Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Anonymous

You know what's one of the best feeling on an ordinary day? I think it would have been getting to know that you will be receiving some pressies very soon! One day, I had a friend who text me and asked me for my company's address as he wants to send some cigars for me which he bought from Dubai. That's a very good feeling!

Then, I received this email from Mr. Anonymous telling me that he will be leaving something special for me at my company's airport shop in KLIA and I will be getting two surprise gifts from him! So, patiently I wait for the day to come like a small kid squealing in delight when receiving pressies.

I finally collected the pressies and it happened to be really a surprise for me!

You might ask "What's so special about this fragrance? It's only a YSL EDT what?!!" Actually I also didn't know of its existence until I read about the history of this perfume. Apparently, The YSL Champagne perfume has been sued by the "Champagne" region association in France for the usage of the name "Champagne". As the name is already protected to describe the wines coming from the "Champagne" region, YSL lost the case and had to withdraw all Champagne products and renamed it to Yvresse. That is why, this bottle from year 1993 is a collector's item today. I can't believe some stranger would give me a 16 yo collector's perfume.

I was also given a bottle of Casetta Grappa di Barolo in a very nice Burgundy jute bag with matching ribbons. Actually I'm no big fan of Grappa. Would prefer a whisky or vodka anytime but thank you because this is my 1st ever grappa possession and I have not tried the Casetta Grappa di Barolo before.

After receiving these presents, I wrote back to him saying that - I was very surprised with the Champagne EDT because from the article he attached to me, it seemed to be a collector's item and why would you wanna part with something so precious? I don't even know you and you are too kind to me. Seriously, the gift is really thoughtful, special and too precious to be given to me. Although I don't really like the scent as I find it too overwhelming, strong and very complicated but I really like it.

It seemed like this Mr. Anonymous had been reading my blog for sometime and has been commenting under the name Admirer & a few other names. Although I am very curious to meet this Mr. Anonymous, I think it would be best if he remains mysterious for some time so that we all could have a little fun guessing and teasing. After all, I did lead quite a colourful life and thank you for adding some splash of colours to it!

Now don't we all love some surprises in life sometimes?


foongpc said...

Looks like Mr Anonymous is your secret admirer. Great gifts! : )

zewt said...

ahhhh... someone has got the hots for you...

sibu food diva said...

woo! super envy! ;)

suituapui said...

So nice! Getting pressies from every Tom, Dick or Harry! Some people have all the luck in the world! That anonymous who comments in my blog? Hey! Whet doesn't he leave any pressies for me? Tsk! Tsk! Hahahahaha!!!

FooDcrazEE said...

thts very nice , . . .

* ZILING * said...

Haha anyway u can't use the perfume. since he's so nice do u mind asking him to sapu all the JLO and Gwen Stefani fragrances on counter to make my sales look good??

Vincent Teh said...

Where's my Ms Anonymous?! And I love surprises :-D

Admirer said...

Thanks! What a fine write up! It is my pleasure to add colours to your life, it has been great fun with all the banter and you are just wonderful!

STP: To change your luck I suggest you wear a miniskirt sometime! Haha!!

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: HAha.. yes..

Zewt: Maybe the colds as well.

Sibu Food Diva: Don't envy. Go find your mr. anonymous and ask him to send gifts too!

STP: Hm... becaude u're not a girl and you don't wear short skirts?

Foodcrazee: Yeap.

Ziling: You ask la. I malu mah.

Vincent: Haha... go look for her!

Admirer: You're welcome and thanks a lot! Hope you like the post. It's dedicated to you!

Anonymous said...

what is next? will some one come with a car for you? you will sure be impressed and you will have to marry him or her.

did you sisters also get gifts? are they as popular as you? there must be a kind of competitions between the beauties.

anonymous (all in small letters)

eiling lim said...

anonymous: I don't think anyone would be so silly to give me a car anonymously. anyways, if someone were to hand gifts directly to me, I have a chance to do the "rejection". thank you for being so concerned.

Shingo T said...

Great admirer you have!

My Wifey love surprises, but I love to save money. Sigh.

eiling lim said...

ShingoT: Then give small surprises lo. Won't cost that much.

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