Monday, October 12, 2009

Virgin Betting

I must say that I have my cherry popped for placing a bet at the casino table @ Genting Highlands Casino last weekend when I went up for the MRCA dinner on Friday evening. My virgin betting started with RM100 on the Roulette table and it managed to last me for 5 hours from midnight till 5am the next day. I only utilised my hotel room for 2-3 hours which is partly sleeping and getting ready for a meeting at 9am!

Can't believe that I actually won RM150 too from my virgin bet. I have been trying to decode the winning strategy in playing roulette and I found that in order to make money, we shouldn't simply bet on every number on the table. My lucky number has been 0 & 3 and it has been coming up very often that night. Almost 7 times "0" that night! And I realised that if I kept on betting on either the RED or BLACK, I would also make money although the payout is only 1 to 1 as compared to 1 to 36 if you bet on a single number.

I had fun and I think roulette is so far an interesting bet for me at this moment. Wait till I learn how to bet on the other games like poker, black jack or the big small game.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!Dont learn somemore,its addictive.Havent u heard any stories regarding that place.Better dont start.

Anonymous said...

play baccarattttttt, guarantee shiok


Philip said...

You were lucky.

KY said...

sudah menang, boleh belanja makan!

Pete said...

Congrats, beginners' luck....LOL!

zewt said...

congrats for losing your casigirnity.

suituapui said...

Beginner's luck! LOL!!! Gambling's like that! The hantu will let you win first and then move in for the slaughter!

I never played all those - just fooled around with the one-arm bandit for a bit of fun! LOL!!!

Admirer said...

Gambling is addictive, once you are hook, the hideous Bomb is complete and the burning fuse won’t be long. The flesh trade is thriving at the Casinos and most of them are fatalities of gambling. The hantu will go for you!!! ;-))

Corgi 1960 said...

Hello, young lady, I have been "blessed" with the design of 7 casinos. I dont gamble at all. You know the saying in Cantonese ..."When you win, then go away gracefully".

But if you insist on gambling, I heard this from the Vegas people, Baccarat is the safest and fairest bet. The rest of the games are advantage to the bankers only. Dont forget casino ripped in profits as high as 35%!!!!

VIZAVI said...

Hantu gives loads of money to young women to gamble. Casino is a hunting ground for new flesh. Better don’t start!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Gambling is like many things in life (e.g. partying, smoking, drugs, drinking, sex, etc) is fun, thrill, enjoyment but can be addictive and abused. To some indulgence is sin, if one is to abstain from indulgence is better to become a monk/nun. Eiling is old enough to make her own decision.

eiling lim said...

Anon: I'm not addicted to gambling. Don't worry.

JC: Yet to learn.

Philip: Kind of la. But not very!

KY: So little money, where got enough?

Pete: Yeah. Thanks!

Zewt: That sounds very crude! But nevertheless... very creative of you!

STP: Don't worry, I am not addicted to gambling. I just want to try.

Admirer: I fully understand that. Wouldn't be so silly of me to gamble my money away.

Corgi: Thanks for the advice!

Vizavi: I won't!

Anon: I believe there's a first for everything but doesn't mean that I have to continue to indulge in them. I know very well what I should and should not do. Gambling is a no no for me. I see too many people loosing their soul, life & family being a slave to gambling.

Myhorng said...

hope ur beginner's luck maintain

UnkaLeong said...

Congrats on winning! All things in moderation. Heheh...0 is the house number, considered by some to be very soi if it opens =)

Shingo T said...

Congrats on your virgin bet. But play less, lest you hit the gambler's ruin theory.

eiling lim said...

Horng: Thanks.

Unkaleong: Is it? I really didn't know!

Shingo T: No worries. I'm no gambler.

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