Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cognac Tesseron LOT N°29


Would really love to share this wonderful bottle of cognac with all my friends. This bottle of Tesseron Lot N°29 X.O. Exception is indeed a rare jewel of the Tesseron collection of cognacs. With a high-end portfolio of numbered ‘lot’ cognacs, Tesseron has been described as one of the most exciting players in this luxury cognac category.

Now why are they called "Lots" instead of stating the vintage of the cognac?

According to the owner, the "lots" are in fact blends which is taken from their reserve stocks in order to favour more aromas, structure and complexity. Under current regulations, the cognacs could not use the label vintage (as in stating the year) and thus, these "lots" reflect an average age of the cognac blends taken from the very best years in cognac production. And Cognac Tesseron's range is purely X.O which stands for Extra Old.

The Cognac Tesseron Classic range includes, Lot N°90, Lot N°76, Lot N°53 & Lot N°29. This means, a Lot N°29 is in fact a blend of cognac from year 1929.

This is an 80-year-old cognac.

COMPOSITION : Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard Grapes
BLEND : Grande Champagne
AGED: More than three generations in Limousin oak casks

This cognac has a very delicate nose of honey, plum and oak. When the liquid touches your tastebuds, it sent a tingling sensation filled with hints of mocha, cocoa, combined with dried fruits and ends with a stylish finish. It was a smooth elixir, with long aftertaste and a quintessential elegance. I had never taken any cognac neat but with Lot N°29 I cannot allow any other liquid to dilute the sheer exclusivity of this rarest and oldest Grande Champage Cognac.

I can truly understand now why this bottle is so exceptional.

Even Wine Guru and self-described hedonist Robert Parker said 'Anything this smooth, silky, potent and aromatic, is truly great stuff. It’s about as ethereal as anyone could ever hope to drink' and tacked on a perfect 100 point score to boot. He gave it a 100 points when he first had it in 2005 and when he revisited the bottle in 2007, it still stands at 100 points! When it comes to great cognac there's no one superior - some equally exceptional, but none better. In other words, it's almost the world's best cognac.

And the damage? About RM1800 to RM2000... (you can get it here)


Anonymous said...

uh, may i know what those numbers stand for? they look like coordinates.

eiling lim said...

Lot 90 means year 1990 and so on. It's the year of the cognac that is produced.

Anonymous said...

ahh, ic. i know already, as explained in your post. silly me. xD

eiling lim said...

Anon1: No worries.

KY said...

i can think of alot of things to do with RM 2k emmmm

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you and your friends have rank various brandy/wine/whisky after blind tasting? Believe when come to luxury goods, very often price alone will set certain exclusivity or superiority in mind.

mef said...

G'day Eiling,

Any cigars with the wonderful cognac?

Btw is Lot 29 bottled in 1929 or recently bottled from 1929 stocks ageing in the oak barrels for few generations?

If recently bottled, any idea when?

Julian Chin said...

I have a bottle of Louis XIII .... But Is it comparable to this? That cost a bomb now... its in my home in Johor....

p.calais said...

i'm quite surprised with the price tag..its actually quite cheap considering the age and its exclusivity..even a bottle of blue lable is rm500 already.

eiling lim said...

KY: Like drinking the best cognac in the world? *wink*

Anon: Well, for the price tag, it's not very expensive. 1 thing I can say is that big price tag doesn't mean great stuff. There are many more cognacs more expensive than Tesseron but I think this is very good!

Mef: I didn't have a any cigar with Tesseron but after that I did adjourn for grappa and a Vegas Robaina robusto. On the Lot question, you can read more here :
I think it's more to bottled from the 1929 cognac.

Julian Chin: Open it and let me try and I'll tell you which is better! haha.. just kidding. Both of these cognacs are made from grapes from the Grande Champagne region and the hefty price tag for Louis XIII, I've yet to have a chance to try.

Param: Exactly. It's a very good deal at this price. Beats blue label or royal salute whisky anytime. But of course you can't compare a whisky and a cognac.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree it's a great brandy.
However I am surprised you drank it from "ordinary" wine glasses (from the picture I see).
You should have used the Riedel Vinum Cognac or sommelier glasses.

eiling lim said...

Anon: That's because the restaurant did not have such glasses so we'll have to drink it from whatever we can get.

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