Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Gourmand's Feast

So what did I do on a holiday yesterday? Eat lah, what else?!! Nah, I actually was quite surprised at how disciplined I am to have been able to wake up at 6.15am to get ready for my morning walk with Emily at the TTDI hills. She came at 7.15am to pick me up and off we went to TTDI. I managed to walk about 6-6.5km that morning. It was not an easy feat ok?!! She was better, she did more than 10km.

After that we went for a roti canai and a teh tarik at Devi's Corner before adjourning to Fitness First Damansara Heights. After taking a nice hot shower, we went to Pavilion for lunch with her friends. I shall post about Ichiban Boshi soon. Haha... I also managed to have a tea and a smoke with a friend in Ritz Carlton. What was interesting is the dinner that I'm having at Imbi Palace.

The dinner was like "THE DINNER" for a true GOURMAND. We had like 4-5 appetisers, 2 vegetables, about 6-7 main courses and 2 desserts! There's only like 10 of us. I managed to capture some of the food we ate:

Sharks Fin. Look at the fins! (ok, I felt guilty eating this honestly...)

2-month-old roasted piglet (also felt guilty)

After the piglet was sliced. There's gultinous rice in it. Very interesting dish.

My Favourite Birds Nest. So so good. I had two full bowls!

This is how big the pot for 10 is! Even taller than my Blackberry.

I didn't manage to capture the "siu long bao", fried squids, chicken liver, abalone, claypot chicken wine, curry fish head, boiled beef with radish, spinach, cabbage and ...... I can't remember! To go with the food, we had numerous glasses of Hennessy XO. Although I'm not a cognanc fan, but I have to say that the Hennessy XO was smooth and it's very nice to drink!


reanaclaire said...

hi, coming by via STP's blog to see the beautiful sophiscated lady's blog.. :)

KY said...

waaaa, piglets omgggg

My Reality and Fantasy Journey said...

same here, :) very sphisticated

Cath J said...

Last I ate a piglet at 'El-cerdo'... It was so hard for me to let the meat pass through my throat.. lol..lol..

I think that will be the last.. ;-p

(May be you can check out.. I think the malay friend will freak out with the web itself.. ;-p)

suituapui said...

Ooooo.....I want the piglet!!! Yum! Yum! Drool! Drool! No pangs of guilt whatsoever! Hahahhahahahaha!

Wei Mei said...

wah... really enjoy lore... sedap sedap... yummy...

Myhorng said...

even a 10km walk/run doesnt helps when it end up with such dinner.

zewt said...

seriously, that piglet looks really.... i dunno how to say it.

Corgi 1960 said...

by the way, i would like to tag along whenever i am in KL. You guys simply knows where is the best and how to find it!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner cost more than monthly wages of average Malaysians.

Huai Bin said...

OMG! The shark's fins are huge, and the piglet is making me drool. I swear I can eat the entire little piglet all by myself.

Anonymous said...

People who are splashing dinner like this regularly are either family of politicians, boss of underworld or nouveau riche (from gomen contracts) or both.

mef said...


What cigar did you have at Ritz?

Cheers for sharing. The food looks great : )

Btw, no one ever says the world is fair place...ENJOY !

-eiling- said...

reanaclaire: haha... thanks for dropping by

KY: it's only piglet not piglets la

MRAFJ: Thanks.

Cath J: Ok I'll check it out later... must be gross yeah

STP: No wipe that saliva off the computer screen stp!

Wei Mei: Yaloh... hehe

Horng: At least got help for the appetisers.

Zewt: So cham rite? Don't see!

Corgi1960: Haha... when are you coming to KL?

Anon: I think so too. It's like a dinner that I could only afford after working the whole month.

Huai Bin: OMG you can eat the whole piglet?!! But then again, I'm not surprised at all.. lol

Anon: Surprisngly, my friends are none of them! There's a difference between rich and generosity.

Mef: Heyy... how are you?!! Sorry I've been so busy and rarely go online to chat. I had my Trinidad Reyes, something I enjoy and I think you know that I like that small piggy tail cigar right? take care my friend!

Anonymous said...

the small cute babi may offend some of your visitors....

Anonymous said...

For the same argument; should KFC, McDonald’s, etc remove their advertisement as it may offend vegetarian, animal lovers, potato lovers, etc?

-eiling- said...

Anon: I'm sorry to those who felt offended but neither did I write this blog to please others.

Anon: Yeah I find them very disturbing because I wanna eat all of it! Lol....

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