Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skytrex Extreme Adventure

For a start, I'm not really an adventurous person by nature. It is sometimes by coincidence or by force (most of the times) that I've to brave myself for new challenges in life - like this one! I remembered that my friends used to ask me to join them for some fun at Skytrex in Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam and I never accept the invitation. That's because I don't think I'm cut for it.

Finally, they have managed to convince me to join them on their second outing to Skytrex. Since I'm on leave on Saturday, I've not no more excuses to give. If I have to die there, I'll have to die with dignity!

Take the Yellow Bus (pic) after the entrance to the Skytrex venue.

Skytrex Adventure is part of "eco-recreational cum educational" activity that one can participate in this park. This is where one can go through a series of obstacles from tree to tree in the forest testing one's agility and fear but in total safety while appreciating the mother nature. There are a total of 3 circuits - Little Adventure (for Kids), Big Thrill & Extreme (for Adults).

This is my first time and I have to brave the Extreme since my friends all have gone through Big Thrill and they now need even a bigger thrill! They are really hardcore man, I tell you!

Extreme FTW!

To be eligible for the Extreme challenge, the requirements are one has to be at least 1.5m in height and less than 100kg in weight. The challenge takes 2 hours to complete with a total of 21 extreme challenges that are done 21m above the ground! This Extreme challenge has just opened its doors 2 months ago and now we are here to test it!

Getting all strapped up for some extreme thrills!

After arriving at the Skytrex site, one has to sign a Medical Declaration and the Terms and Risk Acceptance Form. This is also where you can buy a pair of gloves for RM3 or rent a small carrier bag for you keys or money. Remember, no bags are allowed during the challenge but lockers can be rented. After that, one proceeds to the higher ground for briefing, strapping up with the safety harness and then move on to learn how to use the equipments. Immediately after that, everyone has to go through a short test to make sure that each and everyone adheres to the safety measures.

This is NO JOKE!

This extreme challenge is really no joke, man! Look at the height of the ladder that we have to climb for the first obstacle. There are all in all 3 ladders throughout the challenge and all are almost that height with the last one being the worst because the width of the ladder can fit no two feet together if you have big feet!

My favourite of all - Flying Fox (easy, do nothing and just fly)

Doing what I do best - walking on wires.
Strategy is, walk sideways, look straight and don't look down.

There's only 1 AYAM EXIT for those who chickens out.
Available only once in the middle of the obstacles. If at anytime you want to cry and quit, you can't. You can cry and continue but no quitting until you see the Ayam Exit.

Walking on tubes.
I don't like this, it's kinda difficult but this is not the worst yet.

Agnes doing the monkey bars.
I had it easy but just flying across with the cables. Don't waste my energy. Actually I can't do monkey bars hehe....


A short ugly videoclip of myself during one of the obstacles...

Honestly, after completing the first few obstacles, I thought I was going to die because I've never done these before. However, it gets more fun after each and every one because you've gotten the hang of it. One thing though, there should be no thoughts on quitting because it only makes the journey more difficult to go on. Just think "If I fall, I won't die because I have the safety harness". And it works!

It's kinda sad when it comes to an end because I really enjoyed the whole thing. Now that I have tried Extreme, I'll have to settle for something less like the Big Thrill next time. Big Thrill has more Flying Fox if you like those.

Johnny who conned me into going!

With the Extreme Skytrex Hardcores....

If I can do this, I'm sure there'll be no problem for many (since I'm unfit and all). The next day I woke up with arm aches and abdomen aches. Sigh... but it's better than gym because you can't quit!

If you wanna go, just make sure you book early because their schedules are packed even if you book 2 weeks in advance. Extreme is RM45 per person and each session only allows 25 participants. Bookings and payment are all done online here. This place is actually in Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam, which is not very far away from the Concorde Hotel. I am looking forward to my next Big Thrill! See how far I go to just prove I'm no "Puteri Lilin" (damsel in distress) hehe...


KY said...

this looks fun! i gotta try ittt

CUMI & CIKI said...

ROFL.. Cumi's fav sport.. amongst other hair raising things.. he says that this one is mild.. ahem:P

Sean said...

looks kinda fun, but i have a fear of heights, so i'd skip this :D

zewt said...

this is really hardcore...

and based on the photos... someone must be carrying a camera while at it... very brave indeed.

anyway, shots taken from the bottom are better, will show how high you are up there.

Corgi 1960 said...

heheheh....... I will tell you something when I get to see you one day. Something you may not have discovered yourself yet!

Jasmin Saw said...

friend, I am proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the first photo, the person behind you

eiling lim said...

KY: It is fun! Make it happen! Lol..

C&C: If I can do it, means it's mild for Cumi! haha...

Sean: yeah better not or you'll be screaming away!

Zewt: Johnny is really good. He can hang in the air and still take shots for us! haha... it's really fun so go try it!

Corgi1960: ok please tell me!

Jasmin: thanks babe!

Anon: which one? there's two!!

foongpc said...

Wow! Didn't know there is such a thing at Tmn Pertanian in Shah Alam!

Last time I walked the suspended bridge in FRIM also have problems with fear of heights, how am I going to do this?!

Maybe this will completely cure my fear of heights?

Anonymous said...

> Anon: which one? there's two!!

They must be sisters, right?
I pick the more sexy one (which means both are sexy)

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: I don't know whether it'll cure your fear but it's indeed a lil scary to be hanging on trees all the time until the end of the obstacle! maybe you can give Big Thrill a try first!

Anon: No they are not sisters.

Anonymous said...

the two looked too alike

SalamMedia said...


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