Sunday, December 20, 2009

Win a NICE ONE Private Party!

What’s better than having your own private party with all the FHM Girl Next Door 2009 Finalists with unlimited glasses of “probably the best beer in the world” in hand? Well, I’ll tell you what’s even better – It is having all of the above and inviting 50 of your friends to join you in a private Carlsberg bar where the public is out of reach!

Sounds good? Sounds perfect to me!

And all you need to do is follow the instructions below and you’re a few steps away from your dream party… (just make sure you have a Facebook account)

(Note: Girl in this pic not included in the party)

  1. Become a fan of Carlsberg on Facebook at this link

  1. Add this application and start decorating the Carlsberg Christmas tree.

Step 1:
Choose a FRIEND
from your friends list. Then choose a picture from the list of pictures displayed.

Step 2 :
Now, choose the trinket that you like.

Step 3 :
This is where you can scale the picture and rotate it accordingly. You can even just display your friend’s limbs instead of his/her face. Here I have our very own talented Malaysian Violinist - Dennis Lau with his violin

Step 4 :
This is the last step where you can drag the finished trinket and hang it on the tree in the dotted circles. After all the empty circles have been filled, you’ll be upgraded to a bigger and taller tree. The bigger the tree, the bigger chance to win your own private party!

Look, I’m now in Level 3, with a 24ft Christmas Tree and 20 trinkets.

Come beat me to it!

We were given a preview of what the venue of the private party would look like and the Carlsberg bar happens to be right in the heart of the Carlsberg Malaysia office! It’s a bar for its employees but now, they are turning it into a private party venue just for you! Don’t even worry about the pretty babes because FHM is taking care of it! Imagine how exclusive this party is!

The Private Bar & having a beer from a Frozen Tap

Just imagine….

1. All the fun you’ll have!

2. The talk of the town!

3. All the pretty girls!

Need I say more?

I’m having a NICE ONE! Are you?

Come on, join the contest and start decorating your Xmas tree now! And then, when you win, invite me and you still have 49 more friends to go! Dateline: 28th Dec 2009. Terms & Conditions apply.

Remember, Carlsberg don’t do dreams, and if they did, they would probably be the best dreams in the world!

Watch this awesome Carlsberg commercial:


CUMI & CIKI said...

why THE GIRL is not included in the party? chis.. i wan the gal :P hahahaha

eiling lim said...

Cumi & Ciki: You win the contest and invite THE GIRL lo... hehehe

Anonymous said...

How much do they pay you for the advert?

KY said...

ok that must be cumi and not ciki commenting right? lol

eiling lim said...

Anon: Sorry it's P&C I cannot reveal it. But if you're interested, you can contact Nuffnang.

KY: wah so smart lah you... I also wonder who?

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