Friday, October 30, 2009

Can you CHEAT and still love the person?

So, it's been quite sometime since did a Friday post. Well, as the title suggests, do you think it is possible to love a person and at the same time cheat on him/her?

Before I even begin with my lengthy explanation, I had a really good time yesterday at the food review with Huai Bin and the other food bloggers whom I have been reading their blog but have yet to meet them in person like Bangsar Babe and Cumi&Ciki. Will post about this later.

Anyways, back to the topic. Do you think it is possible for you to love your gf/wife but at the same time cheating on her? Let's define "cheating". To me, it can be either you're seeing another person or you're sleeping with another person. There's also a short term and long term cheating classification where a short term might be you cheating once or twice and long term would be you cheating with another person for a long time. To me, cheating a person long term means that you have already lost interest in her, so there's no love anymore. Thus, I'll prefer to discuss on the short term cheating scenario today.

In my opinion, love and sex can be entirely two different things. You might have sex with a person whom you do not love and thus cheating on the person you love. This is a pure physical attraction vs emotional attachment. It's a "chemical" process in us that when we see something attractive, our hormones tell us to go for it. And therefore, even if you're in love with a person, deep inside you, there's this little voice that encourages you to do something that you shouldn't. It has become a attraction vs affection. But having said that, you still love your partner. So, you might wonder, what's wrong with "cheating" if you still love your partner, right?

I will elaborate on this from different views:


It's entire legal to cheat on love. Maybe it's easier on your gf but not wife. Because the end result is that if you cheat on your wife and you get caught, a divorce follows and she will squeeze a big helluva amount of money from your bank account. So, you might not want to do that if you know that you'll be caught. I'm sure rich men/most men know better.


Morally, it's always wrong to cheat. Our society does not condone cheating and it's definitely not accepted in our ways of life because we cared too much what the society thinks of us! It's also in the common understanding that if you love someone, you do not want to hurt him/her. If you cheat on your partner, it automatically means you don't love her. That's what majority of the people thinks anyway.


This is entirely my own opinion. Like I said, love and sex is two different entities. I might be physically attracted to someone but that doesn't mean I love him. Love is a big word. You do not say you love a person if you're not emotionally and physically attached to him/her. Personally, I think people cheat because they find the thrills in cheating. It's fun if you don't get caught! If you know that you'll be caught doing this, then what's the point of cheating? It's just like if you love Cadbury chocolates so much and one day, someone offered you an Amedei and tells you that this is the best chocolate in the world, would you want to try it? You might take a bite and then after that you go back to eating Cadbury and life goes on. But of course, you can always switch to Amedei and dump Cadbury.

I am not saying that relationship is like food where we can eat anything and have no guilt but what I am trying to say is that sometimes "cheating" keeps the relationship sane. After being with a person for so many years, decades or perhaps centuries.... you might need a breathe of fresh air. But I believe if you have to cheat, cheat with wisdom and compassion. Don't forget the love that you have with your partner, treasure them and don't hurt their feelings.

So, personally, to be legally & morally correct and yet be happily attached in a relationship : My advice to you who cheats, getting caught with your pants down is the last thing you would ever want it to happen!
Ok, what do you think?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Krabi Part I -Accommodation


I am a noob when it comes to travelling around Southeast Asia. That's why until today, I've only been to a Bangkok, Singapore, Bali and now Krabi. Even the infamous Phuket I have not set foot on. I am really left behind. The reason why I chose Krabi because it's less-travelled by compared to Phuket and I thought all the islands/beaches would looked almost the same to me so it doesn't really matter.

"Krabi is southern Thailand's most beautiful province with a well preserved natural environment of white sandy beaches, numerous offshore islands for exploration and swimming, national parks, mangrove forests, limestone karsts that are popular with climbers, excellent dive sites, and an easy-going lifestyle".

Air Asia and Car ride to Hotel

I flew on Air Asia and then from the airport, I took a MPV to the hotel. The ride was fun because the interior of the car is so nifty and it's only around 90 baht per person for a 40mins journey. I think it was an Alphard...

Managed to get an Air Asia package with accommodation at around RM1300 for 3 nights I think. It was in May, so I couldn't really remember. I think it would be cheaper if you shared the rooms. My friends and I chose to stay at Pakasai Resort in Ao Nang. It's a 4 star resort hotel situated at the famous Ao Nang beach which is around 40 mins drive from airport and around 15-20mins from Krabi town.

The resort lobby

The resort swimming pool

The Superior Room

This resort hotel is situated a little further away from the shops mainly because of its natural setting and away from the hustle and bustle of town. Even the lobby has a very nice minimalist design and no air con or fan is in sight and thus it can be a little hot in the afternoon while waiting there. The swimming pool is situated on top of the restaurant and it's very interesting since you can look down from the pool to the street below.

The chalets are spaced throughout the tropical gardens, rising up the hillside so that guests can enjoy relaxing views of the greenery and, on the higher levels, the sea. Executive accommodation is located in two low-rise wings close to the conference room and lobby. The superior room that I had is the cheapest at the resort. The prices start from RM600/night from the net but you can get quite a good deal when you book it together with the Air Asia travel package. They have executive rooms and suites with balcony and bath tubs which offer the total relaxation package.

Besides the nice rooms that they offer, there are other facilities like gym and spa. The Adora Spa is really a relaxing place to be when on holiday which I shall cover in the coming posts. There's also two computers with internet for your usage at the coffee house.

Room walkway...

At the lobby...

Croissant anyone?

There will be a few more coming on Food@krabi, Spa@Krabi and Shop@Krabi.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awesome Gifts

I received some awesome gifts of indulgence lately. The first gift from a dear friend being this:


It was a bar of Amedei Toscano Black 70%. Amedei is an Italian chocolatier based in Pisa. It produces only chocolate from beans that are personally selected at the plantations rather than from a bean-broker. They are the direct competitors of my favourite chocolate - Valrhona but a smaller company. Their Chuao & Porcelana bars are to die for. Amedei is a must have for every budding chocolate connoisseur.

This 100g bar is sold at RM38/bar which I found out that a company called Italpoint is distributing it together with the famous Italian Lavazza Coffee. A simple calculation: RM38/100g = RM0.38/gm And for every subsection of the bar, it'll be RM3.80. Compared to Fidani, it's 2 times the price!

Thus, I am having a section of the bar daily for an orgasmic experience. or you can choose to have more than 1 if you needed multiple orgasms. The bar is very aromatic, the cocoa taste is intense and smooth, not a trace of vanilin like most chocolate and the best thing is, it leaves a very good aftertaste!

My dream came true. Valrhona, Amedei, Michel Cluizel, Pralus & Domori are the brands that I dreamt of trying and now I have achieved 3 of them!

Trinidad Reyes 24

My favourite cigar! The small pig tailed trinidad reyes. I've just received this wonderful box today from a friend whom sent his office boy to sent over this parcel bearing gift from his recent trip to Dubai. I can only afford a 18 reyes and this 24 is going to last me a long time! Sweet!

That's all for today. Keep the surprises coming please. Ciao.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Anonymous

You know what's one of the best feeling on an ordinary day? I think it would have been getting to know that you will be receiving some pressies very soon! One day, I had a friend who text me and asked me for my company's address as he wants to send some cigars for me which he bought from Dubai. That's a very good feeling!

Then, I received this email from Mr. Anonymous telling me that he will be leaving something special for me at my company's airport shop in KLIA and I will be getting two surprise gifts from him! So, patiently I wait for the day to come like a small kid squealing in delight when receiving pressies.

I finally collected the pressies and it happened to be really a surprise for me!

You might ask "What's so special about this fragrance? It's only a YSL EDT what?!!" Actually I also didn't know of its existence until I read about the history of this perfume. Apparently, The YSL Champagne perfume has been sued by the "Champagne" region association in France for the usage of the name "Champagne". As the name is already protected to describe the wines coming from the "Champagne" region, YSL lost the case and had to withdraw all Champagne products and renamed it to Yvresse. That is why, this bottle from year 1993 is a collector's item today. I can't believe some stranger would give me a 16 yo collector's perfume.

I was also given a bottle of Casetta Grappa di Barolo in a very nice Burgundy jute bag with matching ribbons. Actually I'm no big fan of Grappa. Would prefer a whisky or vodka anytime but thank you because this is my 1st ever grappa possession and I have not tried the Casetta Grappa di Barolo before.

After receiving these presents, I wrote back to him saying that - I was very surprised with the Champagne EDT because from the article he attached to me, it seemed to be a collector's item and why would you wanna part with something so precious? I don't even know you and you are too kind to me. Seriously, the gift is really thoughtful, special and too precious to be given to me. Although I don't really like the scent as I find it too overwhelming, strong and very complicated but I really like it.

It seemed like this Mr. Anonymous had been reading my blog for sometime and has been commenting under the name Admirer & a few other names. Although I am very curious to meet this Mr. Anonymous, I think it would be best if he remains mysterious for some time so that we all could have a little fun guessing and teasing. After all, I did lead quite a colourful life and thank you for adding some splash of colours to it!

Now don't we all love some surprises in life sometimes?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

See... I told you so

Haha... I really wanted to use that line so badly and sorry to say that whatever I have predicted a few days ago on my post "Let's hold our breath..." did come true. Beyonce's concert was postponed and the new date is not released. Read it here.

I was at the gym just now (yes, I am now working out due to some vain reasons which state the obvious) and some of them are grunting about this. A lady even bought a thousand dollar ticket to watch Beyonce!

What The Star said was mild. It did give hope to the concert goers that the concert will still go on but at a later date. However, my gut feeling tells me that you can might as well forget about going because the other international media like here and here did mention that "Beyonce has been forced to cancel her concert in Malaysia after an Islamist party raised concerns, citing “moral issues” according to ABC news." And they even cited that a muslim lady was sentenced to canning for drinking alcohol. Well done Malaysia!

And you should even read the comments by readers in the ABC news. I think they spoke their mind and it is indeed sad for me to read that.

And as a conclusion, if the organiser is so positive that this is just a postponement and not a cancellation, why do they allow people to get a refund? Hmmm....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Dinner @ Lafite

Philipponnat Grand Blanc Champagne

Before I start, it wasn't my birthday! How I wished it was! Anyways, it's a birthday celebration for two of my very dear friends whom introduced me to the wonderful world of alcohol, and probably someone to be blamed for my "expensiveness" now. It was very wonderful of Mr. A to get us a room at Lafite @ Shangri La KL, brought some beautiful Gaja vino and eventually paid for the bill as well!

The Wines

I know little about Italian wines. It might range from Chianti, Barolo, Barbaresco to Amarone and I guess you can only know it all when you have duly tried it yourself. However, for a quick reference, you can read it here. So far, I have shown my liking for Pio Cesare's Barolo Ornato 2004 and so when my friends introduced me to a new Italian wine label, I was thrilled.

Gaja (pronounced as "gai - ya") is one of the most sought after and prestigious wine labels across Italy and around the world for wine lovers. One reason for this celebrity status is that as opposed to the great Chateaux of Bordeaux which produce tens of thousands of cases of their top wines each year, Gaja produces its DOCG and single vineyard wines in quantities that range from a few thousand to a mere one thousand cases.

That night, we had a chance to try 3 different bottles from Barbaresco 1988, Conteisa 1997 and then Barbaresco 1997. On the palate the Barbaresco 1988 is very light and if I want to compare, the 1997 fared better. The 1997 is elegant, smoky and full of fruits. But of course the best is still the Conteisa 1997, when decantered fully, it opened up very well. They were hints of chocolate, intermingled with black fruits, oak and leather. Drinking very well now.

Went well with the Vegas Robaina Robusto cigar too..

The Food

The last time I was there was a few moons ago while attending the Chateau Cos d'Estournel and Chateau Palmer wine dinner by AsiaEuro. The kitchen was still headed by chef de cuisine, Chef Damon Campbell. He was there since May last year and when I saw him that night, I told him that I never trust a skinny chef! He was quite slim and still as good looking as ever.... (so far I have exempted the skinny-chef-can't-cook-good-food equation to Lafite, Gu Yue Tien & Kuriya)

Very good looking right?!!

Anyways, let's move on to the "real food" although the chef might be something you might want to relish on. We took the 6 Plate Explorer menu after listening to the recommendation of the chef because we wanted something to match the wines that we brought. The 6 Plate Explorer is a 6-dish menu priced @ RM295, with wine pairing @ RM495 and with champagne it would be @ RM615. If you think this is not filling enough, they have 9 Plate Explorer @ RM410, RM660 & RM810 respectively.

Even the bread/bun served was very good!

Foie Gras Volume 3

Previously, he had the Foie Gras served with cherry meringue and this is the latest one where the foie gras was roasted until the outer layer is crispy and served with a dash of apricot puree, pistaschio nibs and hibiscus meringue. The taste - heavenly! The foie gras was done nicely and it just melt in my mouth! For that, I'll put aside the cruelty factor and savour the moment.

Mulloway Fish Fillet

It's my first time hearing about this Mulloway fish. Apparently, Mulloway is a natural inhabitant of South Australia. It is a firm, white-fleshed fish that can be cooked, smoked or eaten raw sashimi-style.Mulloway came close to disappearing some 20 years ago following its over-use for fish and chip consumption. It is now in-demand from top chefs and fine dining restaurants across the world. The fish fillet was very nicely pan seared and served with mashed potatoes and mushrooms.

Duck "Almost ala Orange"

Ooh, this is a very yummy duck breast served with orange puree, foie gras bits and almond potato. The mashed potatoes has got these almond nibs inside and it's very interesting. The orange puree with duck sauce complements the meat very well!

Australian Wagyu

The Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin and beef cheeks is to die for as well. The cheeks are the toughest part and it was done to perfection because it was very tender and almost melt in the mouth texture. Although the meat looks oozing with redness, it was actually a medium. Some might consider this a medium-rare but it's really good despite I got quite scared with the redness!

The 18SX D cup tits birthday cake!

I had to arrange a birthday cake that would make it the most memorable cake of all times and so my friends and I got together and decided to get them a pair of big tits for their birthday! So the first baker to come into my mind was BigBoysOven where Sunny Yaw's sweet creation has been so famous all over the net! It was nice to meet Sunny in person too when I went to his place to collect the ultra-big birthday cake. And for the big nite, both of my friends had to suck the nipples off the cake as opposed to candle blowing ritual.

My new hairstyle...

It was indeed an enjoyable dinner @ Lafite. Oh, and if you're cold, like me, they do lend out nice shawls like the one I was wearing for your comfort and convenience! Hmm... a very good point for other fine dining restaurant to follow.

*wait... there were only 4 dishes! What happened to the other 2? Shit! Guys, we were
short-changed by Lafite! Probably we were too drunk to remember?!!

After that, I adjourned to TwentyOne and Werners at Changkat Bukit Bintang for some partying and a night cap of 2 glasses of Lychee Martini and some Grey Goose Vodka. Those places are really happening on a friday night yo! I officially slept at 4.30am till the 1pm the next day. Cheers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's hold our breath...

for Beyonce's I AM...
live in MALAYSIA

Because you might never know which idiot decides to make a scene and try to call the whole concert off! The concert is scheduled to be held at Bukit Jalil on Sunday and even before this, a lot of hooh haah has been made by numerous parties with regards to the R&B diva and her sexy image.

As soon as the date was announced, PAS Youth called for its ban, citing that “This performance is not suitable for Muslims as her skimpy attire and behaviour onstage are immoral and lead to unclean behaviour. We oppose the holding of such concerts and we will take action to prevent such a concert from taking place in Malaysia.” So predictable.

Then, the National Union of Malay­sian Islamic Students (PKPIM), echoed the call for the banning of the Beyonce concert, raising its doubts that the singer would adhere to the guidelines pertaining to the attire, appearance and behaviour of performers.

This makes me wonder - "What's wrong with all these people?!!"

I mean what could skimpy clothing and sexy dancing do to the people who attended the concert? Let's face it, this is the 21st century where you walk down the street, you see ladies clad in skimpy clothing, ultra-short skirts, plunging neckline, and puffing that cigarette. I don't see any parties arresting them or trying to put a ban on people wearing skimpy clothes?!! So why do we ban these International Artistes from performing live here? (not forgetting that we can still watch their sexy moves on MTV) What's the big deal?

After the entire hullabaloo on the ARTHUR'S DAY celebration in Sunway Lagoon, featuring the Black Eyed Peas, life goes on for those who attended the concert. No one attempted to kill anyone or rape anyone and certainly crime rates did not increase the day after due to the influence from the Hip Hop concert sponsored by Guinness. What say you?

The Culprit

You see, the guidelines for filming and performance by foreign artistes are administered by the Central Agency for the Application for Filming and Performances by Foreign Artistes or Puspal, which is attached to the Information, Communica­tions and Culture Ministry. The guidelines may be clearly written or stated but the implementation is vague and arbitrary (which is not something new).

From what I can understand is that, as long as the organisers & artistes adhere and conform to the rules and regulations, they are allowed to perform. But what I could not understand is that how could the permits be retracted if any of the parties (such as you know who) oppose the concerts?!! How can that happen? Just because some idiots think Avril Lavinge is too sexy (huh?!!), doesn't mean the rest of us do!

Recently, the agency reinforced the regulation that liquor and tobacco companies are forbidden from sponsoring entertainment events (which has always been there but not practiced). This has resulted the AKON's concert to be cancelled after it was known that it was sponsored by Chivas. So when the ARTHUR'S DAY celebration was approved, it stupefied the many local concert organisers because BEP is sponsored by Guinness. And another major issue is that they decided to ban Muslims from attending but soon after it received international media attention, suddenly it was alright for everyone to attend.

So, what I am trying to say is that, it is unfair to have double standards in approving these events. If the guidelines are there, just adhere to them so that the organisers and us, the ticket payers don't suffer! And usually the dressing by artistes is not a issue unless someone decides to make noise about it! We are already so left behind from major concerts by big artistes simply because we have "stupid" rules and "idiots" in the board of approval. This is why Singapore is still the preferred venue, my dear people. Singapore has 70 live concerts last year and Malaysia has 20. Well done! (in sarcasm tone)

If these practices continue, there will be no big gig that would like to come and perform here! And who do we blame when the revenue for tourism goes tumbling down? Why perform for a bunch of orang utans whom can't take some tank tops and short skirts while we can perform for humans in a neigbouring country, wearing what we like and singing what we want?

Although I received offers for some free tickets, I wouldn't be going because I am no fan of Beyonce and I wouldn't like to see her clad in some "baju kurung" while singing "Single Ladies".

For that, I rest my case.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can you handle the TRUTH?

Aren't you tired of reading and listening to every post/article on health in magazines, newspapers, billboards, radio and Tv telling you what you should do and shouldn't and what you should eat and not? Sometimes these articles are just so demoralising and it makes me think what am I doing in this world living a life like that?

Let me tell you, all is not lost because there's a doctor that tells you the truth! Finally, someone listened and answered my heart's calling.....

Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?

A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.(Maybe I should add - more SEX?!!)

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?

A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vegetable products..

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?

A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms up!

Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?

A: Well, if you have a body and you have fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?

A: Can't think of a single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No Pain...Good! (I agree totally)

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?

A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!! ..... Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. In fact, they're permeated in it. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you? (err.... ;P)

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?

A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?

A: Are you crazy? HELLO Cocoa beans ! Another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around (and with aphrodisiac - what more can you ask?!!) ! (Insert brand -FIDANI-)

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?

A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle?

A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape! (many would like this answer!)

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about food and diets.

And remember.....

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'Woo Hoo, What a Ride!"

*Note: Take the advice at your own risk.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel Memories

As I am now all hyped up about my next month's visit to Australia, I can't help but reminisce the good 'ol days when I was touring Europe. The Money God has not been very kind to me lately and thus I can only afford a Australian trip with the airline that goes "Now Everyone Can Be Late Fly!"

A recollection of the best places I've been so far in Europe....
  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Koln, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Milan, Italy
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Prague, Czech Republic
Of course there are also other places outside Europe that I've been to like Hong Kong, Krabi, Bali, Shanghai, Shenzhen, SuZhou, Zhouzhuang, Bangkok, Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Did I just left out Singapore? Yeah, and that as well...

The one that made an impression was Prague, which I visited 2 years ago. It has to be the obligatory place that one has to visit in this lifetime. The scenery at the beautiful Charles bridge is just so picturesque and it changes with seasons. And the Old Town bridge tower is often considered to be one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style buildings in the world. The bridge is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues, most of them baroque-style, erected around 1700. I regretted not blogging about that place the moment I got home.

Here's a video to share. Please don't laugh at my "ah-lian" hairstyle! Lol...

I was really proud that I managed to show the other side of the world to my half-a-century-year-old ex colleague of mine who have not been to any European countries. So armed with a map in hand, I took her from Koln to Milan, then Vienna, Bratislava and Prague and back to Frankfurt - all in less than 10 days! It was just the two of us and sometimes we got lost in the city too! Am not a good map reader!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cognac Tesseron LOT N°29


Would really love to share this wonderful bottle of cognac with all my friends. This bottle of Tesseron Lot N°29 X.O. Exception is indeed a rare jewel of the Tesseron collection of cognacs. With a high-end portfolio of numbered ‘lot’ cognacs, Tesseron has been described as one of the most exciting players in this luxury cognac category.

Now why are they called "Lots" instead of stating the vintage of the cognac?

According to the owner, the "lots" are in fact blends which is taken from their reserve stocks in order to favour more aromas, structure and complexity. Under current regulations, the cognacs could not use the label vintage (as in stating the year) and thus, these "lots" reflect an average age of the cognac blends taken from the very best years in cognac production. And Cognac Tesseron's range is purely X.O which stands for Extra Old.

The Cognac Tesseron Classic range includes, Lot N°90, Lot N°76, Lot N°53 & Lot N°29. This means, a Lot N°29 is in fact a blend of cognac from year 1929.

This is an 80-year-old cognac.

COMPOSITION : Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard Grapes
BLEND : Grande Champagne
AGED: More than three generations in Limousin oak casks

This cognac has a very delicate nose of honey, plum and oak. When the liquid touches your tastebuds, it sent a tingling sensation filled with hints of mocha, cocoa, combined with dried fruits and ends with a stylish finish. It was a smooth elixir, with long aftertaste and a quintessential elegance. I had never taken any cognac neat but with Lot N°29 I cannot allow any other liquid to dilute the sheer exclusivity of this rarest and oldest Grande Champage Cognac.

I can truly understand now why this bottle is so exceptional.

Even Wine Guru and self-described hedonist Robert Parker said 'Anything this smooth, silky, potent and aromatic, is truly great stuff. It’s about as ethereal as anyone could ever hope to drink' and tacked on a perfect 100 point score to boot. He gave it a 100 points when he first had it in 2005 and when he revisited the bottle in 2007, it still stands at 100 points! When it comes to great cognac there's no one superior - some equally exceptional, but none better. In other words, it's almost the world's best cognac.

And the damage? About RM1800 to RM2000... (you can get it here)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Virgin Betting

I must say that I have my cherry popped for placing a bet at the casino table @ Genting Highlands Casino last weekend when I went up for the MRCA dinner on Friday evening. My virgin betting started with RM100 on the Roulette table and it managed to last me for 5 hours from midnight till 5am the next day. I only utilised my hotel room for 2-3 hours which is partly sleeping and getting ready for a meeting at 9am!

Can't believe that I actually won RM150 too from my virgin bet. I have been trying to decode the winning strategy in playing roulette and I found that in order to make money, we shouldn't simply bet on every number on the table. My lucky number has been 0 & 3 and it has been coming up very often that night. Almost 7 times "0" that night! And I realised that if I kept on betting on either the RED or BLACK, I would also make money although the payout is only 1 to 1 as compared to 1 to 36 if you bet on a single number.

I had fun and I think roulette is so far an interesting bet for me at this moment. Wait till I learn how to bet on the other games like poker, black jack or the big small game.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The Oktoberfest, is a beer festival which originated from Munich in Germany. Many cities around the world has also adopted their own version of Oktoberfest and in my own definition - it's all about drinking and be merry! I was invited by a friend to this event held at the Mercedes-Benz warehouse at Hicom-Glenmarie where they will be a hearty German buffet prepared by Euro Deli and lots of beer!

We were treated to a hearty German fare with dishes such as Würst (German sausages), the Weisswurst (white sausage), Hendl (roasted chicken), Schweinsbraten (roast pork), Haxn (pork knuckle), Kaasspotzn/Spatzle (button-like egg noodles), lamb stew and also the Brezn (german pretzel). It was really good to pig out on those big fat juicy wursts! I had my fair share of Paulaner too that night.

They have a very interesting German band, playing numerous German numbers and working up the crowd. The set up was one in the Mercedes auto parts warehouse where long tables are arranged in rows to create a canteen-like effect. The white and blue checks on the table cloth matches the Paulaner buntings.

After that, there was a beer drinking competition for ladies and I was forced to join in the fun. We have to finish the glass of beer as fast as we could and then topple the glass on our head after we have finished it. Before the competition, I already drank two bottles of beer and yes I didn't win because I was really taking my own sweet time drinking the 1 litre beer! For a moment there, I thought I was going to puke with all that beer in my stomach.

It was really a fun night filled with beer. Never have I drank so much beer before as I am not really a beer person. I had to visit the toilet numerous times after drinking and lucky I didn't vomit or puke that night. Hmm... I must have been really good in holding my drinks!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Single or Double?

I wanted to know that assuming that you're in your mid 20's today, if given a choice, would you like to remain single or would you want to be attached? Who wouldn't want to be attached if the right one comes along, right?

If you have been in a relationship, and then you're out, would you want to remain single for sometime before getting hooked again or you would grab every chance you have to be in a relationship? *bearing in mind that opportunity will never strike twice*

Who wouldn't want to be loved and have a sense of belonging by getting into a relationship? But a relationship comes with a lot of complications and emotional baggage besides the positive attributes like

....someone to talk to when you're down
....someone who's always there for you and you knew it
....someone who shares the happy and unhappy times

But the above could also be achieved if you have close and true friends. So why get into a relationship just because of the above factors? When I'm in a relationship, I wished to be single but when I'm single, I fear I wouldn't be able to get back into a relationship. I realised that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Making a decision to stay single or attached could be more difficult than the question of whether I would bungee jump or not?!! One is emotionally threatening and the other is a life threatening decision. It's a life question and I've always been a person whom have pre-regrets, anticipatory regrets and post-regrets.

At times I think why don't I just go ahead and do it and why the heck would I want to think so much? Like a friend said, treasure when you still have it and most importantly, you enjoyed the process and the outcome is not important. I can't. My mind functioned in a way that I think too much about almost everything. I am someone whom will list all the pros and cons and then only decide. I don't always do spontaneity - which is something I regret.

But I did something quite spontaneous in a way last week. I booked myself a trip to Melbourne and Sydney for 10 days for next month! There's 1 more month to go before I fly and I'm really excited. Yes, I'm going with me, myself and I. So that's four of us! I think I really need some time off alone.

I think I'm talking crap but anyways, I'm really into some listening today and why don't you share with me whether you're happy being single or attached? I needed inspiration. Badly.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Grappa Essentials

I've never heard about "grappa" in my 23 years of life, until 2 years ago when I met these friends of mine whom introduced me to a wonderful world of wine & spirits. Below is all you need to know about grappa so that the next time you're offered one, you know perfectly what you're taking!


Many might have thought that grappa derives its name from "grapes", well, it is actually from the place of its origin - the small town of Bassano del Grappa in the Veneto region of northern Italy. It depends on which part of the globe you're in because different countries called it differently. The French call it Marc, the Spanish refer to it as Aguardiente, and the Germans have named it Tresterschnapps.

Grappa can be considered a spirit drink, distillate or pomace brandy. The raw materials for grappa is grape pomace, which is the skin and seeds that are left behind after the wine has been produced. These “wine scraps” are what grappa is made from. The skin and seeds are allowed to ferment and distill at least for half a year and the end product is clear grappa which is usually 90 proof. This is a good example of "reduce, re-use & recycle"!


To be classified as grappa, it has to be at least 37.5% and the best grappas are invariably 45-50% abv. There are four distinct categories: new grappa, aged grappa, aromatic grappa and flavoured grappa.

New grappa is refined for six months before being bottled. Aged grappa is preserved in wood vats for a year or more, from which it acquires its distinct fragrance and aroma. Aromatic grappa is made from single-marc pomace, thereby acquiring a distinctive aroma transmitted during distillation (Pinot, Picolit, etc.). Flavoured Grappa is given a particular flavour by blending in with aromatic ingredients, such as fruit or distilled spice essences (pear grappa, peach grappa, lemon grappa, etc.).

Domenis Secolo in "pocket size"

So, if you are someone who likes floral notes and you appreciate traditional strength grappa, then Domenis Storica is widely recognised as one of the finest of the genre. It is also available in 10 bottles of 5ml each single dose in cigarette-liked boxes and it's one of the most innovative packaging for grappa. This is perfect for those who need a quick fix of alcohol - like Huai Bin. Hehe... I did find it rather amusing drinking a shot of it.

Grappa di Amarone Allegrini

This is another bottle of a different grappa variety that I've tried. It's very different from the floral type grappa because this one is aged in oak. It has aromas of dried leaves and some notes of black pepper, leading to a vibrant palate of caramel and red cherry flavours. And you can see that the colour is different too!

Drinking Grappa

So when do you drink grappa?

Grappa is usually served in these tulip-shaped glasses.

Grappa is not to be taken like wines or beer. It is after all a perfect "digestif" after a bellyful of Barbaresco and Barolos during an authentic Italian meal. It is a perfect end to an Italian meal after your dessert of course! And not for the faint-hearted as it might be a fiercesome drink but nonetheless, very exciting!

Many Italians like to add a dash of grappa to an espresso, and the concoction is known as a "caffe corretto" - literally a coffee that corrects - something that puts you right for the day. Of course, all well made traditional grappas go extremely well with a (sweetened) espresso coffee. It is, after all, the spirit that espresso is meant to marry with.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Kari Ayam Sempalit

For a second, I was wondering whether this post has lost its way and ended up in a blog that is screaming of expensive food and wine. I was also doubting whether I am indeed the right person to give a review of this Indian cuisine since I'm no expert in the curry department. And since my friends always complain that I don't review food that they can afford and so I give you this today! By far I think this is the tastiest curry!

Anyone who knows me, knew that I don't take spicy food. On a rating of spiciness from 1 to 5, I can only score a 2! One day, I was introduced to this wonderful curry chicken from Raub dubbed as the Kari Ayam Sempalit. Yes, there's a famous shop called Ratha's/Kari Ayam Sempalit from Raub and the original one is the Darmoharan Nair in Sempalit. Sempalit is one of the largest village in Raub, Pahang and they make very good curry there!

That night, we had a plate of the famous "kari ayam sempalit" (sempalit curry chicken) and I tell you, the curry just blew me away! It's not very spicy, not too thick and although there is none potatoes to be found, I absolutely love it! I can eat my rice with just the curry sauce, minus the chicken! hehe.... I think I can also lick the plate clean that night.

Must try - Kari Ayam Sempalit

Chicken Tikka

Fried Chicken

Poppadam, Chilli Tomato Salad, My wholesome meal & Cabbage

All the dishes were good. Although I find the chicken tikka a little spicy, it didn't stop me from eating. The fried chicken is well marinated and it's not those crispy type like KFC hot & spicy but it's tasty. I heard that they make very good mutton curry too.

Their stall is in the Kedai Kopi Do Re Mi in Ara Damansara. It's like a small food square where they are multiple stalls selling various hawker food. This stall is located at the open air section and it's quite cooling at night. They are open for lunch and dinner except weekends which is just for dinner. According to the owner's son, Dinesh, they also do catering where per chicken is priced at RM25. Come early or be disappointed! It's really my favourite curry place!

Kedai Kopi Do Re Mi (wikimapia)
Coordinates: 3°7'11"N 101°34'45"E

Dinesh's HP: 017-3430766

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes

It's the time of the year again - for MOONCAKES!

Well, nowadays the mooncake business is so commercialized that you find yourself being able to purchase mooncakes even 2 months before the festival itself. I even heard that the big mooncake boys only need to operate once a year to produce mooncakes and the rest of the year, they can go "shake legs" (literally). But I believe that's not the scenario today as many mooncake producers are mushrooming in the country excluded those who make them from home!

With such a comprehensive mooncake review from Masak-Masak, I couldn't hesitate in trying one of the mooncakes that caught my eye. It was the Moet & Chandon infused Snow Skin Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk from Li Yen (Chinese Restaurant) from Ritz Carlton KL.

M&C Snow Skin Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk (RM8.50)

Ultra small egg yolk!

If you think RM8.50 for the mooncake is cheap, wait till you hear the size of the mooncake. Measuring at only 1.5 inches in diameter, I think I can finish the mooncake in 2 bites! I'm sure there's only a quarter of a salted egg yolk in there! However, the taste fared quite well. The snow skin is soft and the lotus paste is smooth. Very tender and not too oily or too dry. IMHO, it's the right texture. Although you can't really taste the champagne, I would still buy it in the future.

Actually I'm not really a fan of mooncakes but I do eat them during the festival as a dessert after dinners. I've received numerous mooncakes this year from brands like KLT, Overseas, Tai Thong, San Ferri and.... but none of them caught my attention like the one below!

Snow Skin Mooncake that looked like a "pau"!!!

The awesome factor - DOUBLE egg yolks!!!

This special mooncake is given to me by one of my friends whom only eat this mooncake and none other. Every year, he would preorder his mooncakes early from this shop and have them sent down to his office via taxi. You can't find these mooncakes here because they only have it in Kampar.

The aroma of the snow skin is very fragrant. The texture of the snow skin is springy and thick and quite translucent. The lotus paste is in the right amount without overwhelming the whole mooncake because I tend to get very sick of mooncake after having a piece due to the overloaded lotus paste. But of course the winning factor is the combination of such a tasty mooncake with double (yes, double!) salted egg yolks which is by far the biggest among all egg yolks I've seen in those commercialised mooncakes!

There's Salted Egg Yolk in every bite!
Just the way I like it!

KAM LING Restaurant (Chicken Bread)
No.105 & 107, Jalan Idris,
31900 Kampar, Perak.
Tel: 05-4661174 / 016-5332226

Saturday, October 03, 2009

H-Artistry @ Quattro Club KL

So, this is the finale of all Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" for year 2009. One word to sum it all - disappointing. I was very disappointed with the choice of location! Afterall, if this is the last one, how come the venue is so small?!! Not to mention the the big pillar with DJ deck is blocking the view of the stage if you're at the back of the room!

I think Aloha or Orange Club fared better than Quattro as the choice of location anytime although I still prefer Bukit Kiara by leaps and bounds. I went there at 11.30pm which I missed the performance of Hsiao Hung Jen and Paul Freeman. When I was there, Lenka was already singing and we couldn't even squeeze our way through to get our drinks at the bar. It was packed like hell and literally and physically like Sardines! Even sardines in the can has more space than us that night!

Even the VIP area on the upper deck is packed! Ooh look at the girls with short skirts....

Boys Like Girls

Lead Vocalist - Martin Johnson

We were in time for Boys Like Girls. It is a four-piece rock band from Boston, Massachusetts comprising of front man, lead vocalist is Martin Johnson, John Keefe (drums), Bryan Donahue (bass) and Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar). I like Bryan (the blonde) whom plays the bass and I think he's better looking than Martin especially after he has his long hair cut short. They entertained the crowd well and we also did a "yam seng" (toast) with Hennessy!

I went with Li Wei & Hue Gee...

Thanks Yatz for the tickets from Nuffnang.

The Ipoh Girls....

Now you see...

Now you don't...

Managed to find my sisters as well during the party. Thanks to a dear friend for the extra tickets for Ziling and some friends! They were there much earlier than us and as usual they walloped a fair bit of Hennessy cocktails. Actually it was my 3rd round of drinking yesterday with the start of Hoegaarden, then sake at Thai restaurant with friends and then Hennessy.... When I'm home, I'm still perfectly SOBER!

Past Hennessy Artistry I attended:
Zouk KL 2008

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