip my feet into them!

My other shoes - here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have you ever been...

picked up by a petrol attendant early in the morning?

That was exactly what happened to me this morning when I was at the petrol station before going to work. As I was waiting for the tank to be filled, a Bangladeshi petrol attendant came and talked to me. He was quite good conversing in English and being a nice lady, I asked him how long he has been working here and bla, bla, bla.

But I was taken by surprise when he suddenly asked me how much I earn, am I married, do I have a boyfriend and when am I getting married in the exact order. I felt uncomfortable and I just smiled. In my heart I was impatiently waiting for the meter to touch RM100 and I'm off. When it ticked 100, I bid him goodbye and drove off.

What was he trying to do? Pick up girls at the petrol station?!!

I was craving for a heavenly American breakfast this morning. I did not have a good sleep as I don't sleep well after drinking. Yesterday, I was at Imbi Palace drinking with some friends and we had 3 bottles of wine from Margaux for 4 of us. This morning, I woke up feeling hungry and all I had was just bread and cheese with a glass of cold milk.

I missed the American breakfast set I had at KL Hilton sometime ago.

Eggs, hash brown, sausages, ham & mushroom...

With a cup of Earl Grey.

I liked the tomato sauce. It's so cute. They gave a new bottle each to every set of breakfast which I think is quite wasteful but paying RM40-50 for the breakfast set kinda justifies it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Buffalo Rendang

Remember the slab of buffalo meat that I got from MIHAS? Well, I've brought one of it to Imbi Palace 2 days in advance for them to prepare the ABC soup & steak for the Sunday birthday dinner and I had one more which I've asked my colleague to prepare rendang with it.

It was such a good piece of meat because it was tender and the texture was just nice. I thought buffalo meat was tough and cheap but I was wrong. The good ones were expensive but tender and it's not easily available here. I'll only have Kobe or Wagyu when I have steaks here because most restaurant serves very tough beef like the ones I had at TGIF which I swore I'll never order any beef steak there again! I practically had to chew so hard to tear the meat apart (it rhymes!).

My free lunch!

And so one of my colleagues cooked rendang with the meat while the others cooked vege, eggs and rice to go with the wonderful rendang! It was definitely not a waste of his effort cooking till 11pm yesterday. The buffalo meat rendang is a good fit! And he also made another dish with the potatoes which was very good too because I love potatoes! To counter off the spiciness, we made "Air Bandung" in the office too! How wonderful!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Memorable Birthday Dinner

I had a really great dinner @ Imbi Palace yesterday with my usual wine&dine suspects. It was a dinner to call for a celebration of one of the member's birthday (sounds like we belong to a mafia gang) and how could a celebration do without good food and wine?!!

To start off with, we had champagne. Not just any champagne but a Dom Perignon 1999 and then followed by a 1996 vintage. The 1996 outshone the 1999 bottle. To go with the wonderful bubbly, we had some cracker which compliment the foie gras pâté, some Teuscher champagne truffles made using the Dom Perignon which cost RM8 per piece and some dark chocolate bar. I've heard about the brand selling in Bangsar Shopping Centre but have yet to go there and explore the place myself. The chocolates there are known to be the most expensive and even Godiva couldn't rival its prices.

After we had done with champagne and truffles, we started off with fresh salmon slices and big fat juicy oysters. I thought that was the end of the sashimi platter because I was quite full by then. But I was wrong, it was just the begining. The lobster sashimi with abalone platter came and it was such a good pairing with champagne. After that, we had buffalo fillet ABC soup, buffalo steak (all given to me by Mr. Afzal from Allanasons during MIHAS 2009), foie gras with beancurd and then somemore dishes that I couldn't really remember eating. The buffalo (on organic feed) meat ABC soup was so good. The meat was tender and the soup is bursting with flavour.

If I'm not mistaken, we had more than 3 different desserts starting with a bowl of birds nest each, a cup of Haagen Daz Belgian Chocolate and then the birthday cake which I specially ordered from Breadpitt.

Look at the amount of cutlery used!

The birthday cake with customised design.

The highlight of the night would have to be the 5 bottles of wines that we were having. We were having a horizontal tasting of 5 bottles of the 2004 1st growths or premier cru from the Bordeaux region. We had the Chateau Margaux from Margaux, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Latour and Chateau Lafite Rothschild from Pauillac, and lastly Chateau Haut-Brion from Pessac-Leognan. These bottles are like the creme de la creme of french wines. A check with the internet revealed that each bottle is easily priced at over RM1500. It was such an honour to be able to taste the Chateau Margaux, Mouton and Lafite Rothschild which I've been dreaming of.

I must say that the wines are drinking exceptionally well now. I love the Chateau Mouton Rothschild and the Lafite. I've always like Mouton Rothschild's artistic wine labels which differentiates itself from other wine bottles. Even it's second wine Le Petit de Mouton Rothchild which I had earlier in January also carry artistic wine labels.

It was such a good dinner and I was full to the brim! I couldn't even finish my desserts and I had to for help to finish off the glass of Chateau Haut-Brion! Hence, the ATL that went downhill after weeks of no drinking diet. It's time to regain my ATL. Cheers!

Alcohol Tolerance Level (ATL) went down

After weeks of no-drinking (which means no alcohol), I've found out that my level of alcohol tolerance went downhill. Oh no... that was the last thing I want it to happen. In fact, I've been keeping to a very good and healthy diet with having oats for at least 1 meal a day! And after weeks of being absent for dinners and drinks, by subsitituting with oats and muesli, I suffer at the recent dinner due to low ATL.

We were having 2 bottles of Dom Perignon 1999 and 1996 and then 5 bottles of 1st growths. On normal days, this is "wet wet water" (easy) for me but yesterday, I can't believe I couldn't take it anymore when I reached the fourth bottle of wine. So I only managed a couple glasses of champagne and 4 glasses of wine. I left the Haut-Brion for my friend to finish!

Will update on the wonderful wines that I had which were all drinking very well this year.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daylight Robbery Taxi Drivers

The reason why I never like to take a cab in Malaysia is mainly because of the drivers. Not only they are unscrupulous, careless, dangerous, they are also rude and smelly! Why can't our cab drivers be the people that we could trust or at least be people we could rely on in getting us to our destinations on time and safely?

Have we heard passengers being raped by them?
Have we heard passengers being robbed by them?
Have we been rejected a ride to certain destinations?
Have we bargained for the fares?
Have we risk our lives in their cars?
The possibilities are endless.

Recently, a friend was telling that her Singaporean friend wanted to take a cab from KLCC to Bandar Utama. First, he hailed a taxi whom wanted to charge him RM30 for the ride but he refused. He wanted to take a metered taxi and which the 2nd taxi he hailed agreed to use the meter. To his horror, the fare came about RM200!!! It's time to give them a lesson by suspending them from driving!

See what I mean?!! How could taxi drivers get away cheating people like that?!! The Singaporean friend could have reported it to the police or at least refuse to pay. The problem with foreigners is that, they still pay no matter what! How come we do not have a system like Singapore or even Bangkok where the taxis all use meters without having to ask?!! And most importantly, the drivers are reliable and we could even take a taxi at midnight without fear!

This could really affect our tourism industry! No one would want to come to Malaysia or take a cab. But then again, our public transportation system is so bad, so no choice but to take taxi lor...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good shots with the PM

These shots with the PM are sold by some of the freelance photographers and we bought 2 sets of photographs from them at RM50 & RM350 respectively!

Next time I also want to take along my camera where ever the PM goes so that I can make some money out of snapping photos!

Now at least I know how my hair looks like from the back! Lol...

Look at the sea of people!

Datuk Mustapa gives thumbs up for Fidani!

PM making his own Chocolatease Bars.

Hmm... He said that he liked our chocolates!

Our stand was also featured in Harian Metro yesterday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The MIHAS (6th International Halal Showcase) 2009 at Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre has finally completed. It was such a tiring exhibition as I have to be at the stand everyday for the past 6 days from 9.00am to 7.30pm. I've actually calculated that I'll be working 13 days in a row for these 2 weeks. I think it's the longest working days I've ever gone through in my 25 years of life!

These are the pictures that I've taken with my sister's Sony Alpha except for a few which is using the normal Sony digital camera.

The RM50k Fidani duplex stand.

Fidani 2009 New Products - Chocolatease & Chocolate Tubos

The desserts made using Fidani's Finest Chocolate!

The crowd at our stand on weekends.
Pic was sent to me by a NSTP cameraman.
Carol (who's an expert in exports) & me.

Me & Wei Mei and the plate of free 5 STAR fried fish fritters from our neighbouring stand.

The whole fair was very enjoyable as I get to meet people from all walks of life - from traders, buyers, suppliers to end consumers. I've also been talking non-stop from 10am to 7pm daily answering enquiries and to also "kepoh" around as there were 4 big halls with 620 booths to roam about.

Besides that, publicity for Fidani has been overwhelming from pictures with the PM in newspapers to news broadcast on RTM1, Bernama TV and Astro Awani. The Ad value for Fidani during this exhibition has indeed superceeded what I've been expecting.

Never would I have to spend money on lunch as I've been getting lots of free food from neighbouring stalls like Maggi noodles, sausages, fried chicken, nuggets, satay, drinks and ice-cream! And not to forget about my daily dose of free chocolate drink from Milo, Vico and Cocoarich! Hehe...

Even some of my usual wine drinking suspects came to visit me at my stand and I took them on a free food tasting from halal dim sum to non alcoholic beer and champagne (sparkling juice)! It was so much fun but my feet suffered terribly.

It's been such a tiring weekend and yesterday I have to attend a Malaysian Cocoa Board dinner at Berjaya Times Square in conjuction with the Malaysian Cocoa Fair 09. The food was utterly terrible. Not only it's unpalatable, the service was so bad as the waiter spilled the food all over when they serve. I wonder whether Vincent Tan actually tasted the food from his hotel! At 1k a table, I rather eat somewhere else! The best dish for the night was the cucumber from the satay plate. I've got 2 more dinners to go this week and probably a biz trip up north and Genting this weekend. Busy, busy, busy....

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 5

Today is finally the last day of the exhibition. I'm so tired and exhausted that I worry I won't be able to wake up to go to work tomorrow. I've just came back from Matrade and it's already 10pm. It's such a bummer to be working till late today as it is Mother's Day, my Grandma's birthday dinner and my colleague's wedding dinner. Boss, if you're reading this : don't you think this is such a big sacrifice?!!

I haven't even have my dinner and I planned to starve to bed as I've put on much weight from eating all the fried food at the exhibition. I think I'm coming down with a fever and sore throat!

More updates soon.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 4

I had a really busy day today. Besides having to wake up early and drive myself to Jalan Duta, I have to answer so many enquiries, and then try to sell some chocolates and lastly to make a few trips to the ATM to deposit the cash.

However, the day has been very interesting. I've got a job offer from another chocolate company, had an interview with Berita Harian, took a picture with KJ's mom, talked to a few interesting people, got myself 3 big slabs of beef from Allanasons and camwhore with some employees of Istak, a non-alcoholic malt drink. The boss, Afzal from Allanasons has been so nice. Although I only meet him once a year, he could still recognize me! He has just instructed his girls to send me a tray of buffalo satay to my stand tomorrow since he'll be off to KK for a holiday! They are the biggest exporter of halal frozen boneless buffalo meat and they took 8 stands at MIHAS!

Adel, me, Wei Mei, Alireza & Ali from Istak.
Seriously, there's too many Ali in Iran. Almost all of them has an Ali in their names and they all looked quite alike to me.

Chef Zam & me. He loves our coffee coated chocolate.

KJ's mom and me. Although I hated him, but it doesn't hurt to camwhore!
Ah.. she closed her eyes!

Arrgh.. I have to wake up early again tomorrow to replenish some stocks from the factory! There goes my Sunday, Mother's Day, my Grandma's birthday and my colleague's wedding dinner. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend any of them all for the sake of one exhibition.

Friday, May 08, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 3

And so this morning, my dad called me and inform me of my appearance in the NST 2nd page and then I received a text from Datin (my boss's wife) telling me that I'm in NST and Berita Harian. It was the picture where the PM is sprinkling some almonds and hazelnuts onto the block of chocolate at my stand and I was just beside him and was seen looking else where! Lol...

The chocolate that PM made. Maybe I should sell it on! Lol...
Any takers?!!

The plague that he signed to launch my 2 new chocolate range.

As I googled for Fidani Chocolatier, I also found this article with me in the picture! Although I'm quite far behind, but I'm still proud of the fact that the Fidani name was mentioned!

And I was also fortunate enough to have a picture taken with Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, the Second Finance Minister whom was at my stand this afternoon.

From Left: Pn. Norma, Dr. Wong, Datuk Ahmad Husni, Tn Haji Arshad & Me.

The bad news was, I still need to work throughout the weekend until 7pm daily and probably up to 8pm on Sunday! I was so tired today that I can't feel my legs and feet at all! My feet were screaming for a break as I have been wearing heels for almost 10 hours today walking around the stand!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 2

Today was one of the busiest day since it is also the official opening ceremony day for the exhibition. I was there even before 9am to prepare the booth for the PM's visit at 11am. Hi bodyguards came early to inspect and scan the gift that was meant for the PM. It was not a new thing to me as it was also done the same way last year during Pak Lah's visit and also before the King's visit.

My double story Fidani stand.

As the PM was approaching, a sea of reporters, cameramen, and officials were seen. The VIPs for the day that I recognize were Datuk Mustapa and Mukhriz. I was in charge of passing the gloves to the PM for him to decorate the block of chocolate with nuts and then later to invite him to sign the Chocolatease and Chocolate Tubos launching plague. The cameras were flashing none stop and I now know how it feels like to be a PM! Lol...

A photo captured by my assistant.

After that, some reporters came over to ask for information and they showed me a photo of the PM making the chocolate that will be published tomorrow in Berita Harian. I've just asked my mom to grab a copy of that newspaper tomorrow! I was also interviewed by RTM1 yesterday in BM!!!

Now, why am I so excited?!! Probably because my hardwork in trying to lobby the PM's visit to the stand has finally materialised and my boss is satisfied?!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 1

I regret not taking any pictures of my booth today. But I shall do it tomorrow.

Yesterday was such a tiring day for me. I was at Matrade by 10am and by the time I leave that place, it was already 11pm. The setting up of the stand took too long the time as my stand contractors were so meticulous and perhaps slow! I understand that a double deck stand would take a longer time than a single deck one but this one was taking quite sometime to built.

I am so tired after the first day of the exhibition. I think for a minute I couldn't even feel my legs. They were sore and tired. But I was quite happy because I received numerous compliments on my stand and my chocolates. They were my pride after months of hardwork. You can't imagine the amount of people stopping at my stand to snap a picture and my contractor received multiple enquiries of his stand! I better claim my commissions from him! Hmmph...

After weeks of harbouring the PM to make a stop at my stand to officiate the launch of my Chocolatease and Chocolate Tubos, the hardwork finally paid off. He will be coming to my stand tomorrow to do exactly what I wished for. Last year, I managed to invite Pak Lah to launch my Symphony range and I'm quite satisfied with the results of my persistence, determination and also my intelligence. Lol...

To make things special at my stand, there were chocolates for sampling and also some specially made Fidani desserts to be served to my customers which was ordered from Breadpitt, whom is a pastissier at OneWorld Hotel.

Fidani Chocolate & Green Tea Macaroons

Fidani Petit Crunchy Milk Chocolate

These desserts are made using the Fidani chocolate which I've passed to him last week together with my signature transfer sheets so that the desserts he made will carry the Fidani identity. And the desserts are not cheap considering the size is just one bite size! It's just like the petit fours but it was tasty!

We will be serving these delectable desserts tomorrow at my stand together with some delicious D24 durian chocolate truffles!!! Please do come and visit me at my stand D71&D52 at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC) during this MIHAS 2009 which would be opened for public on this Sat & Sun (9th& 10th May 2009) from 10am - 7pm.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Is it just a Pepp talk?

After being intoxicated after few drinks, one would feel groggy and experienced blurred vision but one needs to drive himself home. So how?!! If taking a taxi and getting someone to drive you home options are out, well, there is Pepp! They claim that by just popping 2 tablets and chew it, wash it down with water and you will wake up with no hangover tomorrow! So far, I've not seen it in Malaysia but it's selling in 7-eleven outlets in Singapore.

It's a new health supplement, which seemed to suggest it can reduce the alcohol levels and the effects of a hangover. Pepp aims to promote responsible drinking. After two glasses of beers or alcohol, one can take two chewable tablets with water. After 30 minutes, he will feel less light-headed. One can take the tablets after subsequent drinks.

"The enzymes will break down the alcohol and the user will visit the loo a few times to discharge the contents. Thereafter, it will reduce the reading on the breathalyzer by 50 per cent".

I don't know how true is the claim about the readings on the breathalyzer but I did feel less intoxicated after taking the tablets. But the taste of the tablets can be quite funny because I really don't like the aftertaste. Even with this wonder drug, I feel that people should not misuse it by thinking that they could drink and drive or they should drink above their limits. Pepp should be consumed when necessary.

It's retailing at SGD16 for 12 tablets which is quite expensive. But if you ask me, I rather take these tablets than being caught for drunk driving.

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