Wednesday, September 30, 2009

H-Artistry Finale

This is the finale Artistry for year 2009 which would be held on 2nd October at Club Quattro KL (Avenue K on Jalan Ampang). Yes, the year is coming to an end in 3 months and what's a better way to celebrate it with Artistry this Friday?!!

Imagine, not only you have a great line-up of artistes, music and DJs, you'll also get to drink Hennessy VSOP till you drop! So I think it's a must go for me this Friday and Yiling would be joining me too! Ziling's fate would be known later today as she just missed the chance of getting the tickets. Who ask you to be so busy working?!!

BOYS LIKE GIRLS & LENKA are among the big names of this year's H-ARTISTRY ‘THE GLOBAL ART OF MIXING’ FINALE. I like Lenka as her songs are very cute and catchy. For more info, go to

So who's going?

Past Hennessy Artistry that I attended -


kampungboycitygal said...

not going already. my bones ached all over after the previous artistry event.

J said...

nice. i haven't been to any so i suppose must make it a point to go for one next year.

eiling lim said...

Kampungboycitygal: oooh... need so long to recover meh?!!

J: yeah you must at least try one. free flow of hennessy!

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