Sunday, August 30, 2009

Restaurant 88 @ Sunway Mas

Today feels like a Saturday to me as Monday (tomorrow) is a public holiday as we are celebrating Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day! I woke up at 12noon today after a late night of drinking with friends. Having woke up late, I only had a dim sum lunch at Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33 at 2 pm (thus skipped breakfast) invited by Y.

Y was so nice that he chauffeured me around today in his super beautilicious Ferrari 360 Spider. I always wanted to know how it feels to ride in a fast car like a Ferrari and today my dream came true. It was indeed a powerful car with loud engine roars and the speed control of the car was excellent. However, it's not for the weak-hearted.

The Convertible 360 Spider in yellow.

The hood is opened to let the engine cool.

One annoying fact about driving such a sports car is that the bumps on the road is a bummer. It takes forever to try to get over the bumps! And we even whizzed past a traffic police... exciting! After that, he dropped me at KY's house because my car was parked at Jaya 33 and I have asked KY and Horng for a dinner date. We went to Restaurant 88 at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, which is in Aman Suria for dinner since both KY and Horng have not been there before.

Kerol came to join us. With Horng.

The two gluttons. KY & me...

We had 5 dishes which we asked them not to serve us too big the portion since they were only 4 of us. The dishes were served quite quickly, although not as fast as Paris as commented by Horng. Because according to him, the record time for Paris was 2 mins after order taken.

Steamed (Hong jo) Fish

Salted Egg Fried Squid

Guinness Stout Fried Pork Ribs

Special 88 beancurd with minced pork

Belacan Asparagus

The dishes were all tasty especially the salted egg fried squids and lucky they were not in very big portions. Sorry for the not-so-clear-pictures as they were taken with the Blackberry 8900 Curve. With 5 dishes, 4 glasses of leong cha and a 100 plus, the bill came up to RM70++. I think it's quite a good value "tai chow" outlet. One reminder though, you have to come before 7pm or it will be crowded and full after 7pm.

Restaurant 88 (Corner Shop)
Jalan PJU1/3 C
Petaling Jaya


Cath J said...

My son will definitely call the car 'transformer' ;-p

-eiling- said...

Cath J: Haha... you mean the bumble bee?

Anonymous said...

That is what it meant by having a good car would fetch many girlS

-eiling- said...

Anon: I guess it's true after all! Not just good car we are talking about... it's expensive cars!!

Myhorng said...

i dunwan see but drive that bumblebee transformer.

sotong was the best among 5.

-eiling- said...

Horng: When I own it la! Haha...

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