Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ming Room @ BSC

I have not been to the Ming Room Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Complex even though that place has been there for quite sometime. Until recently, The Ming Room has reopened its doors after the renovation and my friends have invited me to dinner there.

The deco and ambience is nothing fancy. Simple and classy. We had some really unique dishes there which is a different experience altogether from my usual chinese food joints.

Clockwise from top left, we had the cheese-baked escargots stuffed in the coral, money bag which consists of fried pork and bun, smoked chicken, and lastly yun nam ham with spinach. All of these, I've never eaten escargots at a chinese restaurant!

Fish with beancurd skin and prawns with yam.

Fried Hokkien Mee

Actually there were a few more dishes that I didn't capture. Since they recommend their Hokkien Mee, we ordered a bowl to try. If I were to compare the Hokkien Mee served at air-conditioned restaurants like these, I would say that the best unrivalled Hokkien Mee is still at Reunion @ Bangsar Village.

Overall, taste wise is nothing spectacular but it still has its own unique dishes to stand above the rest.

The Ming Room
Bangsar Shopping Complex
T109 & 111A, 3rd Floor,
West Wing
Phone No: 03-7956 9288


marcus said...

dude check out my site, you just won something

foongpc said...

Ooh! Looks delicious and expensive!

Myhorng said...

got hokkien mee some more.

-eiling- said...

Marcus: Thanks.

Foongpc: Yep. But I don't know how much it cost.

Horng: Of course la!

wonkieman said...

Agree the restaurant is good and the food is good BUT the managers are NOT. They are cheats!! Want to share an unpleasant experience with others on the net. Hosted a dinner for some Singapore guests on 3 Dec 2011 and had a table of 10. Chose to order ala carte. Picked a seafood in pumpkin soup as had that before some time back. Price on the menu seemed reasonable at RM20/head. When the bill came, cost of soup was RM580 (RM58/head!. Chinese restaurants have this bad habit of pricing their stuff ending with "8". Guess they are the ones who want to "fatt". Why not use something ending with "4"??)
One of the managers a chap called Loh (does not deserve to be called Mr by me) who took my order said the soup we had contained "special" seafood so that's why it's RM58/head and NOT the RM20/head as in the menu!! What a lohlife and cheat!! Not wanting to make a scene in front of my guests, I paid up. This situation is so familiar when people are entertaining and the Chinese restaurants know this well and exploit it to their fullest economic advantage.
Anyway I hope this Lohlife knows what he's getting for his RM380 (580 -200) worth of extra profit!! He will get more than his fair share of "pubilicity".
Diners, BEWARE. Sorry I cannot scan the bill and post it to prove my case.

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