Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When I'm not working....

Does this place looked familiar?

So, when I'm not working, I sleep-lah! What better alternative is there except getting a good sleep? Anyways, I might look like a pig to you - eat, sleep and shit and all but I do hang out with my girlfriends sometimes....

Since lately I have been going to Pavilion very often due to the Fidani chocolates promotion at Tangs and thus most of my meeting up with friends would automatically be there due to convenience. On one of the weekends, I met up with Emily and we had a late lunch at Michaelangelo's which is located on the 3rd Level on the side entrance of Tangs. It was my first time at Michaelangelo's although I've passed by the outlet many times and have even tried the next door Athena.

They have quite a nice lunch set menu starting from RM19.90 to RM50++. Of course, don't expect much from the RM19.90 set menu. It's a gimmick as the only main course you get to choose is the Vegetarian Pizza. Both of us had the Seafood Spaghetti set at RM39.90 that comes with a appetiser (Caesar's Salad) and a coffee/tea. The portion for the pasta is big and very generously filled with prawns and squids and mussels....

I like sitting outside ala al-fresco dining. The seats are comfortable and especially when the day is cooling like the time we went there, it was so nice to relax and have a glass of wine. If I'm not wrong, I think they have a happy hour at 4pm where the house pour wine is only RM19 a glass.

Although the house pour is not to my palate-liking but it's a cheap dig in this time of recession... But if you're fussy, you can always order from their wine list at normal prices and honestly I don't usually do that because the prices could kill! The amount I pay for a decent bottle there would get me something much better from my wine merchant friends.

This is Emily and her delighted look when she gets her fix of hot chocolate!

When Eiling is in her pensive mood, and taking her wine seriously (not in this case).

And because I'm too lazy to do the whole Michaelangelo-review-kinda-posting, for more info on Michaelangelo's Restaurant Deli-Bar, you can visit the following links:

Connection Level 3, Pavilion KL,
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03 - 21411123


KY said...

are u showing off your BB without the BIS? :P

Corgi 1960 said...

A penny for your thoughts...how come your wine is cold? I can see droplets of condensation...or is my eyesight failing me again!

Jan said...

Eh, i saw you at pavilion today... so it was you. Did the michaelangelo at pavilion taste good? i tried the one at solaris last week, and it tasted reallly baaaaaaaaad

suituapui said...

Connection very poor...all the photos don;t show except Emily's and her hot choc. Sweet girl! Hi, Emily!!!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow must be fun and relax having such a leisure lunch over food & wine! :)

Huai Bin said...

I think RM 19 doesn't work well for me since I won't feel anything on one glass. I've resorted to drinking RM 19.90 red wine (per bottle) from Giant, of unknown origin. Heh!

-eiling- said...

KY: Yes I am! Don't rub it in.

Corgi: It's cold. I also dunno why they want to chill it!

Jan: I am wearing a short skirt and a grey top. That's me at Pavilion! I only tasted the pasta. Not too bad lah. The other dishes I am not sure.

STP: Aiyoh... I'll say hi! Lol.

Big Boys Oven: Of course! Totally relaxing.

Huai Bin: Quality is better than quantity ok! Don't be an alcoholic la...

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