Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market

This is a top recommendation from Eiling's site if you happened to be in Sydney. Don't you ever give this place a miss eventhough you might hate wet markets or better still, the fishy smell of a fish market. The Sydney Fish Market is located on Blackwattle Bay, in the Inner West Suburb of Pyrmont and it's just 2 km west of Sydney's CBD.

So, after visiting the Watson's Bay and Bondi Beach, Luke suggested that we should eat at this place. The Sydney Fish Market has a working fishing port, wholesale fish market, fresh seafood retail market, a delicatessen, a sushi bar, a bakery, a gift shop, a fruit and vegetable market, a beverage outlet, a seafood cooking school, indoor seating and an outdoor promenade for visitors. There are daily wholesale auctions for Sydney's seafood retailers.

A Pelican in front of De Costi Seafood.

De Costi Seafood shop offers very fresh seafood daily and they have such a wide array of seafood from oysters, fish, crabs, prawns, octopus, mussels and lobsters. However, Andrew was telling me that his mom used to go to Claudio's because it is cheaper. On my second trip there (in 6 days), I managed to spot a Pelican just in front of De Costi and thus wouldn't want to miss a chance snapping a photo of it.

The way De Costi arranges and merchandises its seafood is also very impressive. The place is well lit, clean and in order. I can't stop aweing at all the seafood! The varieties of fishes there were more than what I've seen in my entire life. They have fishes from salmon, cod, barramudi to swordfish! This is better than going visiting at some underwater world because here, I get to see, touch and eat all of them! How I wished we have something like this back here!

Then, Luke & I adjourned to explore the inside of the building. There were a few shops selling fresh seafood and ready to be cooked and served. I was surprised to see so many Asians here. probably the Asians like seafood better than the Aussies?

Peter's, was one of the very popular shops here. There's an array of seafood to choose from and you can buy them and cook it yourself at home or you could ask them to do it for you with an additional charge of AUD$1.00 per 100g and minimum cooking charges is $5 or 500g. This is so convenient and you get to eat them fresh at the market!

Peter's Fish Market

The sashimi counter here is crowded. Almost everyone is getting a box of sashimi and oysters. I even saw the table behind ours having a bottle of sake to go with the sashimi! What's more interesting here is that you can purchase any liqour you want from a bottle shop inside the market. There's sake, sparkling wine, red and white wine to choose from. They do provide cups as well so don't worry.

Outside sitting area

It was really a crowded place. There's an outside sitting area if you can't find a place to have your meal inside. It can be very hot outside but I guess it's an experience. One thing to watch out though - the birds! They can steal your food and better still, drop their shit on you!

I ordered a seafood platter for 1 (AUD$19.90) from Peter's and it was huge! There's two pieces of fried fish, calamari rings, 2 big prawns, 1 kilpatrick oyster, 1 cheese baked oyster, 2 mussels and a few octopuses served with lots of yummy thick fries! I learnt one thing in Australia - if it says for one, it's meant for two (for me). The portions here are just too big and I always have to waste my food.

See what I meant?!!

Luke's Fish & Chips Platter

His was worse than mine. His fish & chips for one has got 4-5 pieces of fried fish, calamari rings and heaps of fries! It was only less than AUD$15 I think. The fish were so fresh and we'll never get such good fish and chips back home at this price (if you don't multiply it by 3.15 of course!). Even being an Aussie, it was his first time here and we both loved this place. No wonder I was here on the day before I flew off to have some oysters thanks to Emily & Andrew.

Honestly, I really love this place. The food is awesome and I think the concept of fresh seafood from the ship to my plate is just great!


suituapui said...

Ooooo...the fish and chips! These Ozzie and Kiwi portions are extremely BIG!!! American too! They really eat a lot!!!

li wei said...

hmmm...i miss this fish market..n probably the only fish market ill sit in n eat!

Huai Bin said...

Yup, the portions over there are HUGE. Even in Chinese restaurants. Once you get used to their portions when you come back you find that the portions over here are too small and not filling. Haha!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Fuaahhhh!! So big the portions! I like... >P

Anonymous said...

u learn guzheng rite? then can u speak or understand mandarin then?

Kelvin said...

wow, the seafood platter is like double of SG fish and chips haha

KY said...

ooo tis making me hunger!

Anonymous said...

wow nicely written article makes me miss the good ol day ! !! the fish mart is definitely one of my fav spots in Sydney !!

eiling lim said...

stp: I know you like big portions too!

Li wei: Yup. me think so too!

Huai Bin: No wonder you always need to eat so much!

Bangsar-babe: fuyoh... you can really eat!

Anon: I can speak and understand mandarin but can't write or read. only some simple words though.

Kelvin: It is double!

KY: I'm full!

Anon: Thanks. I'm missing Sydney already!

foongpc said...

OMG! The portion is really huge!! I like!!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

my gosh.. looks like you and I have to work out like a dog, now we are back! too big the protions..

this place is like Tsukiji. love. :)

taufulou said...

makes me think back the fresh seafood there, with the price so cheap used to hantam the lobster and the oyster there....

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: wah you big eater!

Ciki: ooh.. i haven't been there before..

Taufulou: haha.. i didn't have any lobsters when i was there...

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