Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth for both men & women...

I've recently watched the movie "The Ugly Truth" and I find it rather entertaining. While it provides some of the basic knowledge and self-realisation to some women out there, I can't help but feel that this is one of those movie that spoils all the fun. You see, the art of seduction and also ways to get the man you want is supposed to be "less" known so that the same tactics are not over-utilised. Movies like "He's Just Not That Into You" and "The Ugly Truth" provided some of the mistakes that men/women make in relationships and now both men/women whom have watched it will know!

Therefore, it spoils the fun for those girls out there whom have been using those tactics to getting the men they want. Now, we have to move on to a totally different level as men are getting smarter and women are getting better!

However, I can't help but feel that the several points highlighted in the movie are actually very general and it's stereotyping. Not all men are the same although most men still think with their dickheads rather than the brain situated up north. They think about sex all the time while women tend to be more complicated when face with the same situation. It's like when a man sees an attractive woman, "I'm so gonna bed her" while a woman would think "Is he the one I want to marry or whether he likes kids?!!" While it may not be entirely true for all, generally it is.

There are also tonnes of "How to" and "Ways to" teaching girls/guys to get whoever they want but some are really crap and funny. I think ways like "displaying cleavage, legs, tossing hair, biting lips and sucking fingers (or other stuffs)" are funny but I don't deny that those action works (for most men). But have the writer thought about those whom are "inadequate" at the bosom department or even have short legs?!!

That's why I have to highlight that there's this

Most men like smart women (not nerds) and it goes much deeper, and is the kind of attraction that will make a man literally PINE AWAY for you when you're not around. Intelligence and the right intellectual skills attract men in a way that engages them in their mind and heart. It entices him to want a deeper level of involvement and intimacy with you. I always find men whom are equipped with intellectual intelligence better than some good looking men with six packs whom can't talk. And I believe an intellectual intercourse is just as satisfying as a sexual intercourse. Only much safer and could be conveniently done at any restaurants.

For Guys: I don't mean talking about your business or work achievements the whole night! How boring!

For Ladies: I don't mean talking on and on about your shopping adventures or who's humping who.

Generally, I think there should be a balance of topics from serious stuffs like politics (always a good conversation to start with), and something entertaining like interests or hobbies. While you may think talking is easy, try talking the whole night long! You might at some point in time find that you're lost for words. That's the time to adjourn to "your place or mine?!!" hehe... just kidding. If you're lost for words and he had nothing to say or talk about, and waits for you to ask questions, just dump him and move on la. He's just simply not intellectually attractive enough. That's the ugly truth!

In conclusion, while you can toss hair and display cleavage to get the guy you wanted, some other ladies can also toss more hair and display more cleavage to get your man. If your man falls for you on simple reasons like that, he can also fall for others on the same reasons.

That, my friends, is the UGLY TRUTH for today. Cheers.

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KY said...

oOoo, shiny new template!

Myhorng said...

truth always ugly!

eiling lim said...

Ky: Yeah.. heheh..

Horng: not always la... sometimes only

Huai Bin said...

Nifty! I like the template and the relationship guru stuff. :)

...but when I see a girl I think "Is she the one I want to marry or whether she likes kids?"

Does this make me a girl trapped in a guy's body? :(

stevoceo said...

well said! I totally agree with you on the intellectual intercourse and back to basics of love :)


Anonymous said...

Intellectual attraction is part of nature selection process.

zewt said...

not just intelligence, but confidence as well.

intellectual intercourse... now, that is something new.

eiling lim said...

Huai Bin: Thanks! You're not a woman trapped in a man's body! You're just... different!

Stevoceo: Thanks! Inner beauty...

Anon: Something like that.

Zewt: Oops yeah I left out the confidence part. But then again, too much confidence led to arrogance which I get totally turned off. Yeah, intellectual intercourse is the new orgasm baby!

Corgi 1960 said...

Ah! well written. Does it apply in reality? The intellectual intercourse is as good as the hypothesis only. You need to find two like minded beings, and the reality may be one, he simply is NOT.
I ask one more question, ever noticed a passer-by looking at you? I mean from head to toe and then back up. The rest...I will have to leave it to your imagination.

I like what you have written, in all honesty. keep up the good work, but i still suspect in person you are more an introvert. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

An intellectual intercourse can compensate a small Dick?!!! This is quite new.

eiling lim said...

Corgi: So what happens when a passer-by scan you from head to toe?!! Does it mean that physical attraction is still more superior than intellectual?! I am not an introvert in person but i could still be shy sometimes.

Anon: I didn't say that. Does that mean all men with small dick can't be a good lover?

foongpc said...

Interesting! I didn't watch this movie by the way, cos I think it's boring!

Ooh, welcome to the new intellectual intercourse guru! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have a squeaky or pondan voice and I have short legs, recently I was in London and Zurich and find myself shopping for my attire in the boys department of a men’s wear. Any women out there would like to have an intellectual intercourse with me that promise a new orgasm?!!!

suituapui said...

Ya, I wouldn't wanna go out with a bimbo...and you can take that as a compliment as I went out with you...and wouldn't mind doing it again! LOL!!!

Admirer said...

To Anon: You sound like you have Cock in your mouth!!! LOL Hahaha Hehe.

Superman said...

This is a good post and a lot to ponder after reading it. Sometimes life is ugly and we always try to deny it or ignore it. But the ugly truth is always truth. From her can see that you don't just look at physical appearance but the inner self of the guy you like. Not many girls think like you nowadays. Many opted for nice looks, big cars, platinum cards...etc.
I want to watch this movie soon after reading your post. I like the girl in 27 Dresses!

Shingo T said...

First impressions are imporatnt. But they won't sustain, once we see deeper into the unavoidable truths.

J said...

kudos on your insightful posting.

i watched the movie over the long weekendand although i enjoyed it, i felt it was rather stereotypical.

there's a lot more to life than what is generally portrayed in movies.

and yeah, the truth generally is ugly!

eiling lim said...

Foongpc: The movie is not boring. Quite fun to watch actually. Am no guru lah!

Anon: No one can stop you from doing what you want.

STP: Wah and I am so honoured! Thanks.

Superman: Well, I'm not exactly perfect. I still want a smart man and someone who earns better than me! Physical appearance is not an important criteria as long as I like that person. Lol....

Shingo: That's why I don't believe in love at 1st sight!

J: Hey thanks! Truth is ugly but lies are worse!

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

very ugly truth

zewt said...

and too much intelligence will make one a nerd... a witty sense of humour always work.

Admirer said...

I am sorry and to your readers ( Anon ) for my sacrilege. Good subject and I can discover something from it.

eiling lim said...

MRAFJ: Indeed

Zewt: Too much humour will make one a clown.

Admirer: Thanks.

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