Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion KL

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion KL

Despite going to Pavilion KL so many million times, I've never stepped foot into this Japanese joint by the name of Ichiban Boshi. It's situated at the Food Republic floor, and a few doors away from Madam Kwan's. The attraction of this outlet is perhaps the demonstration of Udon making which is visible from the outside (just like Dragon-i's famed "siu long bao" making demonstration).

The ambience is quite cosy and comfortable with ultra long kaiten belt laden with sushi.

There is also a wide variety of food in the menu. From sushi, sashimi, bento sets to yakitori, there's quite a lot to try. Nicole and I ordered a Bento set while emily went for the Donburi.

Unatama Don RM19.90 (BBQ eel with scrambled egg rice)

Nikutofu Gozen RM24.90 (Beef & Tofu with scrambled egg)

Saba Shioyaki & Chawanmushi Gozen RM22.90 (Grilled Mackerel)

The drinks menu

If you have to ask me, the pictures in the menu kinda looked deceiving (as always). The taste is not really good here but it's affordable because the sushi sets/sashimi sets are priced at RM30+ to RM40+. It's of acceptable quality but not good enough for a trained Japanese palate. The Ozeki Hana Awaka is kinda cheap here at RM38.80 a bottle compared to the one I had at Daikanyama which is at RM55!

There's also a grab & go counter.

Emily & Nicole

Personally, I would not return if I really wanted a real Japanese meal but if my friends want to go there, I would have no problems at all. After all, the company matters more than quality of food. I would still prefer Rakuzen for my fix of Japanese food in town. If not, I'll just wait until I'm in Singapore and I'll go to Yoyogi - my favourite must-go Jap joint there.

After that, we went for a retail therapy and I didn't buy anything! Clap Clap....


KY said...

walked past this place many times but never really had the inspiration to go in :/

-eiling- said...

KY: Then no need to go.

Wei Mei said...

wah.. boh buy thing ar... good girl lo.. hahahah

Huai Bin said...

Aha! Finally a food review about a place I can actually afford. ;)

Myhorng said...

agree with huaibin. lol

do u need to be 1st class bossy to dine in ichiban boshi?

-eiling- said...

WM: hehe.. yalah

Huai Bin: You so terrible... so sarcastic.

Horng: Apa ni.. supporting Huai Bin pulak. No need 1st class... any class will do.

Anonymous said...

There is a Rakuzen in Singapore too at Millenia Walk and they serve very authentic Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price as well :)

suituapui said...

Not crazy about Jap this doesn't turn me on! LOL!!!

-eiling- said...

Anon: I see. Didn't know there's a Rakuzen there. Thanks for sharing.

STP: But you must try the good Japanese food!

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